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Hey Admin, I'm trying to set my custom CSS on /comfy/ but it says
Bad Request
Custom CSS strict mode is enabled and does not allow the following: "@", "url("

I believe it's because I link the background image in it, despites I uploaded it in the "Assets" settings of the board.
and here is the line of the CSS file :
background-image: url(/asset/comfy/6c6f248c291c7e2674e510c6cdd3f33fb2564164176ab322109fe8788c9abcbb.png);

It works well when I test my CSS in the "on the fly" settings though so I believe it may be a permission problem that prevent me to put anURL in my CSS. Please halp !
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Looks like alpine is unaffected
(Also, now that nitter is dead, what the fuck am I supposed to use to read twitter other than archiving it on archive.is? Also, a self proclaimed small, simple, secure OS only posts news to a JS bloat and privacy nightmare twatter account? Geez...)
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>now that nitter is dead, what the fuck am I supposed to use to read twitter other than archiving it on archive.is?
The remaining Nitter instances work eventually if you keep trying (circuit cycling in TBB seems to help) but yeah it's bullshit that so many projects still post exclusively to an increasingly locked-down platform.
Hey, admin, could you fix /loomis/'s busted css?
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Well, I selected a different base theme and uploaded the background image as an asset to CSP rules doesn't fuck it up. It seems readable now.
Replies: >>728
Awesome, thanks!

[Hide] (24KB, 172x242)
Trashmin, blacklist indiachan. They've not set up their webring correctly. I doubt they intend to.
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[Hide] (174.5KB, 1080x774)
From their /meta/. Do with this information what you will.
Replies: >>720
[Hide] (176.8KB, 932x1155)
I'm not quite sure what their plan is at this point.
Replies: >>721 >>724
[Hide] (41.1KB, 762x239)
Whoops, mashed enter too quickly and expected captcha on Tor, eheheh.
Piggybacking: can admin please remove anon.cafe (RIP) and sportschan.org (disabled their broken webring altogether) from their list? They replicate to any sites following this one.

>>720 et al.
Someone contacted the jschan dev and figured it out: https://smuglo.li/support/res/1.html#13323
Replies: >>725
I am really surprised that anyone wanted to buy indiachan in the first place.

[Hide] (21.6KB, 640x480)
This is a thread to give some background on the illegal porn spam with links. I've seen some false guesses and claims going around on various boards so I figured it's time I made a dedicated thread to explain it.

I have been a janny, mod or admin on a few imageboards for the past 10 years, and casually post on many, including anon.cafe for the last 4 (although less so recently). Those who use a few different sites at once, especially slower/understaffed boards, will soon begin to notice patterns. Posts which look out of place. Identical posts which look out of place on two different sites. Drop a quote from it into a search engine and it's on twenty different imageboards!
It turns out there are a few spammers on imageboards, who go down a list of boards reposting the same post. A few years ago I made a bot to regularly check for new threads on imageboards and highlight any duplicates, documenting imageboard spam to find patterns and learn how to combat it.
There are a few different main categories of this spam. One is imageboard spam (or sometimes forums or D#scord chats), many of you will have seen recent posts from two news imageboards, just posting a link to their site and leaving. Political spam is also big (almost always either generic /pol/ tripe, Christian evangelism or actual schizophrenic psychosis), and it's worth noting that politics spam was especially big around 2020 so there will probably be a heap later this year. This is easy to spot on hobby boards, although it often blends in unnoticed on politics boards and random (/b/) boards, where they're often taken seriously, and sometimes those spammers choose to just repost only on the dozen /pol/ boards online. There are some other smaller classes of spam, but we're here to talk about the biggest spam category by far:

The CP spam is commercial spam. That's why they have links in them.
They hit any imageboard they can find. Even test sites with no users.
Different CP site owners have been doing this for at least 10 years, and probably ever since the internet went public.

This isn't news to people who have been around for a while, but for fresh users on political sites it's easy to jump to the conclusion that its one person (some cryptic 'pedoposter' character), or their designated scapegoat or feds trying to take their site down. But this was happening before /pol/ was even a board on 4chan, and it was happening on even harmless niche hobby imageboards (which is where I started jannying ten years ago, to help delete the hourly CP spam until the admin programmed a hacky countermeasure). And they don't just target imageboards. This is commercial spam. They target any blog comment section or unsecured forum they can discover. You can verify this yourself by checking where the same ad link appears in a search engine. There are commercial/freeware tools made by organized crime companies for discovering and spamming unsecured forums, which brag about being able to break most captchas (and even 10 years ago you could pay $1 per 1000 Google reCAPTCHA solves by real humans in poorer countries, all plugged into your bot via an API).

