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Welcome to the new /late/!

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Making a thread here now. Post any issues you have or changes you want to see in this thread

Radio worked without issues for few hours as my last post. So I think it's working

Radio: https://latestation.live/
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mpv player isn't picking it up r/n either, Anon. I'm sure RadioAnon will have things sorted before long.

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Welcome to /late/

The rules are:
>Global rules apply
>The Board is NSFW, however, just keep it to a minimum. Don't just go around posting porn just because.
>No politics
>You can talk about other boards. Just don't advertise them.
>Don't go around stiring shit up.

Radio - https://latestation.live/
Discord and IRC - https://discord.gg/hRe2yv96qY - IRC (Rizen) #late.city
/late/ Archive - https://anon.cafe/comfy/res/1512.html#q3453

friends of /late/
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thanks, added a bunch of em.

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This is DD, to clear up any further confusion I have decided to move us to trashchan. I have been in correspondence with the admin of trashchan and finalized our movement there. It is scheduled for the same day of this site's closure: March 15th

For us the Ides of March will hopefully mean a new beginning
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The migration is complete, welcome to the new /late/

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The anons talking about their times in the Mississippi banks was pretty comfy. I'd never heard of the driftless area before, but it sounds mythical. I'd like to start a thread like that here. You're welcome to post your stories and adventures on walks in the city or out and about in nature, I'd love to read them.
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Been hiking a lot lately. Used to hike a lot in high school but it was usually just going to state parks at night and getting kicked out by cops. Going at night is better but never allowed, which I hate..
Replies: >>1919
The biggest bugs I ever encounter are some kinds of rhinoceros beetles. I always try to rescue them from parking lots and gas stations if I can. Same with the big moths.
That's neat :) I hope you get up there one day. Parts of nature like that always attract a strangeness Maybe because it, itself, is an anomaly in nature where thousands of miles can seemingly look the exact same. Strangeness attracting strange people. I don't mean strange in a bad way either...

I'm glad that brought on some nostalgia! It's always feels the best when it occurs naturally through something you read or see.

I understand completely!
>Going at night is better but never allowed, which I hate..
I know that feel. My sleep/wake schedule (can't remember the word) is both longer than other people's (about 30 hours), and I also prefer the night simply because the annoyance of other people's noise is much less (usually) overnights. So I naturally tend towards being awake/working overnights.

Once, I went to totally-wasn't-trespassing-after-hours-though a state park to try and spot a huge owl I'd seen earlier at night there. Fortunately I had a really nice Meade spotting scope with me, because when I came out a police cruiser was blocking my car in, with it's lights flashing (no siren).

I waited for the cops to come back out, then distracted them by using the telescope to show them Jupiter and it's moons, which satisfied them I guess because they didn't give me any further shit after that.
Replies: >>1920
>can't remember the word
Circadian Rythm

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Gondolas gondolaing around
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This deserves some work to brighten it up a bit and add some music in true Gondola fashion, Anon? Comfy.
Replies: >>1906 >>1911
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I think the brightness is actually perfect, that IS how bright it is in the pre-dawn twilight. Maybe brighten up just the yellow part of the sky.. Though it definitely does needs fitting music. Here's another gond that makes good use of darkness,
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Replies: >>1912
Beautiful. Very comfy, Anon. Thanks!  :)
Replies: >>1917
You're welcome, it was a nice idea

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Number 3, or is it 4? Who's keeping count, anyways?

Last thread hit bump limit, so now here's an all new Trashchan edition of the thread. I like this place. I think it will make a good home for us.

What's on your mind, tonight?
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Is there still not enough material for the zine? Dang. Here, have cosmological horrors beyond your comprehension.
Replies: >>1914
I used to listen to old-time radio as a kid before bed. My dad was really into it and had a whole bunch of shows downloaded. The first I remember listening to were The Harold Peary Show and The Great Gildersleeve. I don't know what would be considered the best or anything, since I never became a radio enthusiast or anything. I remember my dad listening to Suspense a lot.
Replies: >>1913
Oh, yeah!  I have all of that and ESCAPE.  It's great stuff.
latezine (at) airmail (dot) cc
Please donate a submission to the latezine foundation for latefrens in need.

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Since the fall of 8chan. Say 8chan did not get taken down and survived into today, how would things be? What would the culture be like in 2024? Would it have grown in more users or bled users?
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>In September we turn 10 years since some of us got out of the 4
Hey that's true. Exodus in 2014.
8chan was the first imageboard I ever posted on.
Replies: >>1898
I started using image boards long after 8chan's death.
>In September we turn 10 years since some of us got out of the 4
It's almost hard to believe. It doesn't feel like that long ago. The golden age of 8chan was probably the best time I ever had on imageboards, although 4chan around 2011-2012 has to be up there too.
>It was so glowed by late 2017
It did feel like the site was just limping along after a while. One thing that stuck out to me other than the lower amount of activity was how badly /cow/ went to shit.
I think there would have been a general increase of users from 2019, due to highly publicized happenings. These users would be more political in nature, and more prone to exhibit new habits, whether high quality or not. Think of more Qboomers, more young people who heard about 8chan from halfchan or social media. More crossposts/reposts from Twitter or 4chan. And I'm sure older folks would start to stay within their niche boards and communities. Perhaps a lot of boards may have developed a stronger "elitist gatekeeping culture" (by way of memes and catchphrases) to defend against these new types of zoomers and Qboomers and their posting habits. 

