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Next event: Demo Day 8/8

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Welcome to
The Second GAMEJAM!

You know the rules. This month-long jam ends on 4/4. Try to make a game based around the theme, and good luck!
<Current theme
Asteroids (1979) with your own unique twist.

>What's this?
A short exercise in creativity. Make a game in thirty days. Link your submission to the anchor post below on 4/4 or whenever you feel you're ready. Hopefully, it'll turn into a recurring event.
Because it'll give you a chance to unrust and improve your skills, and a short project helps with burnout on a longer one.
>What do I need?
Whatever language or engine you use is up to you. The only restrictions are that you need to make a game based on the current theme before the deadline.
>How do I make game?
If you really don't know where to start, give Lazyfoo's SDL2 tutorials a look.
>But last time, we had a common codebase!
Just cannibalize something, nobody's looking.
>"You know the rules." I actually don't!
Well, good thing there aren't any. If you're not sure about something, just ask.

If you need any feedback or help, feel free to voice your concerns.
I look forward to seeing what makes your entry stand out.
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>Forgot to make the anchor post
My bad.

Consider this your ANCHOR POST.
Link your submissions here.
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>>1082 (OP) 
>come participate in the thing anon!
<Sure where is it?
What's wrong with trashchan? There's literally no drama because the site was mostly dead.
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The only thing I know about is that some people doesn't like that Chobitsu is here.
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I'm not sure if it would be helpful to you here, BO, but here's a little prototype project I made back when I was still hoping for a smol team to develop around building a robowaifu simulator:

It covers most of the basics of creating your own OpenGL engine (and it runs really fast) based on the great training site:

It uses GLFW was the windowing manager:


Good luck with your Game Jam this year, /agdg/ !

Why do you think that, Anon?
>quickly read through
>the retardation has already been cleaned before I finish
I'm feeling rather useless.
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>>the retardation has already been cleaned before I finish
Lol, sorry, BO.

>I'm feeling rather useless.
You'll be fine, press on with your plans. Just keep moving forward, Anon!  :)

checked and >>>/out/
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>>1082 (OP) 
Made some more assets ( >>1062 ), feel free to use. Cant exactly render explosion, so silly splashes it is.
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I'm really digging your asteroid aesthetic. What's in them? Why are they glowing in non-natural patterns underneath?
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Spoiler File
(727.3KB, 1024x512)
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>Why are they glowing in non-natural patterns underneath
Picrelated HDRI. 
And I can make some more, with slightly different aestetic, more crystals. And some planets, but later.
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Your pic #2 ship is GOAT, Anon. GG.
Finally started on my idea and got some preliminary fiddle-fucking with physics libaries out of the way.  Figured I'd share my findings:

			last commit		language
Box2d		2023/02			CPP
Bullet		2023/11			CPP
Chipmunk	2023/09			C

All three built without issue.

# Chipmunk
Half-assed commit logs don't inspire confidence, but it's tiny and built instantaneously.  The demo that runs is beautiful and performant, but it seems there are routines or families of routines that cause it to hang, though, so not really worth considering.

# Bullet
Takes awhile to build, and has a smattering of warnings.  The first demo runs with nominal CPU and GPU usage.  It's 3d.  The demos all seem to work, and some are very impressive— there's a "neural network 3d walker" demo in which spiderbots figure out how to move.  It's a massive and overpowered dependency for Asteroids, but using it has the virtue of teaching you to use the basics so that you can graduate to the more advanced features later.

# Box2d
Seems like a sensible midway point between the complexity of Bullet, and the minimalism of Chipmunk.  Its demo reel is somewhat incomprehensible (the ray collision test relates no information about collisions to the user?) but is extensive enough that you get a good idea of how powerful it is.

