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Welcome back to /comfy/ Anon :)
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Thread #7
Springtime Edition
Prervious >>1956
Replies: >>5358 >>6664
Just a comfy bumperino for convenience.
Night ends soon, birbs starts singing. I'm tired but in a kind of fulfilment.

Wish you all a nice day !
Hello /comfy/ friends! I hope you are all well. How has the year been for you all so far?
>>5351 (OP) 
Oh? OH! New thread! It's been a while.
I'm getting ready to put together a computer in a few days and don't know what I'm doing. I hope I can get away with watching some videos walking me through it and that it doesn't take me too long.
Got some break days from work. Planning to go do some speleology and outdoor climbing this week-end. Can't wait.

Be fine /comfy/
Replies: >>5373 >>5377
More caving, spelunking or potholing depending on your region as I don't do it for science but for the fun.
Replies: >>5385 >>5394 >>5395
Neat. Are you a Geologist?
Replies: >>5394
Watch out for bats. They are cute but untrustworthy.
Replies: >>5387 >>5394
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>Watch out for bats. They are cute but untrustworthy.
Bats. Why'd it have to be bats?
[Hide] (4.8MB, 640x360, 00:54)
No, I do it for fun, that's why I added >>5373 after realizing the english meaning is different.

Bats are cute. Here we call them flying mice. And mice are cute. So a mice with wings is double cute.
Replies: >>5395
Do you know what that sport or hobby is called where Scottish or Irish people walk in streams and jump down ravines? It's got some strange gaelic sounding name that I can't remember.
Replies: >>5396
I can't tell the gaeic word but here we call it canyoning. And lot of non scottish people do it.
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I haven't visited here in ages, but I recently lost a quite old friend, and I want to make a /comfy/ post or two explicitly in memoriam of him. He was a real human being, and a real hero.
Replies: >>5411
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I finally realized why any kind of erotic media doesn't work anymore.
Talking with girls (people of the other gender) is my new fetish now. Guess it's time to start dating!
Replies: >>5411
May he rest in peace anon.

I recently opened an account on a dating website and it's cool to chat with some nice girls. Better than porn to be honest.
Replies: >>5421
Been a while I wasn't woke up this earlier. Didn't slept enough but it's comfy to see the birth of the day.

Wish you all a nice week-end.
Replies: >>5417
>Wish you all a nice week-end.
Thanks Anon, you too!
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Lurking female-oriented websites helped me understand that women don't really get it as easy as it is so often said on the internet.
Granted, they also do have a more positive mindset, compared to men. I think what is less seen is this side of the coin, and it's just assumed women have it easier.
If men were to get their head out of the spots they're in, they woodn't realise that life can be as difficult as you want it to be.
Anyhow, I hope you too get to see some nice people out there.
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Guys, I'm exhausted but happy. Seen a bat but she wasn't untrustworthy at all. I think we were more disruptive for her than she was for us.
Did some nice hiking and climbing to. For sure that was a good week-end

Tonite : pizza, X-Files and maybe some chat with the girl. In two words : total comfyness.

Stay well friends.
Replies: >>5431
make sure to say swag randomly, girls like that
Replies: >>5443
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Overall a quite comfy day. Watched some anime, studied kraut and this week i´m going to be preparing for finals. Now i´m preparing myself to sleep.
Sweet dreams /comfy/
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its been quite a while frens! I haven't been on here for some time but I think I'll start that again. Its nice here :]

anywho, whats up with all of the old posts? why are they all dated as 2022?
Replies: >>5443
Welcome back to /comfy/, nice place for nice people.

tl;dr : board closed by old owner, opened again by the cafe admins and rebuilt by hand by anons, hence the posts dating from 2022.

