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nyc-winter-snowstorm-l.jpg (u)
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You're Tom, 29, single, and a full time wageslave. There's not much to talk about your life, today was a usual day for you. You're walking home late at night after a long day of wageslaving. Your coworkers fucked up everything they could then left, so you had to fix all their bullshit---just like always. The weather is also horrible, it's cold and there's a fucking winter storm out here, but at least it means you don't have to deal with the crowd of people. In fact, you're the only person walking down the road, only a few people in cars dare to go anywhere in this weather.
You reach the shop you were heading for, to buy some food for dinner, but the entrance is dark. You walk closer and you notice a small sign: "CLOSED DUE TO WEATHER."
"Shit," you sigh and start walking back home. You hope you can still find something edible in your fridge, because there's no way you will go find a different shop in this weather.
You suddenly hear a low, grumbling sound. You stop and look around, but you don't see anything. What is this? Finally, when you look up, you see a big lump of snow falling toward you! This view shocks you, and before you could react, the avalanche hits you and you pass out.

When you regain your senses, you wake up... in a forest like thing? It's certainly not winter here, it should be about 30 °C (86 °F) here, but it feels much hotter due to the high humidity. You look at yourself, it looks like you're naked, the only piece of clothing you have is a bracelet yo
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"I wonder if I was the only one who heard that. If so, where exactly does it want me to go...?"
You decide to take a walk, maybe it will help clean your mind.

Outside the wind is still strong, so it's not a pleasant time to walk around, so you only walk to the nearby park to look around. It's mostly empty though, only a few kids snowball fighting. Shouldn't they be at school right now? Whatever, you continue walking around, but you start having a weird feeling. It's like someone is following you. You stop and turn around, and you see a scantily clad man disappearing behind a bunch of bushes.
What the? He looked like those indigenous people in Africa... maybe it's just some freak? But it's a cold winter here, you had to wear your warmest clothes to not freeze to death in a weather like this.
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"This doesn't sound like a good idea at all, but..."

Find a nearby stick and prod the bushes where that man disappeared into.
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"This doesn't sound like a good idea at all, but..." you murmur and you pick up a nearby stick and prod the bushes. Nothing happens. You prod the bushes again... and a bunny jumps out of it! What the hell does a bunny do here?
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I sure hope the rabbit isn't black.

Look at the rabbit carefully from where we are right now, does it have a collar, any sign that it's domesticated? Look around, anyone that looks like they're looking for something?

Approach the rabbit using the stick, as in, hold the stick close to it, but not touch it.
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You look at the rabbit, it's a small white rabbit, it doesn't have a collar or any other obvious sign of being domesticated, other that it looks pretty clean. You look around, but it doesn't seem that anyone is looking for anything.
You hold the stick close to the rabbit. The rabbit takes a step toward it, sniffs it, then turns around and starts running (or more like jumping) away.

Also don't search for random rabbit videos, because you'll end up at places like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTvHoXfQQCU
Is this where Erina came from?

Thread from /quests/

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I believe in being the change one wishes to see, so fuck it. If we don't have enough characters to fill a football team, we'll make some. You'll just have to make do with the shitty "art".

Welcome to the world of 50 Quest! In this quest you'll be going on the adventure of a lifetime! Quite literally, because after 50 choices you'll fucking die. There are no backdoors, miracles, or deals to get around it. 50 choices, and then it's over for you. Better make sure to keep easy fixes around for whatever trouble you'll create.