Thank you kindly, anon.
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Ballzanon, what are your thoughts on >>1120? Are you using your own physics "engine"?
Replies: >>1123
>Are you using your own physics "engine"?
Yeah I have my own simple physics with verlet integration and spatial grid to optimize checks, with 2-8 substeps per frame depending on target framerate. If you want to do your own thing and are just going to have a couple of dozen asteroids, euler integration and brute force checking everything can get you a long way. Personally I try and keep my dependencies as light as possible but if you want to do 3D or something more complex they might be the right solution for you.
>>1120 (me)
Little follow-up: Chipmunk fails to build with GCC 13 because of some compiler arcana nobody's bothered to figure out.  It also failed to build with Clang for possibly unrelated reasons,  It does bulid with TCC.  It also turns out to be available from Void's package repo, so the point is moot.
Hoping to get some progress this weekend, been sick then work stealing time. How are anons doing so far?
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Wishing I'd either bothered to learn Godot or just used plain SDL instead of dicking around with GL texture mapping and all this pointless minutiae.

But oh well; I should have something on the screen fairly soon.
Replies: >>1127 >>1128
Not too bad, just chipping away bit by bit. I haven't done any gamedev (or C/C++ for that matter) since the last jam but Raylib's docs and examples have been great for getting up to speed.
Sounds tricky, good luck anon!
At least you'll get extra cool points, anon!
Just about two weeks left. I think. I'm not sure how time works.
Got anything to show off, Anon?
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Made some crystals. No code progress beyond making sdl work.
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Not much to show visually but I think I've got an underlying engine structure which will work, my hope is that the actual gameplay programming will be fairly simple by comparison.
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Writer's block?
>engine structure
Tell me more.
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>Writer's block?
Something like that.
>Tell me more.
Sure, at the moment there's some type structs (Game, Entity, Label) which have relevant members and their own state machines. The current Game state is the main driver of the others, running state processing functions for each type as needed. For instance, the menu in that pic is a linked list of Labels, which can act as images, text or buttons. State functions are given pointers to things like the Game object and the pointer to the current Label list, so a button can do something like changing the Game state, which will then swap out the UI during state entry/exit functions.
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Finally got some good time over the weekend to make progress.
Replies: >>1142 >>1147
Had an idea to make a proper game, with "build your own ship from blocks" mechanic, but it seems like too much work. Basically you have square parts, which can be attached to each other, but it increases size of the ship, and reduced maneuverability. I just dont think its worth it. 
Replies: >>1143
You could do it the way it's done in Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead.  You have a grid (ie, an m by n matrix) and in each square there might be a "frame" that links the parts of the ship together and allows things to be put onto the frame.  Some objects care about adjacency to other objects, etc.

This may or may not be easier than thinking of it as some sort of graph of objects.
Replies: >>1144
Implementation it is not a problem, I am just lazy. It will require a lot of modelling, a lot of balancing stuff around, etc etc, and I am just not sure it will be fun, without a ton of effort put into it, compared to traditional ships. Building blocks are autisms magnets though. 

Another gimmick idea is "big fish eats smaller fish" type of game, and I think I will go with it. 
I also need to render some exhausts and explosions, and its not going well on my gpu, so simplified version will do.
Replies: >>1145
Have you tested it with placeholders? Rendering sounds like it might take quite a bit of time.
Replies: >>1146
I am using sprites so rendering in basically instant. 

Unless you talk about rendering explosions/exhausts in blender, in which case yes, practically impossible for me.
Looking good, anon. I'm looking forward to seeing your twist.
One week left.
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Plenty of time.
[Hide] (714.4KB, 344x426)
After wasting 3.5 weeks procrastinating on C and GL, I decided to learn Godot, and set up the ship, and the control scheme I wanted.

I might still be able to pull off the concept.
Replies: >>1151 >>1152 >>1153
You can do it anon!
I hear this is also how real gamedev goes.
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>3 days left
A perfect time to start!

Mostly finished renderer. Doing everything in most brute and lazy way possible, no texture atlas, no buffers, no optimization, everything breaks if you delete any file, even when its not used...

