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All styles welcome!
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no one talking about cli generated bonsais. Here's one :)
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/lego/ here, I was looking at Lego floral sets the other night and I came across this and wanted to share.
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Very cool. Thanks, /lego/ !  :)
Do you have the actual code for that anon?
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I just installed it through my distro repository, but here ius the code: https://gitlab.com/jallbrit/cbonsai

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Crystals and gems, salts etc
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Rainbow shell from the Chrono series is a real thing.
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If there's a real Melchior out there, then we'll be in luck.
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This is a cool board. Beautiful rocks!
Homemade opals...?


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The in-spot for appreciation of Jazz and its multiple off-shots, chiefly among them the flamboyant and ever-shifting Fusion genre along with some House and its evolution into Nü-Jazz.
Pieces and solo-ing samples along with actual tiny bits of history (usually) will be served once in a while for performer context.
These genres usually have the particularity that the bands are very temporal and/or have members with extensive side works so i will probably post the line-ups too in the webm dumps.
Also fusion albums move very closely in the border of jazz, rock and funk so it won't be rare to post music that could very well fit into other genres, especially progressive rock.

Check our mother thread /musicprod/ as well for more discussion: >>42
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I don't really know anything about the genre, but I've loved this piece ever since I heard it.
Aaand i was supposed to post the webms by now but i wanted to write about Shawn's history along with his buddy Jonas Hellborg... but i don't remember where i left that notepad and i also don't recall the exact details of what i wrote.
I have a folder chuck filled with their careers but not a lot in my mind to explain it decently so i am going to post and write on the go if as i was asked out of nowhere in the day of his birthday who and what was Shawn Lane, a man who is still considered by some as a candidate for an undercover higher entity disguising as a person and chief definition example of overplaying the fills.
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Shawn Lane was born a March 21th in Memphis, Tennessee, the so-called Cradle of Rock n' Roll which despite its many memes actually did end up giving birth to a titan artist post-Elvis, at least in what respects pure guitar playing which is somewhat of an irony taking into account guitar was at the end of the day actually his second instrument.
His rise to his speed-based shenanigans seems to be that he seemed to be born with hyperactivity and some form of nervous system problem which rendered his fingers to react or seem to move faster than usual, which coupled with a refined alternate picking gave way to absurd bpm counts which were not heard of in the 70's, something he could also replicate with the keys.
He played piano from early age to accompany his sisters, later he fondled the guitar but didn't take it seriously until he was 12, at 14 he was already the main guitar player for a relatively known band in the US Black Oak Arkansas although for touring days only. But around these dates he would also deal with his eventual demise, psoriasis and what's worse the arthritic kind of it, usually attributed/mentioned on par with his nervous system characteristics. Some speculate he didn't often play at full speed due to this which is hilarious to think in some way; in the first webm we can see a pretty fast but still primitive or "simple" shredding, still by 1979 this was years before some others did in the
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>>1109 (OP) 
/We're looking for some music for the /icup/ tournament, could you give us some cool anthems to use?
Oh snap 3 years already? i still have all the files for this dump, wonder why i never finished it
tl;dr dude was fucking great and his collabs despite being a few don't strike me as showing how fully talented he was. Also was supposed to post his bass buddy.

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Practices, spells, symbolism, etc
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I found this book;
I haven't read far into it yet but it seems promising
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I actually started reading that a while ago but never finished it. I think I read too much when I should be trying to put things into practice.

I've been going through this recently though:
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Anyone here? I rescued this post from cafe (not mine)
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Yeah, I made that post. I was actually going to repost it. Here's the image I used if anyone wants it.
I haven't done or witnessed any miracles, magic or unnatural stuff, i'm afraid that i have simply made occultism my religion, its embarrassing, but there is no turning back now, i want to believe.

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/server/ suggestions, maintenance, questions and off topic discussion

This thread is not to be confused with the site /meta/
>>>/meta/ <-- Go here for board requests and other site related stuff
Keep stuff posted in this thread related to this board; /server/
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Heh, what can I say? Chii is a very popular robogirl!  :D
The board should now be open, but some CSS works still remains to be done as of this post
Replies: >>1758
You and Admin have done a lot of good work. I'm surprised you managed to replicate how it worked before and so quickly on new board software.
Welcome officially aboard friends!
Looking good.
If you made the reply box translucent and a dark neutral color that might help with getting it to fit in with the various themes.