Not sure it's something that popular here, but I have my own hit words when it comes to this subject ;)
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hello friends, got me some new green tea, it's berry nice, have a comfy week
The elections ended where i live and the results are basically worse than ever, i got my tooth pulled and it was soo infected my dentist basically digged a hole in my gum but i get to silver 3 in HOTS and i am upgrading my headphone to a second hand SHP2500(my former was a horrible frankenstain monstrosity that used HP-190 as its shell) soo it is all good.
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hello eberryone im feeling oddly lonely today but am overall comfy im alone most of the time and enjoy it but once in a while i get this feeling
Replies: >>5460 >>5568
I know that feel lonebro.
I get that feeling too sometimes, I do enjoy being by myself most of the time too, I guess it's natural
I feel like I've been neglecting this thread (and others) due to hanging out in puzzle thread so much recently. Sorry /comfy/, I'll try to do better.
Replies: >>5575
np anon, posting in /comfy/ is not mandatory, otherwise it woodn't be comfy :)

But thanks for caring.
>hot shower with shampoo
>a bowl of cereal in bed
>while watching some Shrimpsons episodes
Things will finally turn comfy.

Have a nice day anon !
Replies: >>5600
Skipped a test today.
At the library studying.
Way too many people here, did some work but I want to go back to my bedroom. I know I won't get anything done there since the looming presence of my mother will render me unable to even concentrate. Also I have not showered since last Friday morning. The bathtub is currently occupied by the drying  rack.

At least I'm listening to the Last Window soundtrack. Here you go, anons. Remember to play Hotel Dusk and Last Windows.
Replies: >>5596
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if you dont 'hey this is library' then you have no right to complain
Replies: >>5609
Hope eberryone is doing fine. Popped on by to check for comfy video games, movies and anime for a friend of mine.

Sounds comfy! Mind if I what season you watched?
Replies: >>5610
They were all bretty quiet, I only mentioned it because it is usually not that crowded but I guess during exam week it is.
>what season you watched?
Currently I'm on the 20th.
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Now that we've finished them all, which room wood you want to live in /comfy/?
Combo of the 1st & 2nd so you'd have a full kitchen + full bathroom. Then I can go over to Wyatt Earp's place after work.
Replies: >>5617
Mediterranean room does have a full bathroom too.
And a comfy little fireplace.
The Mediterranean one.
The first one reminds me of something from Chronopolis.
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Guys my back is hurting, I got sciatic pain.
I hope it gets better soon Anon.
Replies: >>5655
Sounds painful. Is it because of age or your job?

The white room, I like the way you combined white and green in the furniture, plus the whole house has this sleek aspect to it. Modern, but cozy.
Replies: >>5655
Not my age as I'm in my mid thirties and still fresh, doing sports and have a decently healthy living. I think indirectly my job as it can be quite demanding. I cant' tell clearly but lately I work a lot and don't sleep enough.
Thanks anon, it's not that painful, just a bit crippling when doing some moves. Will go to the doctor and go for a smooth swimming session thursday.
Replies: >>5656
>Will go to the doctor and go for a smooth swimming session thursday.
Yep I bet that will help. Deep musculature needs that kind of relaxed stretching to stay flexible. I'll pray for your healing to be pain-free soon Anon. Cheers. :)
Replies: >>5658
>I'll pray for your healing
Thanks for your praying anon :)
Tonight is better, almost felt nothing :)
Replies: >>5674
> sciatic pain
thats sodomy according to your jpeg poofter
Excellent! Thanks for letting us know Anon.
So tired today, will go swimming later.
Hope eberrybody's alright.
Replies: >>5690
Get feeling better. Hope you have a great swim today Anon! Cheers. :)
Replies: >>5705
There was LOT of people at a point it was sometimes difficult to swim correctly. Anyway I was in the need for it so it was more than welcome.
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Wood any /comfy/ anons volunteer for the next icup?

They are in dire need of someone to simulate the games.

/icup/ at anon.cafe
Replies: >>5907
It's berry humid today but it doesn't seem to be as blisteringly hot as it did all last year.
after a long time I decided i'll make these my new place to return to.
how is eberrything /comfy/?
Replies: >>5772 >>5773
Trying to keep myself busy learning things. How are things going with you Anon?
Replies: >>5791
Welcome back anon, nice to see you again :)

I'm tired today but hollidays are starting, the weather is nice and I have a date so it's quite good there.

