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This is something I meant to write since some time, but now the impending doom of anon.cafe finally made me actually do this.

Originally this site was born as a tech demo after the demise of zchan, to modify jschan so it can run on multiple servers, for load balancing and maybe better ddos resistance. But the code never got merged upstream, so this site still runs a fork of jschan, originally on 3 servers, now on only two (and both of them at buyvm, so it's not much redundancy). On the other hand, zzzchan (probably the biggest imageboard running jschan) went with the original jschan and only using HTTP reverse proxies, so maybe this is overkill, after all. But anyway, whatever started as a tech demo pretty much stayed.
Which brings me to the current state of this site, it's pretty dead. There's /nep/, which is a copy of the old 8chan's /nep/, but at this point it pretty much functions only as an archive, it barely has any traffic. There's /quest/, it had some activity in the past, but now it has like 1 posts per week, one half-dead quest and a couple of dead ones. And /finance/, it also had some traffic initially, but now it's also pretty dead. I also have two BOs who never log in, so I have to delete the spam posted to their boards. (It's not that bad, filters catch most of the spam, and since the site is so dead, I can just open the global recent posts page, and delete any spam. I guess a dead site has some advantage too.)
In the past I didn't have any instructions on how to get a new board, because, to be honest, I didn't want to attract a lot of attention. I have better shit to do than dealing with courts and getting raided just because some anon said something on my site, or dealing with butthurt faggots ddosing my site. This site is not under cuckflare, and I'd very much like to keep it that way. On the other hand my gatekeeping was probably a bit too aggressive, even though I didn't do much (I think I only rejected one board). I guess just assuming that anons would randomly come here was a mistake. I'm also very bad at being proactive, if it's not already obvious.

So with that out of the way, I'd like to open an official board request thread. This is a free service, I reserve the right to reject any application or to shut down the service any time; don't expect 99.999999% uptime, blah blah blah. But unless you're one of those boards that are known to attract a lot of drama/shitstorm/lolcows/school shootings/etc, it's probably okay. I'd like to keep this site nice and comfy rather than having high PPH, there are better admins out there when it comes to dealing with that shit.
Required info:
>URI e.g. /uri/
>name of the board
>a short description/rationale
What is this board and why do you think I won't reject it, not the description that goes onto the board listing.
>planned rules
Include that global rules apply.
>what BO experience you have
>proof of you're the BO if you want a bunker/migrate an existing board
>user name and email
Alternatively you can send me a mail with login details if you do not want to publicly disclose it after your request is accepted. I'll generate you a password if you don't specify one.

I'd like to keep requests here, not in private emails if possible, like it happened sometimes in the past. If you're selected I'll send you an email, provided you have a mail server that doesn't block cock.li emails.
You'll receive your board unlisted and locked, it's your job to enable them when you're done with the setup. See >>200 for more info.
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I'm not planning on hosting a board, but I will send you my energy regardless.
Replies: >>66
Also, I can't post images for some reason.
Replies: >>68 >>74
Yeah, my paranoid sandbox setup broke, I'm on it.

May you help many of the refugee boards from Anoncafe. Cheers.  :)
>t. /robowaifu/


The board's name describe it well : a comfy place to relax and enjoy. No drama, no shitstorm, just some nice discussions and good vibes far from the toxicity of the modern internet.

Rules are :
>Keep it cozy
>Keep it SFW
>No rudeposting
>No blatant advertising

I have took ownership of anon.cafe/comfy/ when the last BO took the decision to delete the board without any warning. With the help of some dedicated anons we've rebuilt it by hand, thread by thread. And since I take care of the board without being too intrusive. I monitor it everyday and I have Choibitsu to help me as a volunteer.
I'm also running anon.cafe/ent/ which is a little french speaking board.

>user name

It may be a temporary solution but I'll give my best to keep the /comfy/ alive so thank you for proposing to host some anon.cafe refugees :)
Replies: >>74
<Anon Lounge/Singular Cyclical Off-Topic thread with heavy gatekeeping
<All our rules are plain to see on our board
<I've owned the board since it's original iteration in late 2021
<waiting to discuss name and email if you can agree to give us a bunker
Hi, I own an already well established board on zzzchan called /digi/, we are an easy going, friendly singular thread board that focuses on discussing nearly anything with a heavy emphasis on gatekeeping and fostering a friendly community.
You can see here what we are all about. 
I was wondering if you could give us a bunker in case that anything were to happen to zzzchan.
Replies: >>73
Also with this tripcode you can clearly verify my identity.
Should be fixed, kinda. Will look into again tomorrow, it's getting late here.
Also without derailing this thread too much, regarding to the anon.cafe thread, I am not banning VPNs. If you can't post from VPN that's a bug, post a message in /meta/ from TOR or send me a mail.

(And for anyone else planning to migrate from anon.cafe)
Do you have any threads you want to migrate over? I don't have a working script, so I'll likely have to write it from scratch, so I'd rather not if it's not important, but it's a possibility.
Replies: >>75
>Do you have any threads you want to migrate over? I don't have a working script, so I'll likely have to write it from scratch, so I'd rather not if it's not important, but it's a possibility.
We're planning to use archives of anon/comfy/ created by BUMP. This is the same file layout as we discussed years ago when we set up our /robowaifu/ bunker board here Admin, if you recall.

Also, since I will soon be in the process of writing an improved BUMP, if there are any suggestions/requests you'd like to make regarding the archive formatting, please do so now's the time! Cheers.
>t. anon/comfy/ hotpocket
Replies: >>77
>URI e.g. /uri/
>name of the board
1990s and 2000s Nostalgia
>a short description/rationale
/retro/, a successor to the old /y2k/, is a board dedicated to Web 1.0 and 1.5 and the zeitgeist surrounding it. It's a work safe board where you can discuss the earlier days of the internet, and the technology and culture of that time period. We are a comfy and drama free community that I think would feel right at home here.
>planned rules
Same as the current ones:
Rules of /retro/
1 : This is a SFW board. However, mild NSFW content is tolerated as long as its spoilered.
2 : 1980s nostalgia is allowed, but only in a single containment thread.
3 : No political discussion and conspiracy theories.
4 : No spamming.
5 : Avoid using modern imageboard lingo (based, kek, etc).
>what BO experience you have
I've been the /retro/ BO since we moved to anon.cafe in 2021. I suggested the migration after the previous BO abandoned us and the board became a complete mess on nu-julay. Spent an awful lot of time manually reposting files after we lost them (thanks to /robotwaifu/ BO for the archive).
>user name and email
GOAT retrobo@cock.li

We would also like to migrate our threads over if possible. Thank you very much!
Replies: >>82
The old script I used parsed the html files used by 8chan, so it will require changes anyway, as long as the archive has all the threads and files, it should be doable. Maybe using the thread json files makes more sense, but there are some differences between the formatting used here and on anon.cafe, so I'll have to transform post contents somehow anyway.

About the applications, since all of them are existing boards, I'll take a look at their post history probably only after work, but unless anons come forward saying BO X is an insufferable faggot, they're probably fine.
>no response
I guess that means no objection.
We can go ahead with a /digi/ bunker, /comfy/ and /retro/ will be a bit more work due to the migration. Fortunately we're not in a hurry, when there's a final archive format I can look into writing a script to import it.

I've edited the OP a bit, /digi/ can now send me an email instead with the login details, then I'll create the user and the board.
Replies: >>79 >>83 >>85 >>241
[Hide] (611KB, 1048x1920)
Let me give you a response. I've been lurking but had nothing to say so far.
Glad the comfy boards will have a place to migrate. Thanks, Admin.
Replies: >>81
[Hide] (67.5KB, 326x267)
What the heck was I supposed to do with threads like this?
Replies: >>134
Spent an awful lot of time manually reposting files after we lost them
This helped a lot for restoring threads and reducing the Swiss cheese effect that makes older threads hard to read.  I can vouch that the /retro/ BO is the best kind, who is invisible and helpful.
>when there's a final archive format I can look into writing a script to import it.
For now then, let's just use the original file layout from the current BUMP program. Probably better to just use that for now since you don't appear to have requests/suggestions. That will also relieve me of some time pressure to do the new software.

BTW, do you still possess a copy of the old /robowaifu/ archive we discussed together a few years ago? The format hasn't changed since then, so if you can make that work, then migrating any board from anon.cafe here a snap. (I have almost all of them personally archived.)

Just ask me anything, Admin. I'll be monitoring this thread for a number of days. Cheers.
Replies: >>84 >>86
>here will be a snap*
Hi /digi/ BO here, I just saw your post, admin.
I made an email but I don't know if I should post it here or send it to you, in which case I can't find your address.
Replies: >>86
Unfortunately I don't think I still have it (or I saved it with a weird file name I no longer remember).
I guess I'll try this BUMP thing manually, what is the latest version? 0.2g or I missed something?

Whatever floats your boat. My email should be on the FAQ page.
Replies: >>87 >>99
Yep 0.2g is the last version. Thanks Admin, much-appreciated!
Replies: >>88
Why the fuck does it need fltk?
Replies: >>89 >>90
Ok, it doesn't need it, it was just left there in the meson script. On the other hand it needs curlcpp, which is not packaged in gentoo. I download it from github, compile it, whatever, go back to bump, how the fuck do I specify CXXFLAGS to meson, it seems to ignore it. Whatever, it's just two files, I compile them manually... except that braindead curlcpp by default creates an LTO static lib (?!!???!!!) and of course it as built with gcc by default and I was trying to compile with clang... Argh, so anyway, I managed to compile it, but I still hate build systems.

