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A warm welcome to all the users who made it back. On /loomis/, we encourage our intrepid artistic users to achieve meaningful results in the fields of art, be it digital, 2d, 3d or in any other form, but we mainly stick to drawings. This thread doubles as the META THREAD for /loomis/, post your woes here
>Respect Global Rules 
>No IRL Gore, CP and Doxing 
>Requests only in the Request thread 
>Be polite to your fellow artist and accept critiques

>/loomis/ Resources 
>Drawthread making resources + the OP for a draw thread: 

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>belligerent faggotry and discord tranny drama
Can't say I'm surprised but still sad to hear it. Thanks.

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I'm in need of some banners, I'll repost those I got back from the old board
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Post your art related woes here.
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Uploaded the same one twice, oops
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How many tries do I have to go through in order to get better at this perspective stuff.
I'm going by a drawing tutorial that encourages me to draw 50 of the shapes.
arguably the cube stuff is tilting me and its by far the most challenging for me.
Replies: >>1797
I imagine that's why he's practicing.
It looks like you're rushing them pretty bad, all of those lines should be straight. Take your time and focus on where you're placing each line, while seeing how they should all connect with each other from a 3D perspective.

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Compilation of Useful Tutorials

- tehmeh/@simon_7617118 (Ex-drawfag at 4um /ic/)
- foervraengd/bittersweetdisease (Unfortunately a hardcore swedish feminist)
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Haha, nice pic.
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>>628 (OP) 
Tutorial on how to use the RGB color sliders for painting.
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Is this the resource thread? I have some stuff i want to unload from my HDD, in good will, with you fellas.
Replies: >>748 >>1793
Don't let it be gay porn and I'm ok with it.
they better go and start fishing or im gonna cry

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5 minute warmup sketches
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>>1716 (OP) 
deadlocked gargoyle
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Deception of eve, yada yada

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What kind of: 
>Tool (i.e. Pen and Paper, Stencils...) 
Do you use to make your art?
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Just got a Wacom Intuos 3, it's my first tablet, it's old but it felt great to use the first time. The little practice I've done before was done using pencils and the more slippery surface feels a bit weird, but I hope I can get used to this.
Replies: >>1753 >>1754
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Congratz Anon! Cherish it. It's a good tablet, and it's what I first cut my teeth on. Cheers.  :D
I also bought my second tablet, first one was a Huion Giano that was big and felt nice but died within a year (if you scroll back up in the thread you can see me complaining about it). Bought a small Wacom and am waiting for it now.
Is there a good guide for transitioning from drawing on pencil and paper to drawing with a tablet, specifically for Krita?
Replies: >>1791
There's nothing to learn about tablets, you just need to use it for some time to get used to it.

Learning Krita or another program is an entirely separate topic from tablets. For drawing the most important thing to learn is shortcuts for moving/zooming the canvas and changing brush size. I tend to disable the tablet buttons and use keyboard shortcuts, my most important shortcuts are (some of them are probably not defaults):
- X = toggle eraser mode on/off
- Alt = color picker
- Shift + left click drag = change brush size
- Space + left click drag = move canvas
- Ctrl + middle click drag = zoom canvas in/out
- Shift + middle click drag = rotate canvas
- 0 = reset zoom
- 9 = reset rotation

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How do you feel right now?
Do you want to blow off some steam?
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Kind of might go back on my word probably will continue figure drawing. No one really critiques my work really anyways I even critique my own work so it either happens or it doesn't. Water under the bridge with the drawpile thing it is what it is. Not really the big of an issue I am kind of over it now but at the time it happened it felt odd.
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I agree.
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I finally got over my ass and started drawing after many months and years saying so, only problem:

Still i am only going to practice the things i need for work, that is simple perspectives and 2D facades using de-tensing line work (squibbly irregular lines) in hatch/cross-hatch/circling but i got a bit into the rabbit hole of jewtube drawing tutorials and was newly perplexed at how skilled some people are and how "easy" it looks.
I completely suck at anatomy so i will stick to objects until i get more time, which is fading due to having to learn some warez for upcoming work.
I feel like there's a problem with art and "ugly" art. I'm not sure if I'm imagining things, or projecting the resentment I have to asshole-anons who have mocked me in the past and put me down when I tried to ask for criticism. But even more, I look at youtube artists, and how fucking polarized they are on the subject of Ugly art. On top of this, you have the fucking politically-charged idiots who only have reference for ugly art is low-effort abstract garbage 

The Hater - "Your art is ugly, and sucks, you should be ashamed of yourself"
I have a lot of anger towards this mentality because these are the kinds of people that stifle the progress of artists who are trying to learn. These fuckheads encourage perfectionism, I've been trying for years to emotionally-deal with a stupid little incident that got me fucking wrecked because they thought that greentexting stupid shit would be funny when all I wanted was a fucking critique. I've bitched about that in this very thread and I want to move the fuck on but I feel so fucking afraid of being hate-bombed that I feel like it's not fucking worth doing anything at all, when I wanted to make people happy, and yet here I am getting mocked for showing something I wanted people to feel happy about.

The worst part is, haters are either very-narrow-minded artists who don't exit their comfort zone because it's inconvenient (Ex. Kooleen), clickbaiters looking for easy views and engagement, or asshole non-artists looking for a cheap fucking laugh, or lump bad artists in with the people below.