Since this is the opener and you probably don't want to waste too many choices on speccing, as a freebie you get to decide all that in one go! What is your:
-general appearance (don't go overboard, my drawing skills are clearly nonexistent)

I won't put in special conditions like "first poster with a 3 in their post" or "next doubles" since I doubt the userbase currently reaches double digits. Choices will be decided on a first come, first serve basis. Don't expect any rhythm for deliveries either. Could be in a few hours, could be days. If you wanna make sure you get the next choice, you'd better check in regularly.
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You peer through a telescope that's conveniently placed right in the middle of the bridge, behind the crew's battle stations so they don't notice what you're doing.
That's about all the luck you can hope for, unfortunately. Checking ship after ship you only find one mean looking mug after the other. Makes sense, you suppose. A raid on a fortress of one of the galaxy's most powerful conglomerates would only attract the most hardened or ambitious criminals. Still, you had hoped for at least one ship of wannabe hacktivist college kids.
Before you, the Vault still looms ominously, its vantablack-tinted windows yielding no secrets even to the ship's probing telescope. They still haven't made a move, even though the pirates seem to be finally breaking through its shield - not that the holes are big enough yet for a ship to pass through. What are they waiting for? Are they about to make a jump? Is help underway?
You shake your head. It's useless to be pondering these questions. You've got your own problems going on, and those take precedence. For one, even if you found a sympathetic ship to take you in, how are you going to get off this one? Jump out the front door in their direction and hope you float at the right angle?

Wat do?

44 choices remain.
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Jump out of the front door and aim at one of the holes in the ship's shield.
Replies: >>210
This sounds like an interesting idea I like this
See if you can use a trusty can of hairspray you (hopefully) have to direct yourself in space.
Are we dead?
Replies: >>551
Yes. We misfired the hairspray and sent ourselves hurtling into empty space where we encountered almost instant death due to our body fluids freezing in the -270°C void.

Thread from /test/

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>>23 (OP) 
link test
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testing test

Thread from /test/

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Thread from /quests/

1. Follow the global rules
2. Offtopic posts will be removed.

Resources, Writing & Questing Advice
Here's a link to the old 8ch archive for the time being:
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wew, I don't think there's enough life in here to answer that.

Thread from /meta/

What's wrong with your webring? Doesn't seem to crawl, lots of sites are missing.
Actually it appears that everything is there in the board list page, but webring.json does not reflect this. Strange.
Looks like it's broken since the last jschan update, but now it should be working.

Thread from /nep/

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Since no one else will make one, i'll have to make one

Let's do what Nick Doerr couldn't 
Let's fix the game!

>mod guide and tools 


So, the idea is that we work on Re;Birth 2 translation in preparation of the shit fest that will be Re;Birth 3 when it get's released on PC.
Since there isn't a lot of stuff that are outright bad in Re;Birth 2, retranslating it should be relatively easy compared to if we ever are going to attempt to retranslate Re;Birth 3.
Mostly it's just Neptunes dialog that's need to be fixed in Re;Birth 2 and to a lesser extent RAMs.
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Can't you torrent it from one of the torrent sites?

Thread from /nep/

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>This is a nepping board

Nep nep nep nepnepnep nep nep nep nep.  nep nepnep nepnep nep $nepnepnepnep nep nep nep nepnep nep, nepnepnepnep~.  Nep nep nep nepnep nep nepnepnepnep nep nep nep, nepnep nep nepnepnepnep Nep nep nep nepnep nep.  Nepnepnepnep {nep nep nepnep} nepnepnepnep, nep nep nepnep nep nepnepnepnep nep nep nep nepnep?  Nep nepnepnepnep-nep nep nep nepnep nep nepnepnepnep nep nep nep + nepnep = Nep nepnepnepnep nep nep nepnep nep nepnep nep nep.  Nep nep nepnepnepnep nep nep nep nepnep nep Nepnepnepnep @Nepnepnep.nep nep nepnep nep nepnepnepnep nep nep nep nepnep!

