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Next event: Demo Day 8/8

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1. Respect the global rules.
2. The board is SFW. Mature content should be spoilered.
3. Avoid shitposting and modernspeak (based, -pilled, etc.). This is a place of creation and should be treated as such.
4. Discussion regarding the board itself should be taken to the meta thread >>1.
5. Have fun.

The board was set up merely a bunker and repository for developers, waiting for 8chan to come back online, but since it's in the process of committing sudoku, this could be your new home.

List of other bunkers:
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Where's that link that explains what happened to the agdg community after the exodus? About splitting into groups and whatnot?
I can't find it.

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So up until now, we've had a lot (lol) of off-topic posting, a lot a one-and-done "how do I make game tho" posts in various threads, especially the meta and progress threads. This is now the new dumping ground for those posts. Do try to put some effort into your posts though, you'll get more responses and won't have to face the wrath of jacked Carmack and his dragon dildo sword+2 that way.
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I cant afford caretaker, it's too expansive, But I do have plenty of time if I stay late at night, just enough to work on atleast 1-2 frame of pixel art.

>if you want to dependably freelance. Consider teaming up with others.
I kind of want this this to happen but I'm no good at interacting with people. What if I'm the one that progress but the other side of my mate stay idle? Maybe because of he has different skill set which makes me hard to trust him on what he's actually doing? Building chemistry between team mate is not I'm really good at.

>First of all, let's discuss your reasons/motivation
After making pixel art for while with a right and proper technique, this thing just facinates me. I don't feel like applying this drawing skill on other profession really worth my effort. It has to be only gamedev that matters.
Replies: >>1185 >>1188
Every hobby requires a sacrifice. Especially now in this wageslave-loving world.
You should look into doing extremely short projects considering your limited free time, or you should find a way to get more free time. Drawing at a rate of 2 frames a night would mean, assuming you don't make a game with only one second's worth of animation, several months of non-stop work for something that would most likely want you to go back and restart. You need to figure out what you're making because art is the last thing you work on. Is art your only strong point?
Replies: >>1191
>Is art your only strong point?
I could do abit of music compostition, it.Well not much but at least something.

>You need to figure out what you're making because art is the last thing you work on
My game is fairly simple, which emphasizes on story and 2d graphics as its major attractiveness. It's an rpg kind of game like FE. What else of element do you think that is hard to implement? The battle, inventory and leveling system are pretty straight forward isn't it? Of course there's going to be a twist on the gameplay designing part, but it is not much harder than doing the artwork.
Most pre-dev art ends up altered or never used because what you can envision is almost always different from what you can realistically create within the confines of the real world.

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Alright, that's enough dilly-dallying (Happy Valentine's day, Anon!)
This thread was meant to go up at the start of february, but instead got delayed until now.
Now, as I mentioned before, I can't create common codebases for anyone to pick up and work with, as I simply haven't the time. What I do have is an updated collection of resources which will probably go up later in another thread for anyone to use.
Demo day is still planned for 8/8, but now I'm having trouble placing this jam now that I know Ludum Dare is also planned for april. What should it be? March? May? Would you really do two jams in a row?

Let's make it a month-long event. From 3/3 to 4/4 it is.
Here's what's expected: It should be 2D. Preferably with some gameplay.
If you'd like to suggest themes, source codes for cannibalizing, genres, or complain, feel free.
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>no point in 3D 
Nigger its asteroids. There's no player movement anyway.
Replies: >>1113
You haven't played asteroids.
Surprised noone responded to this post - this is actually pretty impressive. Care to share the code?

Also, are you the guy who did Super Don't Give Up!! in the last jam? You got the same pixel art/pixel font thing going on. Would be to cool to hear you were still around.
Replies: >>1189
Yep, I did SDGU!! last jam. I'll try and find time to post the code with bit of an explanation.
Replies: >>1190
Nice. Glad to hear you weren't lost in the move.