But anyway, one dir per thread, I think I'll just need to figure out how to convert the lynxchan markup to jschan, the rest should be straightforward.
Replies: >>90
Because 4 years ago when I first hacked it together, I intended it to be a GUI app. (And still plan to.) That dependency can be ignored.

Yeah, curlcpp was a mistake I made when I was younger. In the new work, I've simply rewritten dependent code to use libcurl directly. Sorry about the nuisance.

>one dir per thread

>I think I'll just need to figure out how to convert the lynxchan markup to jschan, the rest should be straightforward.
You've got it. I'm sure you're skilled enough to simply do the scrape/conversion/construction process entirely yourself. Thanks Admin!
Replies: >>91
Ok, now I have feedback. Next time save the files using the server generated name. So I don't have to figure out and reimplement the logic in make_file_name. Also I'm not sure whether this handles duplicates correctly now.
Replies: >>93
Hey trashman, what say you about /k/ if they left the current events behind?
Replies: >>94
>Next time save the files using the server generated name.
Yes, using the hash name is going to be part of the new design.

>Also I'm not sure whether this handles duplicates correctly now.
No. It's still the old logic that simply looks for the filename in the directory already, and skips it if found. It was an optimization I made at the time, but clearly a misguided one.

And honestly, this is better than nothing, and we'd rather have the board -- even w/o every single file moved over. But if you reimplement functional code of make_file_name(), etc, that's good. I'd like to see what you come up with.
Replies: >>94
[Hide] (877.1KB, 1244x1030)
Also one question to the users/BOs.
What about animated gif thumbnails? Right now they're disabled as I'm not a big fan of them and the current ffmpeg based thumbnail generator is far from perfect

That's a tough question, considering that majority of /k/ catalog is pretty much news. Don't they already have a bunker at sleepychan?

I don't know how many files it affects, I'll have to check it, but ClipboardImage.png is definitely going to cause trouble.
Replies: >>95 >>96 >>97 >>102
>but ClipboardImage.png is definitely going to cause trouble.
Yes, clearly that's the biggest one. Most others are relatively-rare. Why don't we just do as you say and not preserve the original filenames (which was my original goal years ago), and simply use the hash name itself. After all, it's already included in the JSON record, and that's the entire basis of BUMP's information (I don't parse the HTMLs at all).
I'd personally recommend against adopting /k/ here. Nothing against the board itself, most of the /k/ommandos are great, and the information threads there are especially good-quality. But it's a yuge magnet for the Globohomo Feds, the JIDF, and the other GH usual-suspects. More CP was spammed by their troons on tvch, etc., than all the other boards on anon.cafe combined.
>What about animated gif thumbnails?
They're nice to have of course (in most cases), but they certainly aren't essential. The costs to you involved with them probably don't add up to our benefit.
'Pass' would be my vote in this circumstance.

I presume they will still animate in the page if they are actually clicked, Admin?
Replies: >>98 >>103
>The costs to you involved with them probably outweigh our benefit.*
Heh, sorry about my writing.
You've been messaged.
Replies: >>101
Would you be open to having a (heavily moderated) random board? 
I've browsed some very nice /b/s throughout the years but they're all dead now and I'm still chasing that dragon. I think it could still work if it wasn't named /b/ and had some rules like a ban on current events, excessive shitstirring, topics that could compromise the site, non-oc dump threads, and bitching threads. It would differ from /comfy/ in that you could still discuss tits and ass and have light banter. 
I'd be willing to BO but I understand if you don't want the risk.
Replies: >>101
You should have a response.

>ban on current events, excessive shitstirring, topics that could compromise the site
Is that even /b/ at that point? I'd be more cautious about this, let's discuss this a bit later after the anon.cafe dust settled. Also BOs are enthusiastic at first, but that evaporates quickly, so I'd need something more than "I'll totally moderate it".
Replies: >>112
An anon made a /news/ board on 8ch and it really split the user base. Something tells me that it was the right call though, political news would always sour the board, dividing the news oriented faction from the guns oriented one would be beneficial to both.
Oh I forgot to answer this.
Yeah, the original files are not changed.

Also, another question, what to do with .swf files? /retro/ has one while /comfy/ has two. Jschan doesn't support them natively (which I can't blame them for, given that you pretty much need Pale Moon and a hacked flash plugin to play them these days), but they can be uploaded as "other" files (like pdfs). You won't get thumbnail or embed, but you can still download them.
Replies: >>104 >>107
>but they can be uploaded as "other" files (like pdfs). You won't get thumbnail or embed, but you can still download them.
I think that's a good compromise, Admin. Thanks.
>you pretty much need Pale Moon and a hacked flash plugin to play them these days
Out of curiosity what would it take to implement Ruffle? I've heard it's pretty good these days.
Replies: >>108
Dunno, I never tried it. And you'd probably have to request it from Tom, I'm not too good with frontend things.
Would you consider opening a /shelter/ here, and running it yourself personally? That would be an emotional relief to everyone if we all new there was a place we could safely run and communicate if something goes wrong with our sites. It was literally what made Anoncafe so distinctive and welcoming to all comers, back when it began.


Replies: >>111 >>119
>Is that even /b/ at that point?
I don't really care about the semantics, hence why I would name the board something else. 
I still think those rules are necessary as the /b/s I mentioned followed them unintentionally and had obvious benefits due to it. I don't think it would be possible to establish a similar self-moderating culture from nothing in modern image boards. 
>Also BOs are enthusiastic at first, but that evaporates quickly, so I'd need something more than "I'll totally moderate it".
I used to be a BO for a small board. I already leave imageboard tabs open and refresh them a few times a day, logging in to moderate posts whenever someone breaks the rules wasn't too much extra effort. 
If I do eventually give up on the board or decide to pass the flag on I'll consult with you first and not just disappear without warning. 
>let's discuss this a bit later after the anon.cafe dust settled
That's fair.
[Hide] (359.4KB, 796x1026)
[Hide] (935.4KB, 1342x1020)
Status update:
Imported /retro/ into a dev VM. Got rid of the missing files posts, hopefully you won't mind I actually did it to workaround a bug, but don't tell anyone.
It took 16min, not exactly the fastest, but bearable. (It was done on localhost, the real one will be slower). But I'll really have to think again the whole proxy setup I have and probably upgrade to a bigger VM, before half anon.cafe migrates here, because I think this will run out of RAM sooner than later.

>and running it yourself personally?
<while pointing me at an inter imageboard drama thread
Anon, please.
[Hide] (176.2KB, 1500x788)
Excellent! Good progress I see, Admin.

>before half anon.cafe migrates here,
Heh, fair warning, I have practically every board on anon.cafe archived via BUMP. It's so bandwidth-efficient after the first download dump, that I would typically do a long list of about 60-80 boards a couple times a day a while back. 

>Anon, please.
LOL. OK, fair enough. But the webring really does need a good /shelter/. If you'll still entertain the idea, then I'll manage it with an iron fist. lol jk. but i'll keep the sh*tstirring to a minimun. And actually, it's only at times like r/n that /shelter/ becomes a mess. Primarily b/c the usual-suspects trying to stir drame like the troons they are. Othertimes, it's rather comfy, and a chance to help encourage anons to "relax, I'm sure your site will be back online soon."
Replies: >>122
BTW, I mean a new /shelter/, not a migration in that case.
Oh, in the meantime I made a little hack to BUMP to use the server names, so ClipboardImages are not messed up.

--- Bump.cpp.orig	2024-01-14 21:48:55.897183313 +0100
+++ Bump.cpp	2024-01-13 20:34:24.586442143 +0100
@@ -501,6 +501,9 @@
 // Clean up the filename suitable for use as a portable one
 std::string Page::make_file_name(const std::string& name) {
   string res{name};
+  if (auto pos = res.rfind('/'); pos != std::string::npos) {
+    res = res.substr(pos);
+  }
   const vector<string> bad_strings{"&quot;",
--- .sites.config.orig	2024-01-14 21:49:06.609204295 +0100
+++ .sites.config	2024-01-13 20:32:16.660212709 +0100
@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@
          "file_ext_tag" : "",
          "file_hash_tag" : "",
          "file_name_tag" : "path",
-         "file_orig_tag" : "originalName",
+         "file_orig_tag" : "path",
          "files_arr_tag" : "files",
          "last_bump_tag" : "lastBump",
          "media_dir_tag" : "",
Replies: >>123 >>229
Excellent. That's exactly why I abstracted the JSON tags that way. Hopefully you didn't get brain-damage reading my hackery, Anon! Cheers.  :D
Holy shit man that's awesome. Would it be possible to add the missing images to other OPs? I haven't posted them but I think I still have some of those saved somewhere.
Replies: >>125
As far as I can see, post edit page doesn't have an option to add files, so they would have to be added before/during migration.
Replies: >>126 >>128
Do you think if he created a textfile listing the:


and dumped the files somewhere for you to retrieve that you could fold them in during the migration build?
Replies: >>127 >>128
By 'textfile', I mean a cleartext table associating the ID/file(s) .
Or I could just post them on anon.cafe as missing files
Replies: >>129 >>131
Probably that's the easiest as it is already implemented. Otherwise I need an original file name + mime type + spoiler status for each file, or come up with some value if missing...
Replies: >>131
I'd recommend you create a special, new thread for just this use, dump your files & lock it. Then you can create your rigorous textfile associated exactly which file(s) go with which OPs. Then Admin can 'fold' them during migration, and that special thread can be deleted thereafter.

