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Welcome back to /comfy/ Anon :)
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The first thing I do when I get home is to change my clothes for my "home outfit".
This is important for me because it allows me to mark a frontier between the outside world and my comfy den. This is an old habit from a time I was living in a big city and not wanting to bring the outside dirt and sadness inherent in that kind of environment into my home.
Now I live in the country but I have kept this ritual.

What's your favorite "home outfit" /comfy/ ?
I generally put some old jogging pants, old t-shirts or sweaters depending of the season. I also have a warm bathrobe I like wearing after a good shower and staying naked underneath. Also I never wear underpants, they're not comfy for staying at home.
I'm always barefoot, sometimes with socks when I feel a little bit cold.
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>>606 (OP) 
>Why don't you wear a "home outfit" anon?
I assumed eberryone did this. I know do.
My outfit varies depending on the season and the weather but one thing that stays constant is changing into inside shoes. Something really loose and comfortable.
>>606 (OP) 
I have separate clothes for work and home, but that's mainly for cleanliness reasons and also because the clothes I wear for work are just beater clothes that I don't mind having get worn out.
I know this practice is more common in certain country, here it's not common at all and most of people usually thinks it's weird having a dedicated outfit for home.
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White undershirt and Zubaz or shorts. I never wear shorts outside of the house, but at home I like them berry short. I got these Jambys, and not to shill, but they're really great. After almost a decade I had to finally retire my Vans that had become house shoes. For Christmas I got a nice silk robe and I'm really liking that.
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Silk is pretty comfy. I had a djellaba for a moment, that's perfect for summer. I may find a new for next summer.
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That's nice. For the winter I can recommend a farwa. Berry comfy.
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Uh ? I don't remember having put a spoiler.
In the same style I like qamis it's a kind of djellaba wore by muslims. There is also a kind of djellaba but thicker and usually with a hood that is perfect for winter. I can't remember the name of this one specifically.
A farwa looks bretty nice to.
I generally go with 100% coton, undies included you just have to find the right ones

I do have one that I wear in winter, under a warm bathrobe because I have no heating. But in summer it's useless inside
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I normally roll with cargo pants and a t-shirt.

Sure it's basic but it's light, breathable, and open.
Settles in the feeling of freshness after a long rough day.

Got to agree with you on that, cotton is nice.
With the heat right now, I wear a large, light cotton scarf like a loincloth around my waist.
I usually wear a pair of cotton shorts and go around topless. In the winter if it's cold I'll also wear a t-shirt or jumper with it.
It's just a great way to separate
This is an american thing? Why wood you wear uncomfortable outside clothes in your home?
I am usually naked when it's warm enough and during the winter if I can't turn up the heat enough, I have a couple of berry comfy one piece pajamas to wear.
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Here (western Europe) it's not that common to wear home clothing or being naked. Most people just wear their outdoor clothes and even something that I can't understand nor accept keep their outside shoes in their home.

I wood like to go fully naked but with hot temperatures I keep the windows open and I don't want the neighbours to see my private parts. Also I'm more comfy just wearing a short, a pant or a kind or robe (without undies by the way).
have done this since forever. I mostly wear my pj when I am home. But my pants have been worn out so my current pj is not quite suited for the winter. Gotta boy new comfy pj clothes for the cold months. Currently I am wearing a jogger over my pj trousers. 

Its berry important to wear comfy clothes for me at home. I cant get comfy otherwise
I'll wear workers rigger clothing all night and day the only reason I'd take it off is to aerate my balls anon. I only want to be comfortable in the head mainly and the clothing doesn't seem to switch it from one thing to another. The mind wanders whether I've got one thing or another on or not.
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I like to pick comfy lounge type clothes for my home, that I can also sleep in. That way if I feel like napping or get really tired, there is nothing in my way from laying down and being all cozy. I like to do pastel colors and soft fabrics, sometimes even cotton dresses.
in general, old clothes that i wont use outside. but the most important piece is a pair of sandals.
I usually change right away unless in busy. If summer I use athletic shorts and cutoff t-shirt or no shirt. If winter sweats or joggers with t-shirt and maybe sweatshirt. In morning I usually chill in my bathrobe for a while, I like to wake up and be chilly for a bit to wake me up
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>I like to wake up and be chilly for a bit to wake me up
Same here, I usually turn my alarm clock at least 2 hours before having to go to have some time to enjoy coffe and music. I hate being in the rush when waking up.
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I wish I was able to do that daily. Gotta be up early for half of my work week so I rush and get up like a zombie. But yeah coffee and music is great to wake up with.
The hell? Do you just walk around in your house wearing a suit?  hahaha
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Being chilly makes me sleepy.
Maybe he's Richard Nixon.
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I promise I'm not xD
In general, people here just put on their pyjamas just before bedtime, or simply go to bed in their underwear. I guess it depends if they're used to showering at the end of the day too?
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