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/animu/ has been requesting a news board in their meta thread and it seems like some anons are upset with anoncafe's /k/ along with /tv/ being used for news. When I asked loleron he responded with a(n understandable) strong no. I believe a news board would be a headache for any site due to its implications, but in the interest of anons repeatedly bringing it up after being shot down, I would like to request a /news/ board I can moderate here on trashchan. If it's a hard no, I fully understand why, and I don't hold that against you. As stated elsewhere, it will be advertised as existing if made.

Reposting the board application I used on PLW:
Email: takenbake at protonmail
Name: /n/ (or /happening/ or /news/) 
Description: IT'S HAPPENING (or just "Journalism & News")
Default anon name: /n/ewsman (or /news/man)
Tags: Journalism, News, HAPPENING, Recent Events
>1) Board is for Journalism & News - Thread OPs must either be news or personal investigative journalism into a topic. [1]
>2) Pundits are journalists.
>3) Moderation reserves the right to ban troublemakers.
>4) No Doxxing. Publicly available information is not doxxing. State your sources when using publicly available information to avoid an accidental ban.
>5) No schizos.
>6) Events and happenings are news. 
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Generally the lolcow sorts. You know them when you see them.

That's fine, figured I'd ask. I'm not particularly attached to the idea.
>or as nu/pol/.
Yes that's my primary concern and why I'm not pursuing this very hard. Unfortunately it would almost certainly end up with that sort of reputation as a news aggregate board, but trying to police politics would make the place too much work.
>Also, by advertising you mean this?
>I'm a gatekeeper type, I've seen too many things ruined by the hordes of normalfags.
I'm more of the "live and let live" sort but your concerns are understandable.
Thanks for the fast response.
Replies: >>25 >>28
I'm one of the other anons from the aforementioned threads
While I see where you're coming from with this decision, I'd also like to see some more boards in general on the webring, especially for topics that aren't already being discussed on a specific board. Frankly, it's kind of bothersome that the only few places to talk about current world events is a couple of threads on a gun's and gun'sbrasters board and on an alternative anime board.
As >>24 states I am also fearful of the possibility of attracting /pol/shit or /leftypol/shit, but it's practically part and parcel of dealing with world news. If anything, a moderately populated discussion board is much more defensible from their kind, as the amount of posters that don't fall for niggerpill is significantly higher in places that let them speak more freely.

Speaking of, how is a board that is being held beck by gatekeeping practices supposed to grow in size? I hope I am not coming off as uncouth, I'm just curious about how it can get an userbase by means other than advertising it in the right locations.
Replies: >>26 >>28
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> I'd also like to see some more boards in general on the webring, especially for topics that aren't already being discussed on a specific board.

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>but trying to police politics would make the place too much work.
Also, if you police not enough, anons will be butthurt about why don't you remove that, if you police too much, they will be butthurt about that. Add any kind of /pol/ content, and you just made the problem 1000 times worse. Finding a balance requires a lot of work, if it's possible at all, so if you're not ready for that, it's probably better if we don't have this board.
>I'm more of the "live and let live" sort
I'm too, as long as they're outside and don't bother me. The problem is that they're usually not that kind, so if you let them in, they'll immediately start to force their ideas on you. Also pic related.

>a moderately populated discussion board is much more defensible from their kind
The less populated the board, the more defensible is, because /cow/tard attention whores generally ignore them. If you want to do this on a board with more than two anons, you need rock solid moderation to remove any derailing /pol/shit attempts on sight, but at that point you're dangerously in rulecucking waters.
>how is a board that is being held beck by gatekeeping practices supposed to grow in size?
I'm not of a muh PPH guy, if I have a sparsely popu
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I highly recommend using cloudflare's csam scanning tool to stop illegal images from appearing on your site. It also helps to block proxies as well. I think as an imageboard community we can stop this shit but we need to start taking measures to put an end to it. If you want to step away from your board for awhile don't leave posting open. It will get spammed. Just put it in read only until you come back.

And yes, I'm posting this on all the imageboards I find. No I'm not a bot.
really nigga?
I don't think it works on tor, which kinda defeats its purpose on blocking images. (I'm also not sure what false positive and negative rates it has. To be honest, CP is the only annoying thing, I'm not sure what else it would block.) Plus it harasses users with javashit and jewgle captcha. And whenever the ceo has a bad day, he nukes a site. Plus one more party to collect all kinds of data (and they have access to the plaintext). I don't want anything like this until I really need it, and even in that case I'd look for alternatives first.
>It also helps to block proxies as well
This is not cuckchan, proxies have legitimate use cases, and as long as they don't create a huge problem I don't care (and since all the IP addresses are hashed in the DB, I'm not even sure what post comes from a proxy and what not)
Cuckflare collects data and man-in-middles connections with their DDoS protection.

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Anons on /k/ are discussing a board to discuss economics/finance. Some are saying to call it /finance/ or /stonks/ while others are saying to keep it named /biz/. They were discussing asking trashchan if you would be interested in hosting it so I figured I would make a thread to gauge interest. I'm partial to /stonks/ because worrying about "not trying to attract the wrong crowd" is retarded.
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Yeah, that's what you can get.
Also, I'll send an email, no need to rush.
Replies: >>39
Now I'm the one who is getting worried, because I have received nothing.
Replies: >>40
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Hmm... I think I copy-pasted the email.
Replies: >>41
Well then, let's try an other throwaway e-mail:
Replies: >>42
Everything is going according to the keikaku, I see.

What's wrong with your webring? Doesn't seem to crawl, lots of sites are missing.
Actually it appears that everything is there in the board list page, but webring.json does not reflect this. Strange.
Looks like it's broken since the last jschan update, but now it should be working.

It links to http://trashchan2rvdng5zm7346sfxrrkjwvqzolw4lfdyldcsdpmsyj4dkid.onion/ which just says "Go away" when it should link to http://trashchan2rvdng5zm7346sfxrrkjwvqzolw4lfdyldcsdpmsyj4dkid.onion/index.html
So does the other frontend links, but it should be fixed now.
Would you guys like to be friends with kind.moe? As you can see, we're already both part of the webring but also have a dedicated affiliates page.
Replies: >>9
Um, we don't have any dedicated affiliates page, and I suck at finding friends to warrant a dedicated page.

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Welcome back.
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>>4 (OP) 

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Banner thread
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>>1 (OP) 
Found a better version of the trashcan icon
Replies: >>3
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