Make sense, BO?
Replies: >>132
I mean, if you're already making posts just make it's body
>>[post id]
==Missing files==
where [post id] is the post id, and it will automatically find them. They do not have to be in the same thread, nor do you have to edit the OPs.
Replies: >>133 >>136
That sounds like an even more convenient idea than mine. Thanks Admin!
Replies: >>136 >>137
[Hide] (110.6KB, 553x851)
Since it's relevant to this thread, I would like to request to Admin that uncomfy boards not be imported to avert the drama you discussed in OP. Being a full general-purpose imageboard is not worth it, other existing sites can take up that mantle.

>What the heck was I supposed to do with threads like this?
Delete them. picrel.
Replies: >>140 >>211
Just fyi sometimes they're called ==Missing file== but I'm sure you've noticed 
Chobitsu, any chance you have a /retro/ archive from February-March 2020 or perhaps an old 8ch /y2k/ one?
Replies: >>137
Lol, sorry I misunderstood you earlier (>>119). Great work!

I think my latest archive of /retro/ is probably from Summer 2021 or so. I'm guessing that would cover your timeframe?

>8ch /y2k/
Lol no, sorry I wish I did! I hadn't written BUMP yet, you see Anon.
Replies: >>186
If we're talking about uncomfy boards, /retro/ has been going off the rails over supposed "Progressive buy-in". Seems like they have a political slant, at least since the admin isn't doing anything about it.
Replies: >>141 >>145 >>160
It never ends, huh?

In the meantime I also imported (a few days old backup of) /comfy/, it seems to work. Not sure if we want some test runs on the real site, or just wait until the BOs are ready to migrate? The problem is after the copy is made, the two boards will diverge, and you can't easily merge them together.

Also, if you're feeling adventurous, try this and report back how well it works:
If there are no huge problems, I'll switch the main site to this (and get rid of a bunch of my patches to jschan, RIP)
Not to be a bother, but it would be a great help to us all if you could demo at least a few pages of /comfy/ 'in situ' as it were. Remember, the vast majority of anons
a. don't have your technical acumen, nor the 'behind the scenes' knowledge of what's going on.
b. are feeling nervous about being evicted. everyone would feel more relaxed seeing a 'working' 'display home', so to speak. So, maybe something like:
that displayed a catalog & a couple of pages or so?

>The problem is after the copy is made, the two boards will diverge, and you can't easily merge them together.
Yeah, I anticipated this issue. Nor do I want you to suffer through some type of pain trying to create a 'sync-o-matic' type system (BUMP or no BUMP) to maintain that. I'll simply encourage the BO to set a hard date for the migration, then do a final pull/migration, and Bob's your Uncle. Sound good?
Replies: >>143
Roughly that's what I meant by a test run. I'll do it a bit later.
Replies: >>144 >>146
Excellent. Thanks Admin!
X to doubt.

I've never seen any kind of political sh*teflinging happening on /retro/ (apart from the last few days, where it """organically""" popped up in the migration thread.)
>t. /retro/-enjoyer for a few years now
Replies: >>160
BTW (just in case you haven't attempted it just yet), BUMP is really pretty efficient at doing updates to it's directories. Simply repeat the same command again (eg:)
./bump anon.cafe comfy
./bump anon.cafe retro
and I think you'll find you're up to date in just seconds.
If you read through the thread you can see the original issue was the wapchan admin promoting his board on twitter and reddit. Some posters aren't fan of is beliefs either, but he is trying to make this a political thing and play the victim, and that post seems like a pitiful revenge attempt to me.
Replies: >>148 >>160
There's zero evidence that's the same guy. Could be a random shit stirrer for all we know.
Replies: >>162
Here's a read only comfy:
This is what happens with swf files:

Took almost 45 mins to import.
Replies: >>150 >>156
Oh wow, looks like you did the whole thing? So, I'll let the /comfy/ BO all the details are now worked out and ask him to make a decision and set a date.

Once I have that information, we'll share it here with you. My assumption is that at a specified time, you'll do a final last-pull with BUMP, then do the final import thereafter? BTW, we can safely ignore any changes after that timepoint, since we'll clearly announce to the board not to post on /comfy/ for the hour or so necessary.

I hope all that makes sense and is agreeable Admin. If you have any other requests for us, please let us know. Cheers!
Replies: >>152 >>153
>I'll let the /comfy/ BO know that*
Yes, if I only import a single thread, links between threads become broken...
As a side note, please let me know if you find anything that's broken/wrong.

Actually, I don't think /comfy/ has to be shut down for an hour, as long as the BO doesn't edit/delete any posts, I can do an initial import, then when it's time to switch another BUMP DL & import the remaining few posts, that should only take a few minutes.
Replies: >>154 >>155 >>167
Excellent, sounds good Admin!

So far, everything looks fine. The 'other' files open in a file download dialog box, exactly as they should. I'm really excited to see this all coming together so quickly!
>please let me know if you find anything that's broken/wrong.
So, it seems the YT embeds aren't working? Is that by design? We're all used to being able to watch such streams directly on the board page.
Replies: >>157
Heuy, /comfy/ BO here.
Just looked to our new home and you did great job. I'm all exited to start a new adventure here.
Thanks very much for your work :)

I don't know if you sent me my account registration password but I can't find the mail. Should I contact you directly ?
Replies: >>157
Eh, no, something is wrong with CSP headers, I'll look into it.
Not yet, I wanted to sort out the migration first.
Replies: >>158 >>161 >>164
OK, you did great job.
I'm waiting. Anyway I will not have enough free time untill tomorrow so take ypur time.
Replies: >>161
[Hide] (80.9KB, 1194x752)
/late/ - Late Nights

I am the current board owner of /late/ on anon.cafe and admin of the project in general. I was tipped off this could be a good refuge for us by our friends at /comfy/.

As a board /late/ is for insomniacs fundamentally. But centers around the sweet melancholy of the night in general. 

The rules have always been pretty lax, with an emphasis on not making it a political battlefield by keeping such things off the board. I am the current BO of /late/ and also ran /rtr/ back on 8ch. 

Attached is proof of my ownership, the control panel of /late/, lmk if theres any other proof you might need. 

Username: DD
email: qklnpivn@sharklasers.com
Just to add to this re: /retro/'s vibes one of our regulars does go on a conspiracy tangent occasionally but BO has always cleaned that up so far.
Should be fixed.
Timing is something I haven't completely thought out yet.
Are threads like this the norm?
Replies: >>163 >>164 >>167
The admin's posts in the shelter thread are eerily similar, however someone is complaining in the wapchan meta thread that /robowaifu/ is too political LOL, so it seems like it's just the usual meddling third party site doing what they always do. I don't remember /retro/ having any dramas before though.
Not at all, but I didnt think it was worth deleting
>I'll look into it.
>Should be fixed.
Much-appreciated, Admin! Everything seems to fine now, thanks. Cheers.
Replies: >>165
>seems to be*
/retro/ and /comfy/ BOs should have received an email. No board yet, you'll get that after I migrate them. Tomorrow the best time for me would be after 20:00 UTC. Not sure about /retro/, but we aren't in a hurry.

Do anyone know what's with this file?
The server says 404, and BUMP actually saved the 404 html page as a .jpg file, oops, which broke the import process. If it's a legit file and anon.cafe servers randomly deleted it and someone has it, I'd restore it, otherwise I'll have to delete it.

>Attached is proof of my ownership
Actually I never used lynxchan, so I have no idea if that is even a legit layout to begin with. The meta thread also has no mention of the BO actually applying.
Also, I'll wait a bit to see if there are any objections as usual.

>As a side note, please let me know if you find anything that's broken/wrong.
I found a bug, posts shouldn't have IDs (and especially not the same ID for every post). Will be fixed in the reimport.

I pinned a screencap of this post on the current board on anon.cafe
Replies: >>171
>no capcode but sticky
Fine. Do you know anything about the file I mentioned here >>167?
Replies: >>172 >>173
>and BUMP actually saved the 404 html page as a .jpg file, oops
OOPS indeed.  :P

I'll put it on the list of revs for the upcoming Bumpmaster, Admin. Thanks for catching that!

>so I have no idea if that is even a legit layout to begin with.
FWIW, I'll vouch for that. It is legit.
>t. BO of 3 LynxChan boards.

>I found a bug, posts shouldn't have IDs (and especially not the same ID for every post). Will be fixed in the reimport.
Heh, I noticed that. I just figured it was going to be an artifact of the import process, no biggie.

>Fine. Do you know anything about the file I mentioned here >>167?
NTA. I recommend you delete that post. 99% positive that's a sh*tehead troll that's been spamming the entire site for the past couple days or so.