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Chatposting, waifus and general discussion

No spam or repeated messages
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>is it possible to keep these threads or do we have to start over from scratch?
You'll keep the boards. The Trashmin has perfected a migration pipeline, that automagically moves everything over for you. You'll still need to rework all your 'boards' CSS', though!

All you do is make a migration request on trashchan.xyz, following the template provided in the OP of the requests page:

The process doesn't typically even take that long, either. We hope to see you join in the fun there, BO!! Cheers.  :)
Hello Anon, pleased to meet you! 

>he's responsible for board backups for places like /retro/ and /comfy/.
Actually, I just wrote some custom board scraping software. [1] And I'm an enthusiast for anons having a good home on the Interwebs!  :^)  The Trashmin does all the work now over on his place, using it along with some highly-specialized custom code he writes himself. Cheers.  :)

1. https://alogs.space/robowaifu/res/12974.html#14866
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By way of answer, I'd simply refer you to these posts, Anon:
/shelter/ will simply not find a more technically-competant, and good-natured Site Owner/Admin than at Trashchan. Simple as.

As to the technical question, I'm sure at the very least Tom (the creator of JSchan server software) can be of assistance. [1]  Having gone back and forth with him during his initial beta development of the software, I can say that he is also a very technical and helpful man.
I'm sure things can be worked out
Have some faith, Anon!  :^)
Besides I think the /server/ BO is both up to the challenge, and enjoys one!  :D

1. https://gitgud.io/fatchan/jschan
Replies: >>1750
>/server/ *
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Just thought I'd stop in to your new home and check that everything's fine for you, Anon.
>t. Mom

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Means for thrust, lift and things related
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UFO! UFO! (Its a flare)
The /hover/ board was first made on 1/1/2015, so its been 9 years
Happy birthday /hover/
Replies: >>1716 >>1717
That's pretty impressive.
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Happy Birthday, /hover/ !

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interesting/creepy/spooky/supernatural/otherworldly things
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Being this is the board of a thousand CSSs, and the meta thread has been rife with CSS discussion, - here's a dedicated thread.
This OP will be site focused. anon.cafe has plenty of boards with CSS so they are included for ease of access when relevant.
>/server/ >>>/server/
>/otter/ >>>/otter/
>/cyber/ >>>/cuber/
>/lego/ >>>/lego/
>/fa/ >>>/fa/
>/r9k/ >>>/r9k/
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Greetings /server/. Necro-bumping this thread but I heard you guys were the CSS pros. I'm the BO over on /agdg/ and I'm trying to improve the CSS inside of code blocks. As of right now, it seems the only difference between code blocks and normal message text is that code gets a monospace font. I'd like to change a couple of things there but have no idea how to go about it. I'd like to give code blocks a different background color from the normal post body and, I'd like to prevent the code block from being broken up by image thumbnails. See pic 1 for how it looks now ("Tomorrow" theme). Shit, right?

The board currently has three options for themes: "board specific css", "yotsuba B", and "tomorrow" (two really, since board-specific and yotsuba appear to be the same). Now, I have the option to upload custom CSS but, I'm afraid of clobbering the existing CSS without having backups of them and, I'd rather change the existing ones if possible. If someone can give me a hand with this I'd appreciate it.

Also at some point in the future I'd like to have language detection and syntax highlighting like over on sleepychan but I assume they're using a JS plugin like highlight.js or similar, and that that is something the web server root would have to install and enable.
Replies: >>1579
I'm sorry I've been a bit busy lately
From what I can see you seem to have already changed the font and background of the codeblocks, that's good progress
You can only change the board specific CSS, the other CSS files could only be changed by the site admin and yeah JS is also up to the site admin
Replies: >>1596
No worries. Yeah, I cribbed something from /robowaifu/ and added vertical scrolling to support longer code blocks. I think I'll leave it how it is for now, at least until someone complains about the eye-raping green-on-black scheme.
Replies: >>1615
green on black for code blocks is the righteous way ; )
Replies: >>1616
this. green on black is the truth.

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