That's another thing. 8chan 2024 may have had hundreds of small but flourishing communities. There would be a niche and rich cultures that would cater to anyone. 

I could see another scenario where the site starts bleeding higher quality and older folks due to incessant meta happenings.
Things like complaining about the quality of X board much, then creating a new board that splits users.
Such things happened countless of times with /intl/, /animu/, /b2/, etc, but perhaps it may have happened a bit more past 2019.

And another timeline where Jim starts to favour QAnon over gaymergate, thereby shifting the tide of the entire site. Implementing more rulecuckery to uphold non-boomer frenly content. Freezing board creation. Destroying infrastructure, etc. It may lead to a similar result as our current timeline. 

Overall, I wo
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The alien thread has gotten me nostalgic for some good old fashioned conspiracy theories. Nowadays it's all just commodotized creepypastas and political shitflinging, which is fucking laaaaame.

What are some of your favorite conspiracy theories of the more obscure or classic varieties? Thought provoking, entertaining, or just weird.

The more schizo, convoluted, detailed, and overcomplicated the better.
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You know the corn story also jogged my memory about this tale I once heard about a black eyed shaman, which I think had something to do with the kokopelli, but I only heard it once and that was a long time ago and I can't really retell it properly. Anyone else heard anything similar?
Replies: >>1890
>I found convincing is that corn is demonic
As someone who worked in one of them fields this sounds interesting
>Corn originated in South America
It originated in Aridarmerica which is around the Southwest US and Northern Mexico, far away from the South of the continent
>back when it was ruled by the Aztec gods
Even if you wanted to say it didn't actually originate in the place but the era where the Aztec ruled, this is still wrong, Aztec Kingdom was strictly in Central America (hence Mesoamerican cultures) and they used corn just like everyone else did, the real problem is when they used it in rituals to cook and eat it refined after lacing it with blood, kinda like jews do with their bread.
>Demanding human sacrifices and preventing them form achieving the technological prowess that they aught to (wheels for toys but not for carts, etc.)
The demand is indeed fishy, the technological prowess is highly debatable as Aztecs were advanced in many fields and even surpassing European prowess in others (agriculture, building foundational construction, building acoustics, astrology, medicine) while grossly behind in others to the point of being just barely ahead africans (textiles, metal, weaponry, maritime navegation).
The wheel argument is a meme because aztec peoples were living in mountainous areas with harsh volcanic soil, the wheel was so impractical that even the spaniards went down using donkeys, mules and horses like the ones before in that region until civil work had razed and made roads centuries after conquering.
The mayans had the same ordeal but in highly-dense jungle environments, not even the brits used the wheel when they had the same lands or similar ones like the amazon jungle.
>All the legends on corns origins concur that it was a gift from these gods (demons)
Not really but it is an archetype
>Now corn is very bad food
Completely and utterly wrong
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Replies: >>1891
Aztec anon is that you?
Replies: >>1897
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This is like the third or fourth time my good anon friend but it isn't me, who knows what happened to that fellow but certainly he was much, much more advanced in that field than me.
The other day i saw some posts in spanish and it fitted his description but the anon didn't know the obvious weaponry knowledge Aztec anon had so false alarm. Many anons i wish i knew their posting grounds, perhaps some of them weren't kidding when they said they would quit if previous sites went down.

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Write a few things about what keeps you going through everyday life.
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Deep in my heart I know that while my quality of life continues in an ever-downward spiral, if I were to give up I would be a disgrace to my waifu and to god. I have a duty to push myself. If I can't improve then at bare minimum I must maintain a managed decline.
Also lots of spite. I can't bring myself to stay mad at someone. Even the worst criminal elements of society I just want to give a quick death rather than make them suffer. I hold others in contempt until they make an honest effort to stop being a fag because it's in my nature.
Only the fear of death, though bit by bit I'm getting less afraid of it.
a hot chocolate and a blanket while watching anime hoes
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The vague possibilities that things might improve.  Visions of a life worth living.  People whose hearts and minds are still their own in this age of ubiquitous retard propaganda.

Also, shitposting.
Music, and I'm kind of curious about the future

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post any ethereal nighttime shots from any "night" movies/tv/anime (if it makes nighttime look cool or comforting). the more obsure it is the more points you get
Replies: >>1227 >>1228
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This immediately came to mind for me. It's the opening of "The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas," an episode from the first season of The A-Team.  This scene takes place in L.A., but I think it has a similarly grungy feeling to depictions of '70s New York.
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>>1167 (OP) 
The Indian Runner had some good ones.
>>1167 (OP) 

I host TV nights every Wednesday night if anyone's interested (including Babylon 5, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, The X-Files, and Miami Vice), we start in two hours from now.

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