I'll go ahead and create a validation post on /robowaifu/, to confirm my identity for you in all my named posts ITT, Admin.
Replies: >>174
afraid not, sorry. id say go ahead and remove it
[Hide] (1.3MB, 360x202)
>I'll go ahead and create a validation post on /robowaifu/, to confirm my identity for you in all my named posts ITT, Admin.
I don't see /meta/ showing up on the anon.cafe webring widget. Is your script reporting usage correctly?
Replies: >>179 >>180
I mean Trashchan's /meta/, ofc.
Yes, /meta/ and /test/ (and the currently unlisted boards) are hidden from the webring.
Replies: >>181
Roger that. Just thought I'd 'drop a dime' on it.
Replies: >>183
I've checked other sites and whether they have their /meta/ or similar boards on the webring:
anon.cafe: yes
PLW: yes
smug: no? (couldn't check now, started to harass me with cuckflare javashit challenge)
zzz: yes
other sites have no /meta/ board as far as I can tell. Originally I hid it because it seemed pointless to announce the meta board on the webring, but maybe I should change it?
Replies: >>184
Smug's meta board is called /support/.
Replies: >>185
>>184 (me)
And it's hidden too.
Thanks! I'm still reposting missing OP files, I will let you know when I'm done. Might take a while to find all of them.
I just need one from julay/alogs before we moved to anon.cafe. But actually I just want to know if they include the thumbnails of the missing OP pics.
Replies: >>187 >>238
>I just need one from julay/alogs before we moved to anon.cafe
Right, I kinda figured that's what you meant. And no, once I zipped those up and gave them to you at Anonfiles.com
I rm'd that archive. My current BUMP archive for /retro/ is an older one from anon.cafe .

>include thumbnails
No, unfortunately I never got around to implementing generated thumbnails saves yet, Anon (they be included in Bumpmaster is the plan). Apologies.
Replies: >>188 >>194
NTA but do you plan to make your collection available to download in the future? Thanks for all your hard work by the way.
Replies: >>189
Umm, maybe, probably? Certainly, I mean to assist any board on anon.cafe that I approve of out of this immediate mess that's all been thrust upon us. Thankfully, we have some time yet. I need a better bandwidth situation before I can legitimately consider pushing my roughly ~120 IBs (many now defunct) BUMP archives somewhere.

Do you have a single, specific board you're particularly interested in at this time Anon?
Replies: >>190
>Do you have a single, specific board you're particularly interested in at this time Anon?
Not as such, I was thinking in terms of preservation but there's no rush of course!
Replies: >>191
>I was thinking in terms of preservation
Excellent! That's what I like to hear, Anon.
SAVE.EVERYTHING. is my mantra for our guys. I learned that lesson very well after the sudden murder of 8ch.

You can be sure I'll let at the least /comfy/ & alogs/robowaifu/ know of any such archive push. Plus, there are a couple of specific requests related to this current situation with anon.cafe I intend to address soon-ish. Stay tuned!
this temp email is expired, ill wait to get a new one until needed
>include thumbnails
What would be a killer feature is to have a downloaded version that's actually viewable. The current one misses css, thumbnails, image links are broken, etc.
I had a script that did that for 8ch, it downloaded everything, including css and js, then had a bunch of regex replacements so it worked offline. But it was fragile, and after the death of 8ch I lost the motivation to update it for all the new IBs that came and went every few weeks
Replies: >>195 >>197
Yes, a browsable, local archive copy was always desired. The plan is to do this with the new application. This was also the intent behind the current directory layout.
>I had a script that did that for 8ch, it downloaded everything, including css and js, then had a bunch of regex replacements so it worked offline.
It occurs to me, that it would very-likely save me some time implementing these features if I could study what you've already done before in this regard, and how. Is this some kind of Bash scripting? If so, would you be willing to share it with me?
via email is OK, if you are willing but would prefer to generally keep it under wraps.
Replies: >>198
>Is this some kind of Bash scripting?
No, it's Ruby.
Replies: >>199
Ah. I'm not proficient in writing it, but I can probably read it well enough to understand what you're doing/reproduce it in C++.
@new BOs: I've made a post with some random info in a separate thread to not clutter this thread even more. Tell me if there's something still not clear:

I haven't received any news about the proxy-lv site, so I think tomorrow I'll switch the main domain over. The current setup will be available under https://lv.trashchan.xyz/index.html for some time, to have a backup in case of problems.

I think this can be also greenlighted, give me a working mail address (or send me an email).
Replies: >>202 >>203 >>204
Replies: >>205
[Hide] (8.4KB, 574x115)
I hope all your JSchan mods have been good learning excercises at least, Admin. And I imagine you're one of the most proficient technicians at modding Tom's system now, too!

Looking forward to the switchover, may it serve everyone here well! Cheers.

Replies: >>205
>Tell me if there's something still not clear:

Minor typo? :
>Antispam: 'very important

Thanks for this page, very helpful Admin!
Replies: >>205
[Hide] (21.7KB, 807x213)
Couldn't you use an email where the only "login detail" isn't your email address?
I told you already, if you don't want to publish your email, send me an email, but I'll need an email that's a bit more permanent than that.
Yes, I imported 5000+ posts today, so technically they were all made today.
Replies: >>206 >>207
>so technically they were all made today.
Yeah I figured, just thought it was humorous.


i just went ahead and emailed you
Replies: >>208
You should have a response (provided your mail provider is not gay, which I doubt, also check spam)
Last edited by admin
Is there a theme selection that shows the board's CSS? Default just looks like Win95 AFAICT.
Replies: >>210
Default depends on the board. If the board hasn't selected a theme, it will be the win9x one.
/comy/ BO here, I never knew what to do with those Liru posts as I never felt them uncomfy despite knowing it was spam. But as long as the Liru poster weren't agressive with these I thought the may fit for some reason.
But as it's a fresh start for us here, I took the decision to dl the related thread.

My apologies in advance to Liru, please don't bit me :)

>The problem is after the copy is made, the two boards will diverge, and you can't easily merge them together.
No problem, /comfy/ is not that active so I will copy/paste the few fresh posts by hands as I plan to close the Anon Cafe version soon.
Replies: >>213
[Hide] (49.3KB, 640x480)
Can we craft new themes, and then submit them for approval+inclusion into your themes selection set, Admin?
Replies: >>219
Yes, but it's going to be a manual process for now as jschan has no support for it.
Replies: >>227
Hello, this is croquis, owner of cafe's loomis board. How does the migration script you've created work? Does it require any backend access to the site or does it rebuild/import threads without any database access? I may be interested in migrating here.
Replies: >>229
I see, thank you Admin.
It requires this modification on the server:
The migration itself needs a BUMP archive with the modification here >>122 and running a spaghetti ruby script.
Replies: >>236
NTA. If I understand the process, then you scrape the board using Bump, then use that archive to build the board here with your script. Is that right? And that you do all that without any anon.cafe database access? How long does the process usually take if I may ask?
Replies: >>237
>without any anon.cafe database access
Yes, I only use the stuff that's publicly available (more specifically the thread jsons and the attached files). The only downside is that after import every post will come from the same IP address, since that's not exported.
>How long does the process usually take
I didn't time downloading with BUMP, but it mostly depends on the server's and your internet connection. (It has to download every file on the board)
Importing /comfy/ took a little bit more than 30 minutes (~5000 posts), but this depends on the HW under the server, your internet connection, and how many posts have files (they take much longer to import).
Replies: >>242
Okay I'm done with reposting everything I could find. You can begin migrating /retro/ whenever you have time, but can you confirm that both
>>[post id]
==Missing files==and
>>[post id]
==Missing file==will work? Thanks!
Replies: >>243 >>245
Thanks so much
t. anoncafe refugee
Thank you for explaining this process.
Thanks, I'll look into it a bit later today.
And the regex I use is />>(\d+)\nmissing files?\z/i, so it should catch both.
Replies: >>246
>title inside backticks
Well, the markup is not perfect, but I think you can guess what I wrote there.
You should have a /retro/ board.
It didn't work, I can't find most of the pics or posts I posted in the past few days and I see threads I merged or deleted. Did you use or update an older archive? Perhaps creating a new one would fix it.
Replies: >>247 >>250
Hmm, BUMP didn't even download those posts. @Chonitsu any idea other than deleting and redownloading the whole board? For example here
everything after post 1370 is missing. I even deleted the .archbot.config file, it redownloaded all jsons, but still not updated the one on the filesystem.
Replies: >>248 >>253
Never mind, it also looks like /retro/ BO also deleted some threads, I'm redownloading the whole shit now.
Check it now.
Replies: >>251
Awesome, thank you so much!
Btw is it possible to add custom spoilers?
Replies: >>252
Kinda, this is what I have at /nep/ as a custom CSS:
:root { --spoiler-img: url(/file/nep-spoiler.png); }
.spoilerimg { width: 128px; height: 128px; }
You should be able to upload the image as an asset, then adjust the url and size.
>Hmm, BUMP didn't even download those posts
>For example here
> https://anon.cafe/retro/res/5.html
It's a simple issue. The OG BUMP is designed to only download threads that have, well, bumped. Those posts were made with sage's, and no following posts actually bumped that thread.

>I even deleted the .archbot.config file
Hmm. You've got me there, Admin. That should have 'reset' BUMP's thread tracking, which would force a re-examination of each thread, and a concommitant download of any missing files that may have been added (sage post or no).