But there's an important point. The current ones aren't bot posting. These are humans, fresh custom-made captchas don't stop them. Simple post filters don't stop them ('post blocked, please try again' won't stop someone who is financially motivated). Anything that wouldn't stop you, won't stop them. And I say 'them' for good reason, you can verify both through basic linguistic forensics (typing styles, filename choices, filter evasion techniques, etc.) and by fingerprinting their user-agents that the same link is being posted by multiple spammers. Specifically, the current one with a child model on a purple background has the same link being posted by three distinct people, all from East Siberia and far North East Asia. They each have a list of target sites (some use imageboard lists like (historically) cc0's list or AllChans, others use custom-made spam lists with all kinds of websites on them, this can sometimes be confirmed by checking their HTTP referrers) and they go down the list, one by one, often clearly in alphabetical order, posting their garbage. They usually post on the first board they see, usually the first alphabetically or the most active/bumped board (which is why anons here correctly pointed out /comfy/ and /k/ were disproportionately targeted on anon.cafe), although they may also just have a certain arbitrary board saved (like lainchan's /zzz/, apparently), maybe because it got listed in a search first. I've seen cases where an imageboard has just locked their /a/ board due to constant spam and most of it disappeared (/a/ is first in alphabetical order, so on their homepage it was the first a spammer would click, so this wouldn't work on lynxchan/jschan's boardlist where they're ordered by activity).

It's also important to keep in mind that CP sites come and go, and along with it, different spammers. There have been particularly nasty ones in the past which posted full nudes, link in the image only so the post couldn't be text filtered, random filename, and either no text or text copied from other posts. Phash techniques could be a useful approach there, and the Junkuchan admin has mentioned in the Cloudflare thread that phash filtering has worked well for them. 
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ZZZchan /v/ has some posts from someone using a Russian name with dick picks and one of those has pizza.
That reminds me one of the cafe boards (/l/ I think it was) that had that guy posting dick picks and shortly after it got hit with pizza.
I think the theory that he might be Russian could be true.
Here's the logs from /l/ to corroborate what I mean:
[Hide] (88.9KB, 366x536)
Torfag here I just want to say two things: 1. Death to pedos

2. Thank you for not cucking like other imageboards and still allowing torfags to post files, we're not all cp spamming subhumans.  

Hope the CP spam issue will be quickly resolved.
Replies: >>685
To be honest, I've barely seen CP spamming from TOR. They all seem to come from random clearnet VPN/proxies.
Replies: >>722
[Hide] (57.9KB, 762x1017)
Same here, I get very little spam from Tor, and none from posters utilizing the the onion service. The most persistent spammer(s) seem to use IPs from a handful of commercial ASNs intended for hosting and VPN services.
Wapchan blocked the vast majority of VPNs and datacenters a week ago, and they haven't got hit with the last few waves of CP.

What's wrong with your webring? Doesn't seem to crawl, lots of sites are missing.
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It's a dynamic list of all boards across several imageboard sites that ranks individual boards by most recent posting and PPH. I think it's a javascript based thing.
Replies: >>702
How do sites join? How does one site's webring know to show a new site that's just joined?
Replies: >>703
You just install the software on your site and configure it. I'm not a site owner so I'm not familiar with the specifics.
Replies: >>704
You manually add a few sites to follow. Then every site followed by your sites are going to be indexed, and repeat that recursively until you have no more sites, in a nutshell.
Replies: >>706
So, for a site to join the webring it needs to be manually added by at least one member? Makes sense.

[Hide] (78.2KB, 563x212)
ITT, we discuss boards not yet migrated somewhere

Anoncafe Admins have created an official listing:

Thankfully, many boards have already found a home. Unfortunately some have not, and seem in danger of being lost to the winds of time. Are there ones in this group that Anons consider good enough to warrant migrating here without BOs? If so, who will step up to own & manage them here 'after the fact'?

This conversation is meant to save worthy boards from disappearing. Please contribute to this discussion if you have thoughts on the matter, Anons. 


Less than 10 days & counting!
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archiving help requested
There's an anon on anon.cafe wanting help setting up Hayden so he can archive.
If anyone can help please do so.
does anyone know where i can download a complete archive of it?
[Hide] (350.6KB, 500x280)
Anon.cafe... is no more...
Replies: >>698
Wakarimasen, why?
Really cool of you guys to take on as many boards as you have.

This is something I meant to write since some time, but now the impending doom of anon.cafe finally made me actually do this.