The Ivy-Leaguer - "You could've done it, but you didn't"
These fuckers are the reason there's a bunch of assholes going around, making edits of people's amateur-ish arts, and scaring budding artists away from making any fucking progress in art.

The fucking club of rich-kids with multi-millionaire-famlies, go to all these "prestigious" art schools where they paint with white on fucking white, make crude sculptures of men sucking themselves off, or just fucking paint splatters with no rhyme or reason. Not even going by their own feelings or what feels best, they fucking just slap some bullshit together, and spend the rest of the fucking time fucking jabberjawing about politics, or whatever made-up symbolism they cobbled-together in their head. Speaking, politicking and fucking "symbolism," is more-important to them than the entire fucking piece, and it's why I get so fucking mad, because the haters who put down ugly art think that every single fucking artist that doesn't make pretty art has the mentality of these retards.

I fucking hate these people, because these fuckheads from families who already had it made are acting like they're so fucking high-class when they make the laziest shit imaginable, and treat it like it's some gift from a god that doesn't exist. "You could've made it but you didn't" sums up their fucking mentality, to the art process, the emotional-process, and fucking everything about it. They either make unemotional, nonsense-abstract art, or it's shock art. They made something low-effort that 'anyone' could make, sold it for hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars, and they rub it in our face that we didn't.

Fuck these people. They're the reason the haters exist and why learning-artists who make ugly art are targeted by haters.
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Replies: >>1789
I have the same problem as you regarding people who don't really care about critiquing and just want to put you down to feel better about themselves. Ignoring them is hard, especially since I can tell you think like me. It's about filtering between genuine critiques, unnecesary praise, and unwarranted insults. It can be hard to put down that knee-jerk feeling of "YOU'RE WRONG" whenever someone has some valid criticisms. What you need to do is just ignore the crabs in the bucket, find some people that will actually give you real critiques, and listen to them for advice on how you're progressing.
You're gonna make it.

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Does anyone have some quality resources for making 3D stuff? Also, general 3D art, I guess.
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It's really just comes down to preference when priracy is a thing.
mmd is my bae but I won't deny the superior quality of foss software with the functional standpoint. Just don't really see any assets that interest me and I'm bad at 3d design, I'm better at a graphics tablet than making a model from scratch in blender.
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i was bored yesterday and fucked around with blender for the first time. pic related was the best i could do in 20 minutes of trying to figure out the keybinds. got the model off smutbase and it was already rigged up and everything so it felt like cheating, however i could also see how easy it would be to throw some poses around and start a patreon around it even more so if it's futashit, people will pay out the ass for that
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>install Blender 4 on debian
>works pretty well but no GPU acceleration
>requires ROCm
>ROCm 6 doesn't support latest Debian, but debs say it will in next release
>ROCm 6.1 comes out
>still doesn't support Debian
linux is pain
but otherwise i'm going through the donut tutorial and its going ok but when he's talking about moving faces along other faces it's not working right, i have everything setup the same way but it distorts the whole geometry when I try to move anything. probably just some dumb glitch though.
My advice would be to install flatpak, and flatpak's version of blender or swap your packages to the unstable branch if you're on a debian-based distro.

Debian is so iron-hard-stability-focused that it's packages are often years out of date.
Replies: >>1788
turns out i'm retarded, i installed HIP from my package manager and it just works (was looking for ROCm packages instead of HIP, which is what blender uses for acceleration) even though it's one version below what Blender says it requires.
amd is still nowhere near as good as nvidia with cuda, sadly

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You might remember the thread I had on the old board. This thread is dedicated to studying comics, graphic stories, manga, etc. to learn the techniques and methods thereof.
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This video seems like it'd be of help to you
Replies: >>662
I'm aware of this video, sorry I should have clarified. I only work traditionally, so i'm looking for relevant methods.
Do you happen to know any books that are similar to McCloud's but it emphasizes on manga?
Replies: >>949
 I wouldn't call it similar to McCloud in a technical sense, but I would consider Araki's book "Manga in Theory and Practice" obligatory reading, and it digs deep into the elements needed for comics.
I think as far as the technical aspect is concerned, there's not a whole lot. This book is very dated, but it goes over a lot of technical basics. The problem I have with these books is that there are some things and techniques that aren't touched upon (like the Nodo zone, Mekuri and Hiki)
I would not really recommend the older how to draw series books, they're extremely dated and mostly focus on trying to teach you to draw (badly) and you should already have basic grasps of how to draw or you will struggle.

If you're not sure about composing pages, you will not likely find much information about that beyond basic overviews of how to do sequential art (like is discussed in McCloud's book) Read manga and take notes from artists you enjoy. Most everyone has different styles of page composition. Learning how to do this is a lot of practice.
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Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse can have some really unique and interesting composition.

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Thread for sharing references of all kinds. Models, clothing, body parts, landscapes, animals, plants, spaceships, cars, boats, and everything in-between.
To start off I have a large collection of models from Croquis Cafe. Zip password is DontStopPracticing.
Also including a large collection of various other references. Most of these came from various stickies and other shares, but I am uploading them again for redundancy.

If you have something you want to share or preserve, share it here.
Replies: >>1748
I've updated the resource hub, browse through it here:
Replies: >>1678
Thanks BO!
>>1647 (OP) 
Link for Croquis Cafe has expired, reup plz
Replies: >>1749
It's been moved into the resource hub.
References > Figure and Anatomy > Croquis Cafe

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