Not sure just what happened there, Anon. Thankfully, it seems you worked it out. The new system actually checks the URI headers, rather than just the catalog JSON data, and so will be more robust in picking up any changes.

*  After the initial DL, BUMP only downloads bumped threads thereafter.
*  This was by design in the OG system.
*  The new system won't be using this approach.

Sorry about the confusion, Admin.
Replies: >>254
Yes, my script that I sent to you completely ignored bump times and redownloaded every thread, because I found bump times to be a pretty unreliable indication of thread change.
>You've got me there, Admin.
The weird thing is I actually had a progress bar as it downloaded the JSON, it just didn't save it in the end.
Replies: >>257
Try running this script from the shell in the base directory of a given BUMP board archive (the same directory where it's .archbot.config file is located) for cleanup. This will rm all the JSON files within the directory. They will all be deleted, but all the other files (images, pdfs, mp3s, etc), will not be deleted (nor re-downloaded, and that's the bulk of the bandwidth needed of course).

> bump_cleanup.sh
#!/usr/bin/env bash
rm .archbot.config
find . -type f -name '.json*~' -delete

Then just re-run the original BUMP command.

I hope that makes this process easier the next time you need to 'sync up' distal changes with your local archive, Admin. Cheers.
Replies: >>261
[Hide] (24.7KB, 961x427)
>URI e.g. /uri/

>name of the board

>a short description/rationale
This is a general-purpose French-language discussion board. I created it after the death of the last french speaking boards and I would like to keep it alive. Not that we are a lot of frogs to use it but more as a determination to keep the spirit alive.

>planned rules
No porn
No gore
No spam

Despite being a general topic boards I like to keep it clean and not turning it to a sort shitty /b/.

>what BO experience you have
I run this board since March 2022 and before that I experimented an ersatz on 8moe (not that I like this place a lot but because it was free to anyone to create a board and because I was a regular on a fum board there). I'm also the BO of /comfy/ since the deletion from the previous owner in December 2022 and I put dedication to keep it well and alive. In few words, I'm quite invested at maintaining and moderating those places.

>proof of you're the BO if you want a bunker/migrate an existing board
Hash: SHA512

You can check my identity with the PGP key here : https://anon.cafe/ent/res/1.html#1


>user name and email
anonyme :) you already got my email
Replies: >>261
This is kinda what wanted to do, but then I ended up with folders without json files for threads which got deleted in the meantime. Of course I could do something about them, but at that point it seemed easier to just delete it and start over.
>non-English boards
I'll have to think a bit about this. My main concern is what happens with the moderation if the BO goes MIA.
Replies: >>262 >>263
I'm very reactive when it comes to moderation, and even though the board doesn't have a solid user base, I've always been careful to keep it up to the rules.
I don't have a volunteer at the moment, but it's not out of the question for me to appoint one if the place gets busier.
If I were to relinquish my job, I would take the necessary precautions, such as locking the board or simply closing it.

t. a serious BO
Replies: >>268
>but at that point it seemed easier to just delete it and start over
I understand. I remember going through something similar when I was first devising the software.

> re: /ent/ & anonyme
As you probably can already tell, this BO is a very good one. He (and some other anons) was tireless at resurrecting /comfy/, and I've been very happy being his Volunteer. I would happily vol for /ent/ , except I don't speak French. But I'd trust his integrity as regards /ent/ due-diligence without question.

And after all, aren't any of us subject to 'going MIA' ? Life's a bit of a gamble for everyone.  :)
Replies: >>264 >>268
Thanks Chobitsu for your good words and proposing to be vol on /ent/.
For now I never had any issues regarding moderation there but if it can help Trashmin to make a decision, I can consider the offer :)
>URI e.g. /uri/
>name of the board
>a short description/rationale
This board is dedicated to osu! - rhythm is a click away!

>planned rules
No R18 content
No violence content
No offensive content
No spam.
Other rhythm games are also allowed.
Replies: >>268
Alright, alright, I understand, let's do this. This board needs migration too, right?
Do we really need a board like this? Wouldn't a thread in one of the 4(!) video games boards we already have on the webring enough? I mean, Smug/PLW/zzz all have a rhythm general now, but Smug's last post was in 2020, PLW's have a whopping total of 0 replies, and zzz's garnered 10 replies in a month, so I can't say any of them is particularly active.
Heck, it looks like even /agdg/ is going down, and that was a probably bigger community.

Also, unless something unexpected happens, I'll do the return to the more vanilla jschan I mentioned previously. which will mean the lv.trashchan.xyz domain will cease to work. Unless something goes wrong, it will be only a few minutes of downtime, but your active sessions will be destroyed (so you'll have to relogin).
Replies: >>271 >>321
>Alright, alright, I understand, let's do this. This board needs migration too, right?
You rock Trashmin :)
Yes a migration would be awesome. Let me know if anything I can do for hleping in the process.
Replies: >>272
Congratulations, you're now the proud owner of >>>/ent/.
One file 404d here, so that fine furry art was removed, but the rest should be ok.
https://anon.cafe/ent/res/507.html#q748 -> >>>/ent/748
Jschan doesn't seem to be translated to French, so you'll stuck with an English UI unless you want to translate it.
(Also, this board has the least amount of posts and the biggest media directory from the boards I migrated so far)
Replies: >>273
Thanks very much, this is highly appreciated.
The furry art was from a refugee of ∕404∕ but I don't see him posting anymore, also he was a nice anon.
Stay assured /ent/ is NOT a furfag board ;)

For the translation, I can look at it in the future but it should not be problematic (after all, most of the french users of IB are familiarized with the english language).

>big media directory
We used to post lot of stuff (we have a music thread that may contain lot of files eg). If this may a problem for the site infrastructure, let me know.
Replies: >>276
[Hide] (191.3KB, 941x476)
>URI e.g. /uri/

>name of the board
Webring Festival

>a short description/rationale
The /christmas/ webring festival is a wonderful gathering of anons across the webring & further during the Christmas & New Year's seasons. It's a chance for us to build a sense of community with each other around the communal celebration of Jesus Christ's birth, and of ushering in a prosperous new year. There are lots of streams for music, movies, occasionally vidya, and shared well-wishes and fun for everyone present.
It's Christmas on the Internets!

>planned rules
1) Follow all global rules of trashchan.xyz
2) Take it easy, don't be an idiot.
3) Fights and dumb drama here >>2 (Santa's Thunderdome thread)
4) No gore. NSFW is okay as long it's on-topic and spoilered (again, don't be an idiot).
5) Moderation reserves the right to ban troublemakers for any reason.

>what BO experience you have
I owned /christmas/ for just this past 2023/2024 season. The previous BO wasn't able to run it any further, and asked for volunteers to step up. I waited for others, until it was apparent that I was the anon to do so.

>proof of you're the BO if you want a bunker/migrate an existing board

>user name and email
Replies: >>275 >>276 >>286
I'd like this to be a full-migration please, Admin.
Nah, I have 200GB space not even partitioned on the VPS.
Just how many board you have? But alright, I'll do this tomorrow.

Also I forgot to mention in the last post, from a quick check it looks like CSS change now rebuilds the pages correctly, but /comfy/ BO please check.
Replies: >>277 >>281 >>282
>Just how many board you have? 
Haha, just two: /robowaifu/ & /christmas/ .  :^)

>But alright, I'll do this tomorrow.
Great! Thanks very kindly Admin. BTW, this is a seasonal board; it's basically in 'cold storage' for 11mos out of the 12.
Replies: >>278
>it's basically in 'cold storage' for 11mos out of the 12.
<imagine listening for Christmas songs for 12 months a year
Replies: >>279
>*proceeds to cue up 12'498 commercial Christmas jingles for your continuous listening pleasure...*
For now the CSS is working correctly thanks.

Also, maybe you can point me in the good direction, I'm looking how I can modify the pop up post-boxes (when you hover a replies and the post is out of the page).

I'm quite lost there ┐(‘~` )┌
Replies: >>284
>Nah, I have 200GB space not even partitioned on the VPS.
>a couple of hours later the proxy VM ran out of disk space
That's my luck I guess. Nginx was supposed to purge old cache items, but it didn't, I've manually cleared the cache and changed the settings, hopefully it won't happen again.
Replies: >>283
Glad you found this issue 'early' on, Admin. GG.
Replies: >>285
Nevermind, finally found it.
Me dumbino, there is a #float thing I weren't aware of.
Replies: >>285
Yeah, apparently
>When the size is exceeded or there is not enough free space, it removes the least recently used data.
Here free space means the space you set with the min_free parameter. If you don't set it, it means it'll fill your drive until it's full, then it will fail with ENOSPC errors. But it still won't clean up anything, even when df shows 0 bytes of free space.

Also anon.cafe managed to save two mp3 files with .so extension and a mime type of application/octet-stream, I wonder what was the server smoking. Also unusually high number of file 404s, but from what I can see in the threads, it was broken on upload, so probably nothing was lost.
Oops, I missed your previous post, sorry. Not that I could help, frontend is not exactly my cup of tea...
Also, >>>/christmas/ is yours.
Replies: >>287 >>290
Spoiler File
(147.4KB, 1208x527)
Woohoo  :^)

Hope it didn't take you long nor cause you too much trouble Admin.

>I wonder what was the server smoking.
Lol thanks, yeah I noticed some little things. But 
> .so extension
surprises even me!