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Welcome to
The Second GAMEJAM!

You know the rules. This month-long jam ends on 4/4. Try to make a game based around the theme, and good luck!
<Current theme
Asteroids (1979) with your own unique twist.

>What's this?
A short exercise in creativity. Make a game in thirty days. Link your submission to the anchor post below on 4/4 or whenever you feel you're ready. Hopefully, it'll turn into a recurring event.
Because it'll give you a chance to unrust and improve your skills, and a short project helps with burnout on a longer one.
>What do I need?
Whatever language or engine you use is up to you. The only restrictions are that you need to make a game based on the current theme before the deadline.
>How do I make game?
If you really don't know where to start, give Lazyfoo's SDL2 tutorials a look.
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Thank you for participating, everyone.
Remember that demo day is planned for 8/8.
That background parallax is inverted. The further away something is, the less it needs to move. Those stars(?) are moving faster than the rocks in front.
Replies: >>1178
Yeah, I had to spend another 20 minutes investigating, but I figured out why it was like that.
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Testing why offset for the center of the tiles weren't working properly. 

And I completely forgot how sine and cosine work. Especially since they apparently take radians instead of degrees, so I have to visualize that fucking shit, only to realize that Y axis is inverted for some fucking reason. I have no idea why, but I dont really care at this point.

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Is the original 8/agdg/ owner in charge of this board, or was it started by someone else?

Also all-purpose meta thread I guess.
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It's still online.
Replies: >>1133
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We were all played for fools.
Replies: >>1133
Not with a bang but with a whimper I guess. :^)
Replies: >>1133
Took longer than expected but now it has finally shut down.
I still can't believe it's gone.
The admin never even said goodbye.

Alright faggots, as I mentioned in the meta thread recently, I would like to start doing board game jams on a regular basis. Unlike other jams that just give you a theme and a ridiculously short deadline and then you're on your own, the game jams here will come with a ready-to-go, runs out-of-the-box codebase so that any participant will have a working, playable game from day one (however bare-bones and exactly like everyone else's it is). You may choose to use the provided code base if you want, but you're free to bring your own as well. Think the code is ass? Does something you don't want or need? Rewrite it then, I don't care. The provided code is simply to bring as many people up to speed as quickly as possible, as well as to provide a common ground for collaborating with and assisting one another.

The first /agdg/ Game Jam game will be making 2D platformers - no theme or gimmick restriction, it can be whatever. The provided game skeleton will use Raylib for graphics, sound, and input, and be written in an easy-to-grasp subset of C++ (nothing fancy or hyper-efficient). The Jam will officially start on June 6th, 2023 (6/6) and run until July 7th, 2023 (7/7), one month. By start, I mean a thread will be created and the code base, along with building instructions will be provided on that day. You are free to do whatever prep you like in the meantime, of course. 7/7 will be a "demo day" of sorts, where everyone uploads their games for others to play, and an informal competit
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It's a fucking jam, quit overanalyzing and being a faggot.
Replies: >>864
>>Its a good genre to learn the ropes from
Now you're starting to understand.

Guy's salty about something, I just wish he'd make a point sooner or later. I'll let him air his greivances or whatever for now and bust out the dustpan and broom and clean up after him if I have to later. Maybe he's got something to contribute, who knows. We are going to have a post-mortem discussion after the jam - what went well, what didn't, what people would like to see for next time, etc.. Maybe in the meantime our guy can get some chill and think about what to post for that.
Any plans for a second jam yet?
Replies: >>1018
The first jam was poggers I can't wait until the next one!
It really was.

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used to make a lot of maps in hamme but never published any of them. i think i only have two of the VMFs left.

[Hide] (593.3KB, 1280x720)
This is my first ever finished videogame, and I think it's worth sharing here too. It was originally supposed to be just a little joke, but when another artist joined the team the project really kicked off until it escalated into a real full-size game.

