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Welcome back to /comfy/ Anon :)
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Getting ready for my final exam! How do you all relax after a busy week or day?
I usually go for a walk in the nature or going to the swimming pool. Also just staying home listenning music, watching movies, cooking and taking care of my plants.

Generally I enjoy eating a pizza.

What is your exam about ?
Good luck anon !
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My exam was just a normal senior year English exam, although the essay part tripped me up as the exam was roughly 17 pages all in all, but I think it went quite well.

I enjoy nature walks too! The best part is when you hide underneath a bridge pass by some water breezing by, it's refreshing.
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Is english your native language or do you study it with some precise plan ?

Walking along water (rivers, lakes, sea whatever) is my favorite kind of walks.
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I grew up speaking a different language inside of my home but l speak English generally better; I was ESL for a little while. 

Have you ever gone for a hike through the hills during early spring ?
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In the hills, in the mountains, along rivers, lakes or on the beach... I love to wander anywhere and anytime as long as I'm in nature.
I've been thinking about spring and can't wait to see it. I love early springs when nature is slowly reborn.

I need to take some time to finaly learn Bulgarian.
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>I love early springs when nature is slowly reborn.
I'm the opposite, I love seeing it slowly bloom away in its vast colors like a golden kingdom before Winter comes, especially the North American woods, although, there are some stalking coyotes and people.

I recall walking into a seclusive path once, noticing a man follow me. I was afraid, so I climbed on all fours up a dirt embankment, hiding behind a fallen log that had been long severed on both sides by a forester. I watched him enter the small pathway after me, looking for me all around until he saw a figure (me) huddled behind a sickly faint brown log in the shade of tree yellow branches, watching him. He left right after. Do you have any stories about the places you've gone for walks?

>I need to take some time to finally learn Bulgarian
That's a distinctive language to learn, what made you want to conversate in it?
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>Do you have any stories about the places you've gone for walks?
As far as I can recall, nothing really striking except the pleasure of emotions.
If something come back to my mind I will tell.

>Learning Bulgarian
I have a friend who moved there after meeting a Bulgarian woman, they started a family and I try to visit them regularly. I've become very attached to this country, especially the Macedonian hinterland around Pirin. I love the culture and way of life there.
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What’s the way of life there like?
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From what I've seen of the provinces, people are extremely caring and have a genuine interest in the community. The streets are clean and you feel good everywhere. You find lots of little terraces with people drinking coffee, and time seems to pass more slowly.
Also, everything seems stuck in the 90s/2000s in terms of moral values, mentalities and architecture. You feel the socialist past and the influence of the Ottoman occupation, although they feel a real national pride in having freed themselves from it.
Also, and I find this a real pleasure, there are lots of half-stray dogs and cats, but they're generally very friendly because the community takes care of them and regulates them.

tl;dr : nice people, nice country, good coffee cats and dogs.
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make and drink a cappuccino. read a manga. listening music. ride in my bike.
>final exam
on January?
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Ah yes, I'm Muslim, the reason for the mass amounts of stray cats and dogs is because some Ottomon leaders felt obligated by God to take care of His creation, or be held accountable for it. This stems from the second Caliph's practice of straightening out dirt roads across the Empire as he feared God would hold him accountable for every horse, ox, or donkey that stumbled and fell with a load on its back. So the Ottomons began making tiles with tiny bowls in them for rain water to collect, and in some building walls they'd leave cracks and resting places for birds to make their homes, this care and attention for animals passed on. 

I do like the idea of everything seeming like it's still stuck in the 90's and 2000's, I've noticed with our highly consumerist society today with its devices and activities, we've begun to lose track of time as we keep trying to find the outcome rather than enjoying the process.

I hope you enjoy Bulgaria, may it be a source of joy for you
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>tiles with tiny bowls so that the animals can quench their thirst
Nice, I don't remember having seen those in Bulgaria but I will look closely next time I visit. I'll ask my gf which went to Turkey if she's aware of that, I'm sure she'll enjoy the idea :)

I'm still thinking about leaving [current country] to go in Bulgaria as I fell so in love with this country and things here tend to go worse everyday and we no longer even have the pleasure of dreaming of a serene future. Also I'm getting sicker and sicker about my compatriots.
I basically just change out of my work clothes and sit down at the computer for the rest of the night . I'm pretty much stay there other than eating or going to the bathroom until I'm ready for bed. I like to have some baked sweets late at night too on occasion.
chocolate, food, quality time on the computer and mostly opioids of all kind
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I had a "fantastic" team building today. It was airsoft. My comfy level is at negative infinity. Send help!
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I had very comfy times when I was into this myself.
And really uncomfy ones to :(
Glad I've weaned myself off :)

Be careful with opiates anon.
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