I guess when things slow down for me, I'll try to master CSS this year and make the place look spiffy for the Christmas season!  :)
>t. Eager Beaver

P.S. I'd like to bring my current Vol over as well. What does he need to know to create an account here, just email you?
Replies: >>288
Wait, did some caching break again?
Yes, an email is fine.
Replies: >>289
[Hide] (869.6KB, 1920x1080)
Hehe, no. My
was misplaced downward when I decided to write the P.S.

I was simply pointing out that I caught it at just the right moment between being created, and being populated -- b/c 'over-eager' F5'rng.  :^)

No, everythings just fine on my end, Admin.
/christmas/ has moved.

I'm leaving the board locked (probably for most of the year). I'll be dabbling with CSS, &tc., to try and make the look festive for the next event! Cheers.  :)
[Hide] (38KB, 1346x581)
I am making a formal request to have /christian/ created here on trashchan.

>URI e.g. /uri/
>name of the board
>a short description/rationale
For discussion of Christianity, Christ, the Church, and theology.
>planned rules
<1. Follow the global rules; do not post illegal content.
<2. Do not post pornography, lewd, or semi-lewd imagery of any form. If it's intention is to arouse, it will be deleted.
<3. Do not spam threads or posts.
<4. Do not advertise other imageboards.
<5. Do not post anything that attacks/insults Christianity. Good-faith debate and discussion is allowed; make sure your posts are high quality, well-written, and well-researched.
<6. Put effort into your posts. Low-quality threads and posts (including bait, off-topic, flaming, or nonsense/schizoposting) will be deleted.
<7. One-liner questions that don't need their own thread go in QTDDTOT. If your thread was deleted, there is a good chance it was moved here instead.
>what BO experience you have
I have owned cafe/christian/ for over a year at this point, and given the site's impending shutdown I would not like to lose any more users given the small (but faithful) amount we already have.
>proof of you're the BO if you want a bunker/migrate an existing board
Attached is a screenshot of the board settings page on anon.cafe to prove my ownership, and I would like the board migrated if possible.
>user name and email
christianjanny, christianjanny@proton.me
Replies: >>294 >>326
>no replies
Well, that makes my job a bit harder. I've skimmed through the catalog, that itself looked fine, however it looks like there is/was a lot of drama around the board:
What's your comment about this? As I said in the OP, I'd like to avoid drama/shitstorm/schizo magnet boards, and keep this place as comfy as possible. (I know it can't be avoided completely, as it's more or less part of the imageboard culture, but I'd like to keep the real troublemakers out, thank you for your understanding.)
I would advise against it, that places been in full on drama mode for like two years
Replies: >>318
I think it goes without saying that controversy is going to surround such a topical board: after all, there are many enemies of the cross of Christ out there on the Internets. However, I consider it a reasonably-worthy board, for a very-worthy cause!  :)

While I'm personally in favor of it, I would urge christianjanny to be much more strict in his discipline of moderation, though dealt with a loving hand. For example, our own /robowaifu/ board is quite controversial with certain audiences, yet we have managed to -- on the whole -- maintain a relatively peaceful environment there where anons can get on with their research together productively.

I'd like to see trash/christian/ , but I think he needs a good vol as well here.
Last edited by chobitsu
Replies: >>305 >>330
I would urge you to not take on anything involving Christianjanny because he's a filthy redditor who doesn't honor imageboard traditions, and he's actively killed the board by causing drama since his tenure while driving out Orthodox/Catholics because they disagree with him. He's regularly pruned harmless threads, and has stifled discussion because it went against his specific protestant sect even when it was within the confines of Christianity. His response to criticism is to delete it and then actively mock those who criticized him which encourages raids and more drama. Even if he pretends to play nice, at some point he will enter another one of his schizo purges and create a shit show. Even his ownership of the board was heavily contested at the time and he was only allowed to keep it because of cafe's "first come first serve" policy.
Replies: >>318
Yes I don't think anything you've said on the matter on /shelter/ should hold any sway since you also supported Tengu deciding where /k/ should go.
Replies: >>307
Lol. Who are you? I haven't said anything regarding /k/ one way or other outside of advising against it here ITT.
The drama related to AntiChristHater (the former vol discussed in those threads who has not been a vol for a very long time now) is no longer an issue. The only "drama" we have is a terminally online turbo-Catholic who occasionally evades his bans to post massive paragraphs of nonsense all over the board (I gave him several chances, including his own thread (https://anon.cafe/christian/res/20996.html) which he filled with 400+ replies and still leaked over into other threads. Then I gave him warnings, then bans, then permabans, and he still comes back every now and then). He's the one who made the counterclaim on zzz. It's just delete on sight for him at this point, so that's the only drama I can think of.
Any "drama" that exists is forced and you have my word that there will be no problems from /christian/ should you decide to move it here.
Replies: >>311 >>318 >>327
Remove the ")" on the end of that link, it's including it for some reason.
Even not being involved with /christian/ it's definitely a drama magnet, cafe/meta/ being shit up with literal holy wars hasn't been uncommon over the years and while I wish them the best in finding a new home I'm not sure it would be beneficial for Trash or /christian/ in the long term if they set up here.
Replies: >>318
Is there any archive/screencap of the deleted threads/posts?
That thread is a mess.
Yes, that's my main concern. But on the other hand it still does look like most of that happened in late 2022, with only a few posts since them.
Replies: >>328
>Heck, it looks like even /agdg/ is going down, and that was a probably bigger community.
I think I can confirm that Newt (the current BO of /agdg/) has been absent from anon.cafe/agdg/ for some time. I'm unsure of anything else there beyond just that observation. There has been made an official request for ownership transfer by a concerned anon to the anon.cafe administration. I have little reason to think this request is being made in anything other than goodwill. His account name is 'sleepy', and the Cafe administration has begun the process according to their SOP. [1]

I'm certainly well in-favor of trash/agdg/ ! Their previous gamejam on the Cafe was a remarkable success given the circumstances.


Lol, I only just now realized you were referring to the other /agdg/ !  :P


1. https://anon.cafe/meta/res/16522.html#16522
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>URI e.g. /uri/
>name of the board
>a short description/rationale
Like a swiss knife/multitool of a board with each thread potentially representing a board,
the idea was to revive the kinda vibes of some boards that might now be gone, also as tributes to other boards, or to view board samples
>planned rules
SFW board, global rules apply, each thread can have its own rules (on top of global rules, not overwriting them)
>what BO experience you have
I took over /hover/ in march 2015 on 8chan, I had /hover/ also as BO on spacechan in 2019 and got a global moderator position,
but after deleting and banning someone (for a pic of someone abusing a cat) I lost the global mod position and promptly left
spacechan to instead start an experimental board on an 8chan clone site. I took the idea from the experimental board and made
/server/ on anon.cafe in late 2019 and was board owner on there until now in 2024.
>proof of you're the BO if you want a bunker/migrate an existing board
I'm migrating /server/, as proof I'll post with BO signature on https://anon.cafe/server/res/22.html#q22
that I'm now apparently a garbologist. (Just check the time on that post, that its made after this post)
>user name and email

Replies: >>326
After some consideration, I decided to allow /christian/. Yes, I understand that there is some risk in this, as it will surely bring some drama, but from what I see there's really only one person causing all this shitstorm, so hopefully it can be contained.
Right now I take all these accusations against christianjanny with a grain of salt, since I received zero proof. Nevertheless, I'll be on the look out.
And I think this should be the upper limit of how controversial a board can be to be considered for acceptance.

This should be way less problematic, so OK.

/christian/ + /server/
I'll create the accounts tomorrow, the time is starting to be late even for /late/. Also please tell me when you plan to do the migration.

>well in-favor of trash/agdg/
Losing them would be a waste, but I don't want to do anything until I got a request from them. Or /cyber/. And probably others, there are many nice boards on anon.cafe. And a few not so nice.
Replies: >>362
>He's the one who made the counterclaim on zzz
I haven't used your board since you banned Christ-tan. I'm also Orthodox, not Catholic.
Some of it is linked in https://anon.cafe/meta/res/15995.html but honestly most anons just left after it became a nuisance to deal with.
Replies: >>329
[Hide] (633.9KB, 760x2244)
I agree that deleting the whole thread was probably a bit overkill, but on the other hand the second part of it became quite a shitfest. I'm not going to comment on the idolatry aspects, I don't think I'm qualified to answer that. But at least on jschan you can delete the files, and not just the whole post (but still not individual files, I think).

I don't know the details, Chobitsu didn't mention it, and generally I'd rather not delve into people's private affairs, but know that he's a global vol here. Please confirm whether you still want the board in light of this information.
Replies: >>330 >>331 >>345
>Chobitsu didn't mention it
Didn't see any reason to, as it doesn't affect the topic of /christian/ migrating to Trashchan one way or other AFAICT. I've always thought well of christianjanny 's efforts regarding his board, and that hasn't changed regardless. Banning Christ-chan is hardly important in the grander scheme of Christian outreach and evangelism.