Originally this site was born as a tech demo after the demise of zchan, to modify jschan so it can run on multiple servers, for load balancing and maybe better ddos resistance. But the code never got merged upstream, so this site still runs a fork of jschan, originally on 3 servers, now on only two (and both of them at buyvm, so it's not much redundancy). On the other hand, zzzchan (probably the biggest imageboard running jschan) went with the original jschan and only using HTTP reverse proxies, so maybe this is overkill, after all. But anyway, whatever started as a tech demo pretty much stayed.
Which brings me to the current state of this site, it's pretty dead. There's /nep/, which is a copy of the old 8chan's /nep/, but at this point it pretty much functions only as an archive, it barely has any traffic. There's /quest/, it had some activity in the past, but now it has like 1 posts per week, one half-dead quest and a couple of dead ones. And /finance/, it also had some traffic initially, but now it's also pretty dead. I also have two BOs who never log in, so I have to delete the spam posted to their boards. (It's not that bad, filters catch most of the spam, and since the site is so dead, I can just open the global recent posts page, and delete any spam. I guess a dead site has some advantage too.)
In the past I didn't have any instructions on how to get a new board, because, to be honest, I didn't want to attract a lot of attention. I have better shit to do than dealing with courts and getting raided just because some anon said something on my site, or dealing with butthurt faggots ddosing my site. This site is not under cuckflare, and I'd very much like to keep it that way. On the other hand my gatekeeping was probably a bit too aggressive, even though I didn't do much (I think I only rejected one board). I guess just assuming that anons would randomly come here was a mistake. I'm also very bad at being proactive, if it's not already obvious.

So with that out of the way, I'd like to open an official board request thread. This is a free service, I reserve the right to reject any application or to shut down the service any time; don't expect 99.999999% uptime, blah blah blah. But unless you're one of those boards that are known to attract a lot of drama/shitstorm/lolcows/school shootings/etc, it's probably okay. I'd like to keep this site nice and comfy rather than having high PPH, there are better admins out there when it comes to dealing with that shit.
Required info:
>URI e.g. /uri/
>name of the board
>a short description/rationale
What is this board and why do you think I won't reject it, not the description that goes onto the board listing.
>planned rules
Include that global rules apply.
>what BO experience you have
Last edited by admin
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If I recall correctly it was an issue that happened when /sw/ first migrated to Cafe where Julay was so unmaintained or something that the flags got fucked when moving those.

As for the thumbnail and image part the thread is available on Wayback and it doesn't seem to have that issue. Would it be possible to manually import that image if you took it from there?
Replies: >>689
Well, these flags will completely disappear in the import, unless someone has the originals.
>Would it be possible to manually import that image if you took it from there?
I have the original image, that's not the problem (and anon.cafe is online for a bit less than 4 more hours), but that jschan creates the thumbnails. That image is also above the resolution limit here.
But I'll be able to import it, I'll just have to temporarily increase some limits and hope the server doesn't die swapping...
Replies: >>690 >>691
>Well, these flags will completely disappear in the import, unless someone has the originals.
You'll have to ask Chobitsu if he can get those from the original Julay board.
>I'll be able to import it, I'll just have to temporarily increase some limits and hope the server doesn't die swapping...
Best of luck.
Do the flags appear at all in circulation?
Replies: >>692
Yes, some posts have them.
I mean, losing some flags on some posts is (probably) not the end of world, but still, I'd import them properly if possible.

where tf is the lego board
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[Hide] (7.4KB, 135x135)
[Hide] (10.6KB, 134x134)
And the spoilers.
[Hide] (1KB, 64x64)
it got transferred so i dont have to do anything lol
one word filter is legos = LEGO® BRAND BRICKS™
going try some more i guess
Replies: >>678
nigger = Piraka
Replies: >>678
[Hide] (42.2KB, 947x183)
I've been a little wary about adding the filters because I'm not sure how this works and also because it's directly linked to automod features.
Do I put the phrase to be filtered in the box in the front or the one at the end?
Replies: >>681
You can just set it to block post without banning.
The replace text is only used if you select replace under filter mode.

Can we please get a /sci/ board?

Thank you!

[Hide] (3.8KB, 557x80+0+0)
I got this message when trying to report and global report some glowie spam
Replies: >>54
>>53 (OP) 
Shit, looks like something broke with jschan 0.11.0, looking into it.
Replies: >>55
Fixed for the time being.
Hey admin why can't I report from the overboard?
Replies: >>528
Dunno, ask Tom

[Hide] (25.6KB, 300x100)
Banner thread
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Any update?
Added (the last one, that's the only one that looks like a banner).
Replies: >>507
If you've got any artwork you like, I can do the rest of turning it into a banner. Assuming work leaves me energy.
Replies: >>511
I mean you wanted to fix the animation.
Replies: >>513
Different anon.
Should I dump some stuff from my Penn folder?

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