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Tell me your dreams, I can do an analysis on them
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A couple of weeks ago I had a dream where I found a bug in a code I wrote years ago. When I woke up I immediately went to check it, and the bug was indeed there.
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I used to record my dreams and analyze them myself, but I started on medication not too long ago which seems to make them all nightmares. So I try my best to forget them these days.

The last one I remember was me in a room with my father. He was training me to throw better, but I wasn't sure why. He kept on getting me to drill this one particular motion, where I was to throw an object out of a window in my old house I lived at as a kid and let it get lost in the bushes. Later the police arrived and he gave me the object to throw as they entered my house. In that moment I realize he wanted me to hide evidence, probably drugs. I felt disappointed in him, and as if I had never really known him at all.

This is a weird one considering that I don't get on with my father, and he is maybe the person most opposed to drug use in my life. Not that I even do anything beyond weed myself, and that's only about twice a year.
>Driving with brother in law in some open top car, like a weird convertible
>I'm in a kitchen and I have a kid
>Some other kid comes in and does something mean to my kid
>I crouch down and calmly tell the kid off and he starts crying and swinging his legs about
>Tell him if he kicks me that he'll have to leave
>He does it anyway
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