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Hey Admin, I'm trying to set my custom CSS on /comfy/ but it says
Bad Request
Custom CSS strict mode is enabled and does not allow the following: "@", "url("

I believe it's because I link the background image in it, despites I uploaded it in the "Assets" settings of the board.
and here is the line of the CSS file :
background-image: url(/asset/comfy/6c6f248c291c7e2674e510c6cdd3f33fb2564164176ab322109fe8788c9abcbb.png);

It works well when I test my CSS in the "on the fly" settings though so I believe it may be a permission problem that prevent me to put anURL in my CSS. Please halp !
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That was the default jschan setting, which makes sense from one point (don't download random crap from the internet), but on the other hand it makes the asset feature pretty useless. I've removed the "url(" filter, please try again.
Replies: >>218
>>214 (OP) 
BTW, it's the backtick key
that's used for codeblocks, not single-quote
Replies: >>218
lol, that's precisely what I tried to do but failed miserabily.
I have to accomodate myself to some syntax used here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It's working, thanks !
/comfy/ BO again.
I uploaded the CSS in the account settings and it seems there is a problem :
The CSS is not applied on the thread view (Catalog and Index view works).
While I'm browsing a thread as mod (url ends like this .../manage/thread/4117.html) the CSS is applied.
Same if I'm not connected at all and use the general user settings to set the CSS.

Maybe I did something wrong ?
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There's a bug in the caching somewhere, I've flushed the cache for the time being, tell me if it happens again.
I'm planning to revamp things a bit at the weekend, if it doesn't fix it I'll look into it.
Replies: >>224
Yeah seems to work for the moment :)

Thanks for your reactivity, I'll keep you updated if something broke.
Replies: >>225
Same with the font.
It is not applied on threads.
When inspecting the CSS it says :
font-family: "Trebuchet MS",Trebuchet,serif;
On my CSS file the line in question is :
font-family: "Trebuchet MS",Trebuchet,serif;
I tried without the " and the result is the same.
Replies: >>228 >>231
" seems like a jschan bug... (I think? HTML syntax rules are a mess) I'll try to do something about it.
Replies: >>230
This HTML5 standard is fucking bonkers. This is valid HTML:
So does this:
Also this:
<style></ style></style>
But this is not:
Apparently, there's no way to write </style in a style elment, except using css's hex escapes inside strings.
I don't know what the hell they're smoking, but they have to stop/
It should be working now. Even though I don't see a difference as I don't have those M$ fonts.
It also won't help me sleep well.
Replies: >>232
Just tested an it works this time.
Enough theming for me tonight, thanks again for the work you done to give us the /comfy/ vibe (including the Microsoft font xD).
By the way, the default Win95 theme is very good by itself and I like how you can chose between lots of cool other themes :)
I may encounter another troubles when I'll be back to the CSS work tomorrow, hope it will not make your sleep any worse.
Replies: >>233
No, it's not you, it's web and modern technology.
Replies: >>234
I don't took it personally no worries :)
Modern web is cancerous for many aspects, technologically and sociologically. Despite not being very techy I miss the old web. That's why it's important imo to continue to have little chans and IB not poisoned by modern spirit.
[Hide] (264.7KB, 1280x1837)
[Hide] (27.8KB, 614x477)
>That's why it's important imo to continue to have little chans and IB not poisoned by modern spirit.
This. I hope the entire Trashchan community becomes a comfy little cafe corner for relaxing!  :)
/comy/ BO here again xD
I think the cache needs a flushing again as there are some parts of the board where the CSS didn't took effect since my last modifications last night.