Nep nepnepnepnep NEP nep nepnep nep nepnep nepnep nep nepnepnepnep nep nep nep nepnep.  Nep nepnepnepnep [nep] nep nep nepnep nep% nepnepnepnep,
>Nep nep nep nepnep nep?
<Nepnepnepnep nep 
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>>4456 (OP) 
, '¨~}
           ,′ /
.        , -‐‐=ミ,′  {乂,___,.斗-‐‐…‐‐-=ミ
       / ‐‐-、 }{ .,__乂く `'   く,: :,′: : : : : . `ヽ、
.      { ‐‐-、`, } \: : く_, へ/. :{. : : :i: : : : : : : .\
.     j{ ‐‐-、 ,ハ/ /: : /. : Χ { : :¦ : : __」⌒L;_〈
      八 ‐‐‐' .′゚} 厶イ: : : :/__ { : :│ : :{___  __,} ∨
     :{li;心、,__,ノ  八: : ゚人.〃灯ぃ ' : : 八-‐:|: :L...」: :: : :^ア
      Vニ..,,____彡'゙ `,: :/ : : ヽ弋'ツ  乂_ _,.厶: :i :\: : rく
       `¨¨∧     ∨ : :个 '' __ '   ‐=ミ{ : :ト、: : : : \>
.     ,====、/ ∧   φ个=‐、 .′ ヽ  '' 八ノ│ \: : : . \
.     ∨ /:∧ { :\ /{ :乂_.;心、  ノ    公 : : 乂广⌒ヽ⌒′
.    ∨:/ /〉ニニニィ゚ 乂;_:_:> 个ー─=ァ≦‐-{ : .\二二ノ
     ⌒ヽ\〕iト。   〈ニニ} 、`ー=彳∠ニ八: :、: :\/
      ,.ノ\`ー‐,>、 ∨ }┐ _∠三二二)ノ⌒ヽ)、
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ClipboardImage.png (u)
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That's really cute.
Nep NepNep Nep

Thread from /nep/

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Thank you.
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What happens here?
Replies: >>7048
Some people being grateful for this wonderful site
Why is it so dead here? Where did all the /nep/ people go? I mean it wasn´t the most active place when 8chan was still around but the people seemingly all vanished. The only place with a bit of activity is halfchans /vgg/ /nepgen/.
Replies: >>7051
/nep/ was mostly dead even before the happenings at fullchan, only the quest was somewhat active. nep generals on /v/ were also dead, and simply slid off the catalog, probably because there were no new games for a long time. I still have a few games in my backlog, but after https://archive.is/57T6B most of my interest disappeared.
Oh, and also there's that discord thing if you want some circlejerk
Replies: >>7072
Corporate virtue signalling, sigh.

Thread from /meta/

It links to http://trashchan2rvdng5zm7346sfxrrkjwvqzolw4lfdyldcsdpmsyj4dkid.onion/ which just says "Go away" when it should link to http://trashchan2rvdng5zm7346sfxrrkjwvqzolw4lfdyldcsdpmsyj4dkid.onion/index.html
So does the other frontend links, but it should be fixed now.
Would you guys like to be friends with kind.moe? As you can see, we're already both part of the webring but also have a dedicated affiliates page.
Replies: >>9
Um, we don't have any dedicated affiliates page, and I suck at finding friends to warrant a dedicated page.

Thread from /nep/

I_have_awakened.jpg (u)
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/nep/ BO here, one and the same from back in the day. We are back, the time has come to Nep again, and fuck Freddit.

Outside of that, everyone have fun and if there's any problems, drop me a line.
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Replies: >>7033
Might be an idea…
So I have been made aware of (essentially) new global rules, just now, that may have an impact on this board. I will be researching this situation further, shortly.
>>6692 (OP) 
Hi. Does this board have anti troll/harassment policy? 
I was new to Nep series in 2015 in 4chan /vg/. then on random day in 2016 I make wrote my opinion on mk2 bad ending and suddenly someone jump on me and tell me
[spoiler]english please. We know this is a form of attack, because if someone really know his English he can at least guess, not implying other party speak different language alltogether[. Also calling other esl in a franchise made by Japanese show he doesnt understand the irony. /spoiler]
It is done on purpose thus trolling+harassment . This continue for 2-3 times in that year for other posters, so I quit that place and just post in /u/.
Replies: >>7034 >>7036
>Does this board have anti troll/harassment policy?