Hope you're fine.
I was able to pick this year's first peppers from the garden this morning.  It's  gonna be a good day.
Replies: >>5778 >>5788
Sounds promising Anon! :)
Does anyone else like to grow okra?
I'm so far behind on gardening but hopefully I'll still be able to make one.
Replies: >>5819
Let's roll the dice!
(Does this board have dice rolls?)
Replies: >>5797
No it doesn't seem like it.
Will spend some days camping with the family in some rural place.

Stay fine /comfy/
Replies: >>5803
I hope that's a fun time Anon. At least really enjoy the nature around you! Let us know how it went when you get back home.
Replies: >>5888
You can certainly still prepare for cool weather fall crops.  Good  luck.
Was a berry pleasant time, doing nothing but enjoying shrimple life with the beloved ones in the nature. Swimming in the lake, playing with my nephew and enjoying shrimple meals together.
Replies: >>5892
Outstanding! Glad to hear it was such a refreshing time for you Anon. Thanks for letting us know.
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Speaking on behalf of the /icup/ board here, wood you guys want to see /comfy/ compete again on a new Infinity Cup iteration? If so reply here: >>>/icup/4864/
This is unrelated to >>5724, who asked you to host the game yourselves, but rather to see if there's still some interest in /comfy/ competing, presumably under the /late/ & /comfy/ coalition.
This was the comfiest image I could find at the moment at the moment on my folder.
Replies: >>5908 >>5926
[Hide] (24.5KB, 605x543) Reverse
I wood like to see /comfy/ and /late/ playing together again for sure. I personally don't have the time nor the skills to play the game myself but I hope some anons here wood join in.
As usual, I will follow the icup with interest.

Thanks for the invite guys.
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[Hide] (485.3KB, 641x803) Reverse
This is a fun little thing that some of you fellow comfy anons might not have seen before.
Replies: >>5929 >>5995
The controllers always looked uncomfortable to me.
Replies: >>5927
Comfy and funny little thing, thanks anon :)
Replies: >>5937
I messaged this guy trying to buy something from him, he responded one day later and luckily i was close when he did soo i answered instantly. It has been 10 hours and he didn't answer. I hate the social aspect of second hand market soo much.
Please post your tower anon. I'm curious to see what you come up with. That goes for eberrybody.
Replies: >>5949
Just messed randomly a bit with the game but I will post my result next time.
this is the dude who made Townscaper. That's berry comfy.
Replies: >>5996
Yeah I think that his little tower game was a sort of prototype for it.
First time here. Looks comfy ngl  :)
Replies: >>6014
Welcome in anon, it is indeed a /comfy/ place :)
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Feels a bit empty lately but comfy I remain.

Hope you're fine guys :)
Replies: >>6045 >>6048 >>6052
Life comes and goes. I'm fine Anon, thanks! :)
Replies: >>6052
>Feels a bit empty lately
I noticed that too, but I'm not going anywhere.
Replies: >>6049 >>6055
Only the jigsaw thread is active now, lol.
Replies: >>6052 >>6064
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[Hide] (50.4KB, 480x360) Reverse
I'm a little distracted right now with early summer busy stuff. Also I've been doing a lot of puzzles lol.

Not a terrible lot of heat yet this summer but that may change soon. I hope eberryone is doing good and your gardens too. Mine is berry late and once again I'm having no success with chinese lanterns. They continue to allude me year after year.
Replies: >>6055 >>6064
When I said that I was talking about myself. I feel a bit empty. But yes I noticed the board is quite slow lately to except for the jigsaw thread. XD