As for myself regarding this matter, I requested -- and was granted -- volunteer status there b/c that board was suffering a ridiculous level of soyjack spam at one point by the GH usual suspect troons. I came onboard there for that one reason alone: to deal with that issue (and it was successfully gotten rid of). Later, a rather demonic individual who called himself AntichristHater69 was stirring sh*te for the board, and I eventually recommended BOS for him, and also (rather ill-advisedly) began responding in kind to his trolling. christianjanny called me out privately on both of these things, and I agreed to depart my role there. The soyjack spam had been my chief concern, and it had been dealt with already.

I think christianjanny will do fine here, but I still advise him to get a good vol to help him out with things here (cf. >>296). 

Hope that helps, Trashmin.
>know that he's a global vol here
That explains why Chobitsu was so adamant to move my board to trashchan
Replies: >>332
>That explains why Chobitsu was so adamant to move my board to trashchan
I don't even know what board you're talking about, friend. But I can assure you that my 'adamancy' is related to one thing alone:
To protect Anon's homes from being destroyed by the imminent demise of anon.cafe

That's it. I know from years of watching Trashchan that Trashmin's personality and intentions are nothing but generous & kind-hearted. Thus it was clear to me when he made his offer, that it seemed a direct answer to prayer. Confer:

As to why I'm a global hotpocket here, it's because I offered 3 or 4 days ago (after the migrations had already begun), b/c I noticed CP spamming, and knew from the sh*tefest being generated within the above-linked thread by the Globohomo's usual suspects that it would likely increase severalfold here out of their vehement hatred of both the Webring and Anoncafe.

Any questions?
Replies: >>333
You'd know which board if you checked the ID, but yeah that answers some questions
Anyway I have another question, why did your ID change?

Also I would like you as a mod on my imageboard site if you were up to it when the time comes, you seem pretty competent
I'd like to make a site similar to anon.cafe, preferably running lynxchan, but we'll see..
Replies: >>334
>check ID
Oh. Lol, hello /server/ you're making the right choice IMO.  :)

>Anyway I have another question, why did your ID change?
Because I only post across Tor. By design, Tor circuits swap around every few minutes.

>Also I would like you as a mod on my imageboard site if you were up to it when the time comes
Sure. We've been long-time friends with you /server/ , there at /robowaifu/ . I would be happy to help out if I'm at all able. I'm about to finish school though, so I'll be busier than ever around next Fall time, all else being equal.
Replies: >>335
>Because I only post across Tor.
There's also an onion address, you should probably use that when posting over tor.
Replies: >>336
Spoiler File
(2.8MB, 507x700)
Good point, I keep forgetting about it. TBH, I'm not especially concerned about privacy/security at this stage of things (ie, full opensauce robowaifu kits are not yet available), and it's just a general practice of commonsense. A compromized exit node, etc., is of little concern to me at this point in time. More to obfuscate the ISPs surveillance than anything. But again, thanks Trashmin. Good advice!
Replies: >>337
To be honest, sometimes I wonder, how many tor exit nodes I might have banned while banning spammers.
A compromised exit node is probably no concern in itself, as long as https is working correctly.
Replies: >>338 >>341
Heh, I'll try to keep you posted if I hit that (but honestly at this point I just almost automatically reach for the 'new circuit' button. :)

Honestly, payload scanning by the GH is irrelevant to me at this point. When that becomes a concern, I'll utilize much stronger means of security. Circuit-tracing is the real practical concern in the meantime. But again, at this point don't care no cap.
Replies: >>339
>'new circuit' button
Are you using tor browser? Because it should display something that this site is available through onion (it sends an onion-location header).
Replies: >>340
I can use either that or Brave (I prefer Brave b/c Brendan Eich is an authentic Christian hero). And yes, I already have the hidden service address.
I still disagree with allowing /christian/ on trashchan but it's your mess to clean up, not mine. Can't say I didn't warn you well in advance when shits'a'brewin' 4-12 months down the line. I've got no reason strong enough to warrant picking a fight with Chobitsu right now so I'll just ignore his weaselly crap.

I think the problem with tor exit nodes and something that's not well understood is that they rely on the same infrastructure as routers at the end of the day for getting from user to end-goal (final node and return), and thus they are still "localized" to some extent. What this means is that if you have a CP spammer from say Brazil using tor, then people over tor in South America or near internet connections that routinely go through South American servers are going to be especially hard-hit by bans as compared to tor users in Asia or Europe. The only two real solutions I've found to this are to either issue 3-12 week bans in lieu of permabans (effectively the same thing to a spammer), or to clear the permaban list quad-annually/bi-annually (allows any current spam to continue unabated though).

If you have no scruples with permabans being permanent, I would suggest blacklisting most of the Eastern European/Northern Asian tor nodes as by the same token as what I described above, this will eliminate most of the common nodes that CP spammers tend to use since IIRC it's mostly coming out of Russian servers. The diaspora of anons who would be most heavily affected by this are Romanians over tor if you were to take this salt-the-earth approach.
The only images removed in the Christ-chan thread were those that were sexual/lustful. Unfortunately due to Lynxchan's limitations it only lets you delete all files in a post, not individually. That's where a lot of anger came from.
Additionally, the Christ-chan thread was never deleted. While I did say I was going to delete it, I changed my mind and ended up locking it instead. I gave anons plenty of time to save/archive the thread if they wanted to and it only fell off the catalog in the past couple months or so.
As for Chobitsu I have no animosity against him, he agreed to step down after we talked and found we had differing intentions for the board.
[Hide] (51.1KB, 480x320)
I also want to protest letting a designated religion/politics board make home here.
Trashchan is an ideal place for many of the boards migrating here precisely because of its chill comfy atmosphere. Bringing in a board like /christian/ is a fast way to import drama. There are more than enough high-energy imageboards out there, from 4chan to 8moe to zzz, they have plenty of places for them to fit in.
Having /fascist/, /islam/ and /christian/ on anon.cafe was bad enough for the small boards, let's not make the same mistake here please.
Replies: >>348
I don't want drama either, but none of the IBs you mentioned could migrate the posts over, and they don't want to make their life even more miserable...
Replies: >>353
Hello, I have a couple of questions for the Admin.
1. Would you be comfortable with hosting /kemono/?
2. Are you in any way associated with - browsing, lurking, or posting on - 4chan?
Replies: >>351 >>354
Wait, didn't they already migrated their backup somewhere else? What happened?
Replies: >>352
They did. I'm just wondering if this place would have also been an option.
While I appreciate your sense of duty, that way of thinking is going to hurt you one of these days. It's not your job to pick up every stray off the side of the street and nobody's gonna fault you for making tough calls. Not that anon.
>hosting /kemono/
Reluctantly, since most furfags are insufferable faggots. Plus they already found a new home, so I guess there's no point in hosting them.
What kind of question is that?
Replies: >>359
Hello trashmin. Pardon the delay, here's /agdg/'s formal request. Sorry for taking so long, I thought being the BO would be necessary (and before that, I thought there'd be no point with everyone gone.). I'd like to move over the existing threads, if possible. I'll help out any way I can.
>URI e.g. /uri/
>name of the board
Amateur Game Development General
just like make game
>planned rules
Mostly the same.
1. Respect the global rules.
2. The board is SFW. Mature content should be spoilered.
3. Avoid shitposting and modernspeak (based, -pilled, etc.). This is a place of mutual creation and should be treated as such.
>what BO experience you have
Sadly none. I'm aware most new BOs lose interest in a month or two, but I always lurk the board even when there's no activity so it should be daijobu. /agdg/ is close to my heart whether I like it or not.
>user name and email
Replies: >>356 >>360 >>371
You're wanting a full migration here, isn't that correct Anon?
Replies: >>357
Yes. Even if it ends up as a dead bunker, I'd like it to at least be useful as an archive.
Replies: >>358
I created a little guide for you, so that Trashmin has clear evidence you are the legitimate BO of anon.cafe/agdg/ .
Replies: >>360
Thank you for your response.

There seems to be lots of smaller imageboards that have popped up that host off site cuckchan communities. Some even advertise their place on the webring, sticking their noses in places they don't belong. Just wanted to make sure you weren't one of them. Given your response, I am guessing that isn't the case, which is a good thing. Unfortunately the place they chose to move to was one of those places.

I'm not interested in running the board myself, but if someone else wants to, then they'll have their answer.
[Hide] (15KB, 503x107)
Fair enough.
Replies: >>361
Great! Perfect job, sleepy!
>/christian/ + /server/
>I'll create the accounts tomorrow, the time is starting to be late even for /late/. Also please tell me when you plan to do the migration.
As I understand things, you're still waiting on the BOs of both /server/ and /christian/ to let you know when to do the migration. Is that correct, Admin?
Last edited by chobitsu
Replies: >>363
/server/ has been migrated a few days ago, but the BO went missing since then. With /christian/ I'm trying to come up with a solution that doesn't make half of my userbase angry/sad.
Replies: >>364
>/server/ has been migrated a few days ago
Good news!
>but the BO went missing since then.
Seems not uncommon. I'll watch over it (as with all the boards here) for spam & watnot.