It has not had need of one in past.


Query: do you consider people who may find the understandably of your handwriting to be inadequate, to be someone making a personal, harassing attack on you if they inform you of that in a terse and confrontational manner?

I am only asking since...having a grand total of three attacks over the course of a 365 day period is extremely low intensity, if part of a targeted campaign. Which itself should have been difficult to perform unless you were using a tripcode or had some other kind of identifying signature.
>Also calling other esl in a franchise made by Japanese show he doesnt understand the irony.
There's no irony because you're on the English-speaking web. Even if someone was Japanese, they wouldn't get any deference unless everyone else is a weeb as is often the case.

Thread from /test/

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dice 3d6

Replies: >>36
e13bb6675cdeb19b62553d69f47ca27da3014340ca2424a4a960d7107309c226.pdf (u)

2.png (u)
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OwO what's this cool game?
Replies: >>42
Liberal Crime Squad, I guess?

Thread from /nep/

discord-logo.jpg (u)
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Alright /nep/fags, we're recruiting for a little Neptunia-based Discord server we've made. We're not massive in size yet, so we're ready for any contributions you'd wish to make to our discussions. 

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Replies: >>4751
discord1.webm (u)
[Hide] (5.4MB, 1280x720, 04:02)
>>4587 (OP) 
especially when there are free (as in beer and as in speech) alternatives to it
Replies: >>7024
Just use Rizon or something idk
Would you mind giving us some good examples Anon? We're currently trying to solve this same issue for our own board.
Replies: >>7031
Not him, but if you want a discord alternative try element.io or tox. There is also Telegram (although group chats use client-server encryption which is suspect) or if you just need a basic chat and encryption besides simple ssl isn't that important you could use irc or xmpp.

Thread from /meta/

trashchan-tan.png (u)
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Welcome back.
Replies: >>5
>>4 (OP) 

Thread from /nep/

happiest_noire_banner.png (u)
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So we can do banners again. Anyone wanna add one, put it in here.

Banners must be equal or less than 512000 bytes 10 MiB, and 300x100 resolution.

.jpeg/.jpg/.png/.gif formats.

All and all it's pretty easy to work with. I already have a few new banners in rotation already, but feel free to add more here.

Also I forgot to mention we can only have 50 banners at one time. No longer true.

See this for more details: >>3352

Current banners: https://banners.8ch.net/list/nep https://trashchan.xyz/nep/banners.html
Last edited by admin
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nepbanner03.png (u)
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nepbanner04.png (u)
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nepbanner05.png (u)
[Hide] (11.7KB, 300x100)
nepbanner06.png (u)
[Hide] (11.3KB, 300x100)
Replies: >>7016
nepbanner07.png (u)
[Hide] (5.8KB, 300x100)
nepbanner08.png (u)
[Hide] (4KB, 300x100)
nepbanner09.png (u)
[Hide] (8.8KB, 300x100)
nepbanner010.png (u)
[Hide] (11.6KB, 300x100)
nepbanner0302.png (u)
[Hide] (10.8KB, 300x100)
nice bort. just wondering- how long have you been using jschan?
Replies: >>7018
As a user? Since the 8kunt->fatchan exodus. Trying to run a site? Around end of July if I can trust git history (the site went online a bit later, webring since Sept 29).
Replies: >>7019
Cool good to know good software good win95 theme good luck with your nep board

Thread from /meta/

f45.png (u)
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Banner thread
Replies: >>2
f45.png (u)
[Hide] (26.5KB, 300x100)
>>1 (OP) 
Found a better version of the trashcan icon
Replies: >>3
anime-was-a-mistake-its-nothing-but-trash-26358658.png (u)
[Hide] (18.8KB, 300x100)