Thanks :)
Replies: >>269
I guess fixing this will be my top priority after the jschan update is complete.
I think something is wrong with the overboard, it only shows posts from like 3 boards
Replies: >>293
First I wanted to say there are about 3 active boards, but it was actually fucked up in the DB, should be ok now.
/server/ BO here from anon.cafe
I've attempted to style individual posts here but had an issue when trying to style the opening post. On the opening post, I seemingly cannot change the background, perhaps it may be that the opening post doesn't have a background and it just uses the board background? I'm also not sure if one can style a thread just from styling the opening post like I've done on anon.cafe. Not being able to style a thread from styling the opening post would be a hindrance in migrating /server/ board to this site as it just wouldn't be the same
Replies: >>298 >>299 >>300
[Hide] (600.9KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (628.8KB, 1920x1080)

By way of clarification for the uninitiate, here are three nice 'boards' (uniquely-themed threads), from anon/server/ :

>#1  https://anon.cafe/server/res/114.html
>#2  https://anon.cafe/server/res/13.html
>#3  https://anon.cafe/server/res/2.html
Replies: >>300
>to style the opening post
Try this :
.post-container.op {
   background-color: red !important
And if you want it to keep the same color when focused :
.anchor:target + .post-container.op {
   background-color: red !important;
Not sure if this can help though.
Replies: >>306
This seems to do something if you want to style a specific thread, but doesn't work in pale moon:
.thread:has(.post-container.op[data-post-id='214']) { background-color: red; }
Jschan doesn't have an id on the thread div, only on the post.
Replies: >>301
/server/ BO again
You think we can style individual threads this way?
Seems like a bit of a headache to get this to work
I'll look into it over the following days, I'm still kinda uncertain but maybe the board could be migrated here
Replies: >>302
Well, the alternative is to modify jschan so it includes the thread id in the .thread div, then you could use the same technique as with anon.cafe.
Replies: >>303
I'm aware you are/were running a modified version of JSchan here. How difficult would it be for you to give that modification to thread pages, so that the /server/ BO could give it a try here, Admin?
Replies: >>308
Thank you very kindly, Anon! Cheers.  :)
I've added a data-thread-id to .threads, so this should work now:
.thread[data-thread-id='214'] { background-color: red; }
(Also it no longer requires fancy new css features).
It's going to be missing on some manage and ban pages, because technically you're only seeing posts there, and not threads.
Replies: >>309 >>312 >>322
Woah, with backtick backtick backtick css (Impossible to escape I think) it actually manages to highlight it. Last time I tried it didn't work.
Last edited by admin
Excellent. I had a feeling you would solve this handily.

>It's going to be missing on some manage and ban pages, because technically you're only seeing posts there, and not threads.
Yeah, understood. I personally would consider that so trivial as to be a non-issue at this time.

Great job, Admin. Thanks!  :)
Maybe it's how jschan works but is it possible when you highlight something then click on the reply button to automatically paste it in greentext in the reply box ?
Replies: >>315
It's something that used to work, but now doesn't work for me either, I will look into it.
Replies: >>316
FYI I just tested on another board using jschan and it didn't work to. But it would be nice to have this very usefull function.
Replies: >>317 >>319
It still works on sleepychan which uses an ancient jschan version, but not at junkuchan/ptchan/here running a more up-to-date version, so it's probably a problem with upstream jschan.
Try now after an F5 or maybe even Ctrl-F5.
I guess at the weekend I'll be writing jschan bugreports/patches.
Replies: >>320
>Try now after an F5 or maybe even Ctrl-F5.
Thanks Trashmin!
Okay so a particular thread background can be styled, but can all the replies on a specific thread get styled (without having to style each one by hand?)
Replies: >>323
.thread[data-thread-id='214'] .post-container { background-color: red; }
Replies: >>324 >>630
Okay good enough, thanks
>Site works over tor both relay and non-relay
>isitdown says the website is up and running
>Get DNS/Connection errors when trying to connect over clearnet
>Use a different DNS and get the same error
>Use a different device with a different browser and get the same error
I guess my VPN has been blacklisted lol.
Replies: >>343
>DNS error
It should resolve to If not, your DNS is doing something weird. Can you ping the server?
Replies: >>344
Funnily enough it corrected itself on the browser end immediately after pinging on the command prompt end. Well that's awkward.
Just noticing youtube links are no longer embed (look at >>>/comfy/45).
Also would it be possible to embed Invidious links to ?
Replies: >>530
I want to ask Chobitsu if there's a way of getting all the banners from my original board automatically, just to prepare those for when it's opened here.
Replies: >>530 >>531
It seems to work for me?
The problem with invidious is that there are no instances that work reliably (and also no easy way to select what site you'd use to embed).
Can't you download them from the admin page? As far as I can tell, there's no public banner list on anon.cafe, so I can't download them easily.
Replies: >>532
[Hide] (50.1KB, 1207x258)
[Hide] (363.6KB, 460x1049)
>all the banners from my original board automatically
Actually, I'm just a hotpocket, and this can only be accessed (AFAICT) when you're the BO.
> pics related

