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I, Chobitsu, the current BO of /christmas/, can confirm all my named posts within the /shelter/ bunkers thread, such as:

I was given ownership of by it's previous BO, on 12/05/2023, as recorded in /meta/ here:
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I am hereby making an official request to the Admin of to migrate there to his site.

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How can we here extend the basic festival on /christmas/ to more-closely align with the so-called 'Twelve Days of Christmas' tradition?:  (>>3518, >>3528, ...)


The Season is upon us again.
Please co-ordinate and RSVP here about your board's Christmas / New Years festivities.
Anons please outreach to other boards and let them know.
BO will update this OP with relevant information as it becomes available.


Community Group Events Announcements:

>Christmas 2023
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What's going to happen to /christmas/ now that is shutting down?

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Stream on intermission. Connect to PLW's stream!
/animu/ stream: >>40
Good morning, anon! 
Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful Winter Solstice! Enjoy your Yule! Happy Hanukkah! Something something Kwanzaa! FUCK happy holidays Have some wonderful winter festivities! Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha are a ways away but since we might not see each other until then I'll wish you guys a joyous Ramadan as well! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend before Christmas! Is anon eating and sleeping well? Make sure to stay hydrated and to take a nap if you're feeling tired since the event is gonna go for 12+ hours. Feel free to join in and out over the course of the day at your leisure! I had some beer cheese soup this morning that was quite delicious. Got some split pea/lentil and ham for later in the day.

There are various winter festivities that will be taking place. Officially, Gliding Simulator Veloren >>233 will be the social server since it can handle a lot of people and runs on potato PCs, but as more events comes up anon should keep an eye on the events sticky! I'll try to update it every couple hours or sooner: >>188

Current stream can be found here:
Just download the m3u and roll with it in your audio or video player of choice (mpv, vlc, and foobar are confirmed to work). If you're having issues with that, try accessing:
When/if it's time to swap streaming servers, I'll edit accordingly.
Fatchan has generously donated an IRC for your livechat pleasure:
Technical difficulties or info to import into your IRC client: >>160

With all that said, I hope anon will enjoy today. After a quick pre-stream connection test for a half hour, I will be streaming mostly traditional Christmas music (Manheim Steamroller, Bill Crosby, Trans-Siberian Orchestra) with some international (Read: Russian/German/Japanese) twists mixed in. /r/s in all languages are allowed! The other streamers will likely have their own music so I'm not totally sure what they will be doing, but it doesn't have to be Christmas themed all day if they want to play other things. If I'm back on later it might be weeb music for a while and some tavern songs later tonight. I mostly just sent out mass advertisements to what seemed to be the central hubs on each imageboard, but everyone is invited today! If I didn't get an invitation out to your board, or if your imageboard wasn't mentioned, then you have my heartfelt apologies since it was my fault for starting the process so late in the game. I was hand-typing the invitations outside of the copy/pasted greentext and was short on time, so I didn't get one out to everyone, but an invitation should have gone out to everyone in the grand scheme of things. Please enjoy the festivities and come on in; the fire is warm and the drinks are plentiful!
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Merry christmas 

Fuck off redditor

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Welcome to /christmas/! In the interest of making sure everyone has a good time, please read below:

1) Follow all global rules of
2) Take it easy, don't be an idiot.
3) Fights and dumb drama here >>2
4) If you want to invite a board read this >>94
5) No gore. Porn is okay as long it's ontopic and spoliered.
6) Moderation reserves the right to ban troublemakers.

En español:
1) Sigue las reglas globales de
2) Calmao compare, no te portes como un idiota.
3) Peleas y drama van aquí >>2586
4) Si quieres invitar a un tablón lee >>94
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You are cordially invited to watch the Uncommon Time Winter stream with anons from all over the internet. It's that magical time of year where bitter hatred brings us together to laugh at a terrible RPG maker gamer created (and I use that term loosely) by a tumblerite with daddy issues as deep as the grand canyon. Unless I'm mistaken this winter stream marks the 8th year of this traditional imageboard custom, and frankly it gets better every year with new content, and new fanart of Teagan's abs.

The current schedule has yet to be finalized, but it will start on the 18th and end as late as the 24th spending somewhere from 8-12 hours of play time a day because I have no life. It's possible that I may go beyond that time period, but I'll skip Christmas day so everyone can spend time with their families. Watch this thread for any further updates. I hope to see you there.

[Stream Link]
[Muzak Box]
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Replies: >>3569

Here's hoping the applause and fresh input helps the new mod.
Well SBGA was terrible. Anyways the 2023 stream is finished. Thank you all for coming, and I hope you have a Happy New Year.
Replies: >>3512
Thank you. Happy New Year!
Replies: >>3521
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You're welcome. Happy New Year to you to.
>>3016 (OP) 
Hello World! Hope everyones new year has been merry and bright with the love of God!

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Gokigenyou, everyone. We, representing Smugloli's board dedicated the purest form of love, would like to thank the organizers for inviting us to this Christmas event. In turn, we would like to invite all of you to pay us a visit.

Please bear in mind that though we have picked up activity in recent months, we still take things slow here and prefer it so. Our open, user-centric approach separates us from other GL communities and we hope to continue this tradition.
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Streamer here. Was too busy with personal things to organize for this year's /christmas/ event, so I'm cobbling together an impromptu movie marathon stream at 12:00 PM EST (around 7 and a half hours from now). Still gonna stream warkino, but this time I'm going for a medieval theme. Please feel free to drop by if you're interested.