Thread from /nep/

nepu_thread_lewd_pics.jpg (u)
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In the previous chapter:
You wake up after overcasting the spell against Dogoos, Guild attendant died, prison disappeared in the meantime. Buy dagger, training with MAGES., random Guild quests. Oversleep after sex, barge on IF talking with Makoto, Nepgear anti-crystal problem. Nightmare with Makoto and Yumi, next day Makoto revenge, decide to do something about the Guild, visit Blanc and Noire. Sex again, but this time someone actually watched our hero…

Previous chapters:
Chapter One: >>3738
Chapter Two: >>4263
Chapter Three: >>4966
Chapter Four: >>5644

Chapter Five

…the girl who were hiding in the box was… Nepgear. You silently stare at each other for a few seconds, until IF gets her courage up.
"W-What the fuck are you doing here?!" she almost shouts.
"I-I j-j-just w-wan-wanted to…"
Nepgear tries to run away, but IF is faster and catches her.
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>"Hmm, if I hold it like this, it's just like walking a dog. Let's go,"
"Worrisome fetish development aside, can I get some trousers before going out of this building, please?"
Replies: >>7008
>"Hmm, if I hold it like this, it's just like walking a dog. Let's go,"
"Worrisome fetish development aside, can I get some trousers before going out of this building, please?"
"Why would a dog need trousers? … Hahaha, don't look at me like this, I was only joking, come on," she says as she moves to you and pats your head. "Unfortunately I don't have your clothes, I didn't have time to pick them up, because I immediately rushed here as soon as I received the email from Yumi, but I'll find some clothes for you, the Basilicom workers are ought to have a few spare clothes. Just wait here until I return, okay?"
Replies: >>7009
"Alright. Don't be too rough on anybody else."
Replies: >>7011
"Alright. Don't be too rough on anybody else."
"Don't worry."
She leaves, then you're alone in the room. You go to the bathroom, and since you probably don't have enough time to take a shower, you just wash your face and remove the remains of your dinner that you didn't get to eat. Speaking of it, you're really hungry now…
It only takes a few minutes until IF is back with a set of clothes.
"Um, this is what I found, the trousers are from a Basilicom worker's outfit, but at least I found a white shirt, so you won't completely look like a Basilicom worker…"
"Thanks," you reply and quickly get dressed. Well, the shirt is a bit too big, while the trousers are a bit too tight, but nothing unbearable.
"Hmm, let's try to hide this chain under the shirt, and… um, take this scarf to hide the collar, we don't want undue attention. Now let's go."

You follow IF, and as casually as you can you leave the Basilicom. It looks like the Basilicom workers didn't know about you being held prisoner here, huh.
"Now that we're outside, let's go to my house, your stuff is there, and I will try to figure out how to remove that chain you have. Oh, and I also have an appointment with Compa, I'm sure she made a delicious lunch, you're free to come."
"That's good, I'm starving."
"Then let's go," she says as she grabs your hand.
"Hey, where are you going, onii-chan?!" You hear a familiar voice, you turn around, and you see Yumi pulling Nepgear behind her. It doesn't seem like she'll go anywhere on her own for some time.
"What did you do to her?"
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Replies: >>7012
Thanks for ending it properly.
Especially when only two of us were still here.
See you on webring.

Thread from /nep/

t5y46y.jpg (u)
[Hide] (388.6KB, 1920x1080)
Here in this thread, you can post mods for the Neptunia games!
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I wish somebody saved these and re-uploaded them elsewhere, since the links to them are down.

Thread from /nep/

>Imported embed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKxio8HZiNA


Thread from /nep/

1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (6.8MB, 3904x6064)
I might as well archive this here too, so that if someone missed/misses the link in the latest /v/ thread, it's here. Hello New World's new oneshot dump time.
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Replies: >>6582 + 1 earlier
And it's Page 08, the black panel.
Replies: >>3248
P08_fixed.png (u)
[Hide] (2.2MB, 980x1516)
It was bothering me so much that I fixed it myself; just a simply cut and paste job.

These are already JPGs so I saved this one as a PNG to save a generation.
e0001 go away.
Fixing our translation effort here.
>>1516 (OP)  
Damn image loss.

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