As Trashmin says, you should be able to log into your BO account still, and be able access banners from there.
For some reason, after some posts the youtube links are no embed. It works on first posts.

Replies: >>533 >>535
Look here >>>/comfy/8718, no [Embed] button. At first I believed it was a CSS shenanigan but trying with the default one gives the same error.
Replies: >>535
[Hide] (18.8KB, 494x222)
Also, how the fuck did I remove a country from the "blocked list" ?
Replies: >>535
Oh I see, the first few posts are ok, but then you got a JS error. Will look into it.
Shift or ctrl click on the country? But it won't do anything now, there's no geoip support in the webserver yet.
Replies: >>536 >>537
Okay, it should be okay now after an F5. It barfed on the weird @ links in >>>/comfy/1112
Replies: >>537
[Hide] (454.5KB, 498x403)
Thank you Trashmin.
/server/ BO here
I've started experimenting with the CSS to get it to work.

First off, I'm working on putting up the base CSS, the one I made for server before putting in any threadly CSS's

In that CSS, for starters we have this;

body {
  background: #182220 url('https://i.imgur.com/0v8rGiq.png') repeat 50% 0%;
  color: #BCBCBC;
  font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif;
  font-size: 12pt;
  margin: 0 4px;
  padding-left: 4px;
  padding-right: 4px;

But the background image doesn't show up when I apply it on trashchan so I'm not sure yet how to fix that..
Replies: >>568
Upload it as an asset and link to there. CSP rules doesn't allow loading images from arbitrary hosts, and I'd like to keep it that way.
Replies: >>569
I wonder if 50 assets is gonna be enough for a board like /server/
I don't really see the reason for disallowing externally hosted images..
Oh well I'll upload the assets locally then and see about the rest later
Replies: >>570
>disallowing externally hosted images..
Sending IP addresses/browser headers of anons visiting this site to random webservers. They can disappear any time breaking this site.
>I wonder if 50 assets is gonna be enough
It can be increased, it was just the default limit. I don't think anyone needed to upload more than a few assets until now.
Replies: >>572
The /server/ base CSS is getting there, there are still a few things left to fix
Some links and quote links are just red..
I also have to work on those parts that one might not see as often, like in the settings for the board there are these forms and they still haven't been styled yet..
I ran into an issue
This styles not only reply posts but the opening post as well, that's not supposed to happen..
Replies: >>631
It is very strange, it seems to only happen on my board that the opening posts also get styled, it doesn't seem to happen on the meta board, I'm kinda baffled by this
REQUEST for banner resolution limit to be increased (or eliminated)
anon.cafe/lynx only has filesize limit and it would be nice to carry over previous banners
Replies: >>648
Bumped it up to 1000x500, that should be big enough I hope.
Replies: >>660
Also on the base CSS the post-container is working properly (not showing the op post styled)
Is there some way to fix it for when styling the post-container on a threadly CSS?
Yes that's big enough. Thanks a lot!
[Hide] (12.8KB, 200x100)
It looks like I'm going to need some CSS help.
None of the three boards I've got current ownership of look quite right
/f/ has just a dark gray bg and test boxes and it should be a dark green. One poster >>>/f/2443
 replied that there was a conflict with [code]color: #dddddd;[/code] and disabeling fixed it but it doesn't seem to fix it when I change it. Interestingly if I drop the CSS into custom CSS in settings the board theme will appear correct for a flash before the gray overrides it.