Replies: >>3547
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OK, sounds good Anon. Thanks for the heads-up, I'll add your event into the Community Events listing. Happy New Years Cheers /yuri/ !  :)
Starting stream.
>missed the war stream
First year that I have. I hope everyone liked it. I remember watching the Bridge, Stalingrad, Winter War, and Pretty Village Pretty Flame here. Merry Christmas and happy New Year, /yuri/.
Replies: >>3555
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Thank you very much kind anon, and the same to you!! Sorry for the late response, I'm kinda just waking up from the 1st. We had some unexpected circumstances near the holidays, otherwise we would've had more nights and a more extended schedule. We hope to be much better prepared next time, but we'll definitely be back with something at least. For starters, the streamer has been relegated to take care of the piplup and nothing else. As for this year's schedule, the streamed features were:
The 13th Warrior. (1999)
Kagemusha. (1980)
Excalibur. (1981)
We'll see what we can find for the next festival. By the way, I'm totally on board with /christmas/ BO's idea of extending the next festival up to like Jan 6th, for Epiphany. It's kinda like that in my country anyways, since we celebrate the visit of the Three Wise Men. See you all next year, anons.
For war-unrelated streams, you can always find us on
We are a few weeks away from starting a new  Backlog schedule, and you can check previous ones on the streams threads for some recs, we have a thread on smug /a/ too. Or just pay us a visit and ask whatever, door's always open.
I hope you all have a great 2024, and even if you don't, we'll always have a place to come back here in the webring.
Happy New Year, /christmas/!!
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When I was a boy I just wanted presents at Christmas.
When I was older I wanted to exchange presents to my family and realized it was Jesus Birthday.
When I got older I understood how it's better to give and Jesus birthday can be appreciated more by knowing his passion and ressurection.
Merry Christmas.
Replies: >>3475 >>3477
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>>3461 (OP) 
I don't care about any of the religious justifications. For me, it's all about the atmosphere and spending time with my family. Even the presents don't do too much for me anymore.

Merry Christmas, by the way.
Replies: >>3477
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>>3461 (OP) 
That's touching, Anon. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Anon.
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Why not celebrate the Christmas season for what it truly means, and begin your New Year out right by getting saved Anon?
Replies: >>3553
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Why not.

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Information updated for 2023:
(>>3162, >>3525)


Greetings, Christmas! You are cordially invited to anime nabe, anibe stream on Saturday, December 17 /2022 at

More details can be found here if you wish, Merry Christmas!
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Thanks for coming! There will be a New Years Special as well, but what will run hasn't been decided yet. However, you can expect it to be as varied as the Christmas Special.
Replies: >>3389
>There will be a New Years Special as well
Please make note of it. I will (re)pin your thread and add it into the Community Events listing.
Here's the schedule for the nabe/Euronabe New Year Special:
>Kyousougiga 2011 and 2012
>Gundam Thunderbolt Movies
>Tetsuwan Birdy
>Shounan Junai Gumi
>Castle of Caligostro
>Pichu to Pikachu
>K-ON Movie
Sometime during this will be the last episode of cooking with Emiya, and sometime at the end will be an eight episode marathon of the end of Shichinin no Nana as the first and last of the episodes in this marathon are about the New Year.
Replies: >>3552
>oh god why are you using h.264 instead of h.265?
Unless you have a $3000 computer, it takes upwards of an hour per minute to process in h.265 as compared to about 2-5 minutes per minute in h.264.
Sorry that Akira, Caligostro, Pichu to Pikachu, and the K-ON Movie didn't play yesterday. There were some technical difficulties with the encodes. Feel free to join now, as we're only a quarter through Akira!

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Got some hours to kill this Christmas?
Why not stop by and watch some fun movies with a few autists?
This 22nd, 23rd and 24th we'll be watching a variety of movies as you can see in this beautifully composed chart. 
It starts at 3:30pm PST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST/11:30 GMT every day at
Be there of be square.
Oh, and Merry Christmas!
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>Neil Breen Night
Everyone I encourage you to come because you'll see something AMAZING.
> Bocchi the rock OST “Guitar, Loneliness and Blue Planet” Remix
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Now Playing: Con Air
Breen time soon /christmas/!
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Update schedule for 2023:
*  22 to 25 of dic
*  starting at 3 pm PST / 22 UTC


Grab a drink and enjoy the day by listening to some christmas music at 18 Dic.
If you have some requests leave a link below and I will add the song to the stream.

Starting at 1 pm PST / 20 UTC

Tune in with any media player (I recommend VLC or MPV) at:
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Oh my goodness, my apologies /animu/ !! Somehow I neglected to post this thread in the Community Events listing. I don't even know how that happened; I myself listened faithfully all 4 nights. I guess somehow I just overlooked it in the rush to complete everything. Please forgive me.  :P

So, I've added this thread into that event thread's OP now. Is there any chance you plan to have some kind of New Years/Eve stream this time, as well as Friday (today)?
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Replies: >>3520
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Replies: >>3527
Im just going to stream this friday, got nothing planned for New Years.
Sorry, cutting it short, since I have a cold and need to sleep, see you next friday!
Replies: >>3527
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Thanks Anon! Sorry you're feeling under the weather please get to feeling better soon!
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