Give it a try and me what you think:
Replies: >>726
Can you cut off their feet and put them in a microwave after you insemenate them??
Replies: >>473 >>1006
phenomenal post
>>297 (OP) 
I'm sure OP is long gone, and the subject matter isn't really my thing, but honestly I've seen worse renpy games out there. The art is consistent, the decisions had well foreshadowed outcomes instead of some of the COYA crap where by trying to improve a situation you worsen it or vice versa, and while the game is short I think that fits with its scope. In the end, you completed a game, and that's more than a lot of people can say. I hope you learned from the project and can go on to improve your dev skills for the future.
Replies: >>1006
In this game, you play AS a fluffy. XD

Thanks! I really wanted to avoid all the usual pitfalls of dating sims like fake choices and stretched out scenes, as well as break the curse of fluffy games by setting the scale to something I could realistically finish. I'm always glad to hear people enjoying it, because I practically live on the feedback I get for my works!

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Post what you're working on.
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>make a forest
>well, I need to make texture cropper/resizer/converter
>default sdl api is a bit fucked, and I have no idea how to make transparency work, so either colorkey(good way anyway) or look into libpng
>and some simple "enhancements" filters would be great
>and I would need working interface to use them
>sdl works for now so whatever
>but to make proper converter I need json loader/data manager
I should look into hierarchy of the stuff I need to make, before making other stuff.
Replies: >>995
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[Hide] (43.7KB, 270x300)
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1000x500)
[Hide] (871.4KB, 782x962)
Made simple automatic texture cropper with offsets. Just need to attach them to data files, and/maybe gui. And now I can process character tiles and implement proper systems for them. 
And make better grass tiles. They are flat, and I rendered all of them at the same time and just cut off the mask, now I can render each tile separately, and keep blades of grass which go outside of default rhombus, and even use any kinds of image processing on them. (hopefully it will look better). But that is an improvement for later, current grass works perfectly for a placeholder.
[Hide] (385.7KB, 790x439)
[Hide] (587.1KB, 1000x1000)
[Hide] (77KB, 227x277)
Note to self. Dont use 1000*1000 resolution for renders instead of 1024*1024, especially when you batch rendering something on cpu. For "less precise" stuff like trees and other decorations, it might be fine, but walls and ground tiles must be precise.
But on the bright side, I figured out why grass renders always had dark spots in the middle of each tile(Pic2). I simply forgot to give renderer more bounces for transparency (it was only 4 total), so everything transparent turned into black.
>now I just need to pack everything
>lets search for already made simple packing algorithms
>here is link, everything is explained in it!
>link is for 200 page scientific paper on packing anything into a box
Welp, Could have been worse. So many topics are so well researched, but its practically impossible to read through all of them. Packing even has free tools for it, but adapting them for my exact needs is the same, as doing it from what I already have. 
Next up, is making my tileinfo.json format to be compatible with Tiled editor. And a format for character sprites. And technically, at that point, I would be able to start actual game developement.
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libre Trackmania clone under CC0, in C99 with no libraries, uses own 3D renderer, own physics engine
bump for demo day

[Hide] (160.9KB, 862x698)

Here is the first a playable demo for the V2 of 3DChan:

>What is 3DChan?
For those who don’t know what 3DChan is, it’s an hybrid between the imageboard culture and Second Life.

>Concept of the V2 (more on my blog post)
This version won’t be online, not exactly. You will be able to post files and build level in local before sharing it via bittorrent. It’s pretty close to the concept of Decentraland, but without the virtual estate agent thing.

BTW, is this channel linked to the 8chan's /agdg ? I used to post here.
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performance on Firefox 108.0.2 (64-bit) was very poor anon
Replies: >>471
thank for your feedback I'll try to improve it
oekaki  over other peoples posts when?
this project is very nice IDEA.
people dont know what they want until they do not see it
I don't know how to post as it always pop up a message saying duplicates or something like that.

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