/p/ is better but the header and and the posts are grey and they should be a darkish blue. Also the little logo at the top doesn't appear. 

/lego/ isn't quite colored correctly but I thought once I figured out the other two boards then I would be able to sort that but now one anon tells me that the background image doesn't appear for him but it has for me ever since I uploaded it to assets and changed the path in the CSS.

I'm really not familiar with CSS on jschan and so I'm not sure where things are going wrong or how to fix them. Any help would be appreciated. I'd especially like to get /p/ looking right before I hand it over to the BO.
Replies: >>697
jschan uses variables for most colors. meaning they are set in the ':root' selector. there are a lot of elements that use a single variable and not just what they sound like
add this to the top of your css, and try adjusting colors this way instead of individually setting them

:root {
  --font-color: #000;
  --background-top: #000;
  --background-rest: #000;
  --post-color: #000;
  --post-outline-color: #000;

you can view the whole list of variables in your browser in Sources/Style Editor tab
hope this helps
Replies: >>710
Before I go about messing with this, am I correct in understanding that if Trigger Reset Lock Mode and Trigger Reset Captcha Mode are set to "no change" that means that I would have to manually unlock the board instead of it automatically resetting after some period of time?
Replies: >>708
Yes. /comfy/ is still locked after my change, uh oh.
Replies: >>709
Actually I'm not the /comfy/ BO but I saw your warning about the slide attempt and I thought I better double check all my antispam settings.
Thanks that's keyed me in on a lot and I think I can get things back to what they should look like.
With the exception of these two things.
/p/'s logo
{ background-image: url("/asset/p/868e439b0147bd56825abe851946694e4f92dc3f97826a10af4c7d564be76ba4.png");
  color: transparent;
  background-position: 50%;
  background-repeat: no-repeat;
  padding: 30px; }
and /lego/'s rounded corners
.innerPost {
  background: #3c5790;
  border: 1px solid #000000;
  border-radius: 10px;
  width: 100%;
Clearly neither p#labelName nor .innerPost are correct for jschan but after poking around all yesterday I'm still completely mystified what the element name is.
Replies: >>711
Update I figured out the rounded corners. It's .post-container here instead of .innerPost. 
Still no clue about the label element is called on jschan.
Trashmin (or anybody wha have the solution), I'm a nigger and set up the 2FA on my BO account.
This shit sucks and I want to disable it, how to ?
Replies: >>714 >>715
Um, there doesn't seem to be a way to remove 2FA from the jschan UI... Send me an email and I'll nuke it from the DB.
Replies: >>715
SSH backdoor in upstream xz/liblzma release tarballs!

Also, this looks suspicious: https://archive.vn/ogmcy
Replies: >>717 >>718
Thanks for the crosspost, anon.
Looks like alpine is unaffected
(Also, now that nitter is dead, what the fuck am I supposed to use to read twitter other than archiving it on archive.is? Also, a self proclaimed small, simple, secure OS only posts news to a JS bloat and privacy nightmare twatter account? Geez...)
Replies: >>719
>now that nitter is dead, what the fuck am I supposed to use to read twitter other than archiving it on archive.is?
The remaining Nitter instances work eventually if you keep trying (circuit cycling in TBB seems to help) but yeah it's bullshit that so many projects still post exclusively to an increasingly locked-down platform.
Hey, admin, could you fix /loomis/'s busted css?
Replies: >>727
Well, I selected a different base theme and uploaded the background image as an asset to CSP rules doesn't fuck it up. It seems readable now.
Replies: >>728
Awesome, thanks!
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