>With /christian/ I'm trying to come up with a solution that doesn't make half of my userbase angry/sad.
Understood. I hope that you find wisdom in this matter, Trashmin. Cheers.
Replies: >>365
I'm surprised you can get anything done watching over multiple boards over multiple sites and also finding the time to work on your on projects and real life chores.
Replies: >>367 >>370
Okay, who was this?
Not Chobitsu because he never makes more than one post from the same IP, the BO haven't logged in in 3 days, and others shouldn't be able to post because the board is locked.
Replies: >>367
Heh, I just have a 'driveby' system where I do a little bit a time several times a day.  :)

Lol, it was me. :DDD Just some funposting to rib server
I'm still here, I'll be looking into the CSS
I wont make the board public until I have gotten the CSS set up properly, which may take some time
Replies: >>370
Haha I was wondering the same xD
Hey /server/ BO while I'm here, you can delete the thread >>>/server/1487. I opened it on the Cafe but as we have a dedicated place in board setting here to store our assets this thread is now irrelevant. Also /islam/ plan to move elsewhere.
Maybe you can move the few posts still relevant to CSS tricks to the original CSS thread >>>/server/588.
Fuck, I knew I forgot to do something today. Well, you should have your account now, and board migrated tomorrow at earliest, if you're ready.
[Hide] (117KB, 969x817)
Requesting a place for for https://anon.cafe/film/

>URI e.g. /uri/

>name of the board

>a short description/rationale
/film/ is a unique resource, low drama, comfy and has been traveling the circuit with similar boards from 8chan to julay to anon.cafe

>planned rules
Current board rules are
/film/ is a discussion board with a focus toward non-mainstream cinema.
Check the catalog before creating a new thread.
Spam and low-quality content may be removed. 

>what BO experience you have
I've been running /film/ since 8chan

>proof of you're the BO if you want a bunker/migrate an existing board
Image of /film/ settings page attached
There's no rush to migrate (as long as it happens successfully).

>user name and email
film at airmail dot cc
Replies: >>481 >>483
[Hide] (157.6KB, 2542x1248)
Requesting that /loomis/ from anon.cafe be migrated over.

>URI e.g. /uri/
>name of the board
>a short description/rationale
a board for artists of all kinds to share their work and critique one another
>planned rules

>Respect Global Rules 
>No IRL Gore, CP and Doxing 
>Requests only in the Request thread 
>Be polite to your fellow artist and accept critiques

>what BO experience you have
i've owned it for a bit, it's a slow board so it's pretty easy to moderate
>proof of you're the BO if you want a bunker/migrate an existing board
pic related
>user name and email
Replies: >>481 >>483
I think these would be great additions to the Trashchan lineup!
Replies: >>482
Same, I'm happy to see these places want to go on Trashchan.
Alright, I'll get back to you next week probably right now I'm busy being sick as fuck, sorry about that
Take care Trashmin.
Replies: >>489
Please get to feeling better soon, Trashmin!
Replies: >>489
I see that the Admin is currently sick so feel free to take this at your leisure, but I also want an applicaton sent your way.
>name of the board
Inter-Board Competitions
>short description
This is the board used to plan and work on the Infinity Cup, an inter-board event using Pro Evolution Soccer to have boards from the webring as teams. Drama is very much non-existant and tends to come from outside forces.
>planned rules
For now we're keeping the ones from the introduction thread:
1. Global rules apply (don't post illegal stuff)
2. Threads should be about creating new teams for the upcoming Inter-board Cups, as well as discussing new formats (Racing Wars, Handegg, Majoritycrimerateball, Wrestling in collab with 8chanmania) and suggesting new tools to mod and host better tournaments 
3. Organizing sponsored and friendly matches among teams; 
4. Organizing your own board's team and roster. 
>BO experience
I've inherited the board from the previous guy in charge since 2022.
Would this recent edit count or should I screenshot my account page?
>user name and email
I'd like to send those to you in private if the board gets accepted.
Replies: >>489
[Hide] (1004.1KB, 1668x1856)
Get well soon, anon.
Replies: >>489
[Hide] (45.8KB, 1078x722)
>Would this recent edit count or should I screenshot my account page?
At least mention that you made a request on trashchan. But other than that I think you can send a mail. Also include when can I migrate the board.

Thanks. I guess I also realized that the filters page is not exactly optimized for mobile.
Last edited by admin
Replies: >>500
get well soon trashmin, godspeed.
Here I try to collect a status of the current requests, now that there is less than a month until the doom of anon.cafe:
>>>/comfy/ done
>>>/digi/ empty bunker created
>>>/retro/ done
>>>/late/ BO account created, he wants to migrate on 15 March
>>>/ent/ done
>>>/osu/ no response to my questions, no account or board created
>>>/christmas/ done
>>>/christian/ probably moves to zzzchan https://anon.cafe/christian/res/26309.html#q26417
>>>/server/ migration done, board still locked, owner somewhat inactive
>>>/agdg/ done
>>>/film/ done
>>>/loomis/ migration done, still locked
>>>/icup/ migration done, still locked
>>>/l/ scheduled march 3-4

Also, if there are still any board left that want to migrate, hurry up! I won't be able to migrate the boards after anon.cafe goes down.
Last edited by admin
Excellent summary, very helpful ATM. Thanks Anon!
E-mail sent your way.
I sent you an email, let me know when the board has been migrated
I'm still here, just haven't felt up to really get into working on the CSS yet and so haven't opened up the board yet
The anon.cafe board works until March so I'm not in a hurry, but I will get to it soon
[Hide] (65.7KB, 1920x1295)
>name of the board
Virtual Livers/Virtual Youtubers
>a short description/rationale
This is a board dedicated to discussion about virtual youtubers. We do keep a discussion thread about drama but nothing that brings shitstirrers.
>planned rules
Summarised version:
1. No coming to the board with a rancorous attitude.
2. No violating global rules.
3. No spam.
4. NSFW and 3DPD images will be spoilered.
5. No namefagging without an appropiate reason.
5a. No face reveals, boyfriend lists or meta outside of the designated drama thread.
5b. Sensitive content will be spoilered inside said thread.
6. If you post in the board please do so having fun.
7. No typing like a nigger.
8. No discussion on how anon uses cash (buyfags threads are allowed though).
9. Anons acknowledge that moderation reserves the right to ban anon for reasons not listed in the rules.
10. Moderation will have 24 hours to respond to reports and will file a global report when necessary.
If you need the full version of the rules, here's the link: https://anon.cafe/l/res/1.html#1
>what BO experience you have
I've inherited the board from the creator/previous BO back in April 2022.
>proof of you're the BO if you want a bunker/migrate an existing board
Pic related.
>user name and email

Replies: >>509 >>512 >>517
>Anons acknowledge that moderation reserves the right to ban anon for reasons not listed in the rules.
Wow, it's just like a modern EULA.
I think it would be neat if someone on your board would make a sort of tutorial 'how-to' for the technical aspects of VTs. Think this is feasible here, /l/ ?
Replies: >>524
Just as a heads up your global is trying to pick fights over /christmas/ events a year out. The original BO for the board even showed up with receipts and weighed in with a pretty threatening message if regular participants are banned from the festivities.
Replies: >>516 >>517 >>526
>Just as a heads up your global is trying to pick fights over /christmas/ events a year out.
What lies. It's the other way round. This matter was already settled more than a month ago.
And besides, the "original" BO has no say in the matter when the webring has already collectively decided they don't want to be party v&.
Replies: >>517 >>526
[Hide] (136KB, 843x819)
Ping, I've sent you a mail a couple days ago.
Sigh, am I going to be also a baby sitter now?
I know that nobody likes blacked.gov, but could you please not jump at each others' throat at the first opportunity?
Replies: >>518 >>524
>At each other's throats
I don't want a fight, I don't think anyone wants a fight except the two serial shit-stirrers on opposite sides of the aisle. 
However I would like a statement from Chobitsu that he's not going to ban people from the /christmas/ event over their website affiliation to put an end to this particular slapfight. He should have no problems with saying that, and it would stop the slapfight over a nothingburger in its tracks.
Replies: >>519 >>526
>However I would like a statement from Chobitsu that he's not going to ban people from the /christmas/ event over their website affiliation 
Are you literally retarded? Didn't you read that he said everyone is welcome? 
God, you're such a (You)slut, jumping at every slight misunderstanding. Lurk more.
Replies: >>521 >>526
[Hide] (342.6KB, 578x599)
>Are you retarded?
Am I? I'll fully admit to being retarded if I can get that statement. I don't think that statement will ever come though because that would break the suspension of disbelief. I'll fully admit to being retarded in exchange for that screencap though.
Replies: >>523 >>526
[Hide] (144.2KB, 1326x241)
[Hide] (178.4KB, 1320x316)
I only want you to be calm and not go full retard, ok?
Replies: >>526
Apologies for not replying earlier. I just sent you a mail.
It's a bit out of the scope of the board but feel free to do so regardless.
I'd also like to remind /loomis/ and /icup/ BOs that their boards are still locked. (And /server/ too, but I think the BO is aware of it)
[Hide] (352.1KB, 1024x1024)
[Hide] (410.2KB, 755x938)
You know Anon, in my family when I was a kid the tattletale got sent into the timeout corner, as well as the rulebreaker!  :D  So, I didn't have to suffer alone there, but got to enjoy the suffering of my sisters too!  :DD

Of course I want every anon to attend the /christmas/ Webring Festival! And we have our 'timeout corner' (Santa's Thunderdome) too, for naughty little boys and girls who get lumps of coal!  :^)

Neat! Thanks anons. BTW, we could use some add'l Vols for the party. Would you be interested in getting the free Santa Christmas hat!?  :^)
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