Quite the same here, not really taking time to go on the internets. My balcony garden goes well, mint starting to grow finally and lot of flowers for bug frens to. We're just in the beginning of summer and some days are already really hot. Hopefully we've got some rain tonite :)
Replies: >>6057 >>6064
It's berry humid today.
Replies: >>6058
Same here and there's just been a heavy rain, to cool off the night a little. It smells good.
Replies: >>6060 >>6062
>It smells good.
I like that too.
Replies: >>6062
[Hide] (191.3KB, 889x889) Reverse
Rain is always nice.
>smells good
I'm not a puzzle guy, but the puzzle idea was a really good one judging from how popular it's been.
I think the board is going back to a normal amount of posting after the elevated level of activity we had a while ago during the restoration.
>When I said that I was talking about myself. I feel a bit empty.
My mistake.
Finally a rainy day. The air was getting really bad here this week.
>just want to post comfy pic
>lol nope
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Bretty stars.
Replies: >>6124
That's beautiful Anon, thanks!  :)

Just imagine for a few minutes how that exact grouping of stars came into being over the history of the universe. Awe-inspiring tbh.
Replies: >>6142 >>6152
[Hide] (47.7KB, 600x600) Reverse
>Just imagine for a few minutes how that exact grouping of stars came into being over the history of the universe.
Replies: >>6143
Carl Sagan, is that you? :^)
Replies: >>6144
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A bee bit me!!
I hate bees.
Replies: >>6148 >>6152 >>6155
That sucks. Get some baking soda and make a poultice to put over the wound Anon.
Replies: >>6155
[Hide] (666.8KB, 1223x1800) Reverse
[Hide] (176.1KB, 820x638) Reverse
Imagine for a moment anon, these stars as we see them may be probably extinct from some time.

Bees make honey so (honey) bees are certified cool bugfrens :)

Today was a good day. I like good days.

Wish you the best /comfy/
Replies: >>6155 >>6160
Have you ever seen a leafcutter bee? They look like giant, long honeybees.
>these stars as we see them may be probably extinct from some time.
Not really. The shortest-lived stars last typically in the billion year regime. Most are closer to 100 Billion and up (ie, they've been around since they first 'lit up' near the beginning of the universe itself, and will last indefinitely).

The really huge ones can go supernova in a shorter period of time, but I doubt that any of even those have burst yet, given the near proximity (in the 10s to 1'000s of LY regime) to us here on earth. Since that is a deep image, then some fair number of stars in those galaxies that are 50MLY+ distance may have burst, but those will statistically be a berry smol number by percentage.
No, they're still around today Anon. :)
Replies: >>6161 >>6176
Yeah I wasn't sure for those specific stars but I enjoy the idea we can see the light from objects that may have already disapear.
[Hide] (153.7KB, 1228x868) Reverse
[Hide] (693.3KB, 1419x2000) Reverse
Happy burger day comfy!
Replies: >>6181
[Hide] (1.4MB, 861x858) Reverse
[Hide] (5.5MB, 3955x2008) Reverse
I wonder what the chances of any of us actually seeing a naked eye supernova or supernova imposter?
Replies: >>6177 >>6180
I wager the odds are much higher than us coming into existence.
Replies: >>6188
As I understand it, the vast majority of stars that historically will ever burst anywhere/anywhen over the universe, already did so during the 1st & 2nd generation of stars formed during the earlier phases of our cosmic timeline (of 13.8Gy). 

But we can all be berry grateful that they are quite rare (relatively, by percentage) today, since they are deadly to life of course. But seemingly-ironically, they are also essential to life's existence, since some vital elements only come into existence through SNs. [1][2]

>naked eye ones
Apparently the one back in 1987 was visible for a while, but there have been much brighter ones through human history. [3]

1. https://reasons.org/single/asa-designed-to-the-core
2. https://reasons.org/single/tothecore
3. www.astronomy.com/science/7-naked-eye-supernovae-throughout-human-history/
Replies: >>6188
Thanks Anon.
There was suppose to be another visible Luminous Red Nova last year but then someone realized that they had misplaced a decimal so the whole event was "canceled".
Replies: >>6198
"We regret to announce that the super nova event has been canceled, and rescheduled to Tuesday 10,00 years from now. Tickets are available for purchase online."
Replies: >>6199
Till this time I'm sure some liberal gigacorpostate will privatize the sky and you'll need to rent a monthly subscription to look at it.
They'll call it skyflix or something...
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[Hide] (103.4KB, 560x326) Reverse
[Hide] (275.3KB, 1280x960) Reverse
[Hide] (268.7KB, 800x521) Reverse
Here's some more angles.
Replies: >>6206 >>6209
[Hide] (24.7KB, 420x132) Reverse
[Hide] (45.3KB, 420x251) Reverse
[Hide] (26.2KB, 420x129) Reverse
And some concept art too.
Replies: >>6206
Basée Citroën.
Replies: >>6208
Fun fact: the "roof" of that car is about the same size of a standard sheet of paper.
Gorgeous car. Syd Mead design?