Now I only need to make the game itself. Already have an idea, where you control a single ship, and collect crystals, after collecting enough you add another follower ship, basically like in snake. I wanted to make "upgrade system" but I dont think I have time for it, which is shitty, I know.
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Good news, stuff is mostly working like I want it to work. Bad news, I will likely miss the deadline.
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Replies: >>1157
A shame. Perhaps we can pretend it isn't 4/4 until GMT 23:00 or something along those lines?
Replies: >>1158
Pretty cool looking Anon!
Aren't we going by 00:00 UTC like last time?
Replies: >>1159
We are?
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Here's my entry, despite being my first C project and the first game I've written from scratch I think it's come out alright:
I look forward to playing your entries anons!
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I will post tomorrow
Replies: >>1163 >>1170
Very pretty, anon. How does it work?
Replies: >>1171
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This is my three days with Godot.

My concept was "racing through an asteroid field" or maybe Death Rally IN SPACE!  It was originally going to be part of a larger game about mining and towing.  I only figured out how to make an array of something at the last moment, so I have two polygons bounding the track instead of an asteroid field.  The polygons should probably be invisible and much farther apart.  I reckon I'd use a path or pair of paths to lay down the entire run of asteroids.

You use a twinstick controller and have the sticks each controlling a thruster to thrust forward or backward.  Pushing one and pulling the other turns you sharply.  This is awkward, but kinda fun,  A little QWOPish.  Seems like it'd get better with practice.  I scaled the thrust particles to the stick angle, which I was pretty happy about.

I was going to add a tow cable that you fire into a rock and you can drag it into the middle of the track to hinder the other racers, like a Mario Kart banana peel, or slingshot yourself around a corner.  Attempting to tow cable the other racers is bad sportsmanship and should never cross your mind, of course.

The corridor is too narrow relative to the player's turning arc and Godot's collision resolution needs some kind of tuning, because it's absolutely batshit out of the box.  The fucking walls keep eating me.  I should probably use a simpler collision shape for the ship.

Calculating impact damage seems to be its own can of worms, and implementing other racers or netplay would take indefinite time to work out.
Replies: >>1167 >>1170 >>1177
This is very well done!  Small, clean source.  Takes 1/5 the CPU time the browser needs to idle in this thread.  Just want you want to see in a C project.

>scan-build: Removing directory '/tmp/scan-build-2024-04-03-204012-24306-1' because it contains no reports.
*chef kiss*
Replies: >>1168
Wow, thanks anon! Being strict about warnings and carefully considering how to structure things definitely helped me find the right mindset, C was fun to work with and I'll certainly keep using it going forward.
I haven't heard of this before, looks very useful!
Replies: >>1169
>Being strict about warnings and carefully considering how to structure things definitely helped me find the right mindset, 
That's the spirit Anon! Becoming an engineer is actually a very creative process. And the rewards can be immense!

>C was fun to work with and I'll certainly keep using it going forward.
EXCELLENT. C is the technical foundation of the modern era, systems-software wise. Smol & Efficient. Those are the guiding keywords to econcomical high-performance.
I'll wait for (You).
Replies: >>1171
It's asteroid but in 3D with 6dof, I used godot 4.2, gdscript, the code is a mess and the rotation is kind wonky, fortunately it looks fine in the middle of the void, there is windows build, a linux build and the project itself.
Replies: >>1172 >>1173
Nice.  I didn't have any trouble with rotation.  Took me a bit to realize I'd get rocked if I sat still.
Cool concept anon, the star field was a bit distracting and it would be nice to have an Elite-style radar but I hope you keep working on it!
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It's nice to see that /agdg/ isn't dead.
Replies: >>1175
Thank you for participating, everyone.
Remember that demo day is planned for 8/8.
That background parallax is inverted. The further away something is, the less it needs to move. Those stars(?) are moving faster than the rocks in front.
Replies: >>1178
Yeah, I had to spend another 20 minutes investigating, but I figured out why it was like that.
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[Hide] (282.1KB, 550x283)
Testing why offset for the center of the tiles weren't working properly. 

And I completely forgot how sine and cosine work. Especially since they apparently take radians instead of degrees, so I have to visualize that fucking shit, only to realize that Y axis is inverted for some fucking reason. I have no idea why, but I dont really care at this point.
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