Heads up to anyone who didn't see the thing under the banner - /agdg/ game jam has ended and entries are coming in. Pop on over if you want to play some comfy little platformers! Let us know what you think about them too if you can. Thanks guys.

I am also just now realizing that I may have forgotten to formally invite you guys to participate. I apologize if so. Will definitely reach out for the next one
Replies: >>6212
>I may have forgotten to formally invite you guys to participate
np anon, I noticed the event and lurked there a bit. Will try these little games tonite :)
Night is warm, they started to harvest the grain around and it smells good.
Replies: >>6215
Sounds berry comfy anon. Count your blessing!  :)
Day is good. Today I had a good feast with my family. Although now I am kinda nervous I hope that posting here may alliviate it. Have a nice day all of you.
Replies: >>6228 >>6231 >>6263
I hope you find peace today Anon.
Replies: >>6233
Hope you're fine now aon.
Replies: >>6233
A bit better now. Since last year I had this anxieties that block from doing anything. Lurking in boards like these is part of what has helped me to continue forward. Thanks for your support.
Replies: >>6237 >>6268
>Lurking in boards like these is part of what has helped me to continue forward. Thanks for your support.
Totally understood. Glad things are improving for you Anon. Keep moving forward!  :)
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I'm looking for new friends to connect and chat with on Twitter.

I'm into tattoos, fashion, DnD, reading, gaming, animals, or any kind of geeky thing you can think of.
[Hide] (112.9KB, 750x937) Reverse
[Hide] (62.9KB, 600x800) Reverse
[Hide] (387.6KB, 2048x1535) Reverse
[Hide] (79.4KB, 1200x799) Reverse
Have some comfy pics anon and have a nice day.
Replies: >>6272
Today's weather is cooler with a bit of rain from time to time. Highly appreciated after the hot temperatures we've got lately.

Have a nice day anon.

: )
Replies: >>6271
>Have a nice day anon.
You too Anon, thanks for the well-wishes!  :)
Cute pupper.
[Hide] (149.9KB, 639x700) Reverse
Jeez it's hot.
Replies: >>6295
[Hide] (73.1KB, 724x483) Reverse
hard working and hot temps are killing me lately. Hopefully on Sunday I'll finally be able to get some rest.

Stay strong anon and remember to stay hydrated : )
I was caught under a heavy rain as I was walking outside. Nothing more pleasant than putting on dry clothes and drinking hot chocolate.
Replies: >>6297 >>6298
I'll never understand people who like the rain anytime outside of summer.
I can get it when it's 40ºC and you're dying from the heat, but when it's cold it's just awful.
Personally speaking, I make a mess with my shoes all muddy, having to change my clothes, and tolerating the cold.
Replies: >>6298 >>6301 >>6322
tbh I'm one of the rain lover folks but I must admit I prefer enjoying winter rains from my windows while being comfy at home.
>>6296 was a hot summer rain moment so it was more than welcome.
Hot again ant the weather man keeps lying about the rain.
Replies: >>6307 >>6324
I agree 100%. I'm a hot-weather guy but can enjoy a nice summer rain eberry so often and even thunderstorms as long as they're the benign kind. Rain at any other time of the year is just miserable for me.
[Hide] (416.4KB, 777x518) Reverse
I remember last summer as there was long days of hot weather without rain I was pissed off about the weather girl on the radio.
[Hide] (49.6KB, 500x500) Reverse
Just watched a video explaining in detail what Cookie☆ is, and now I'm a bit repulsed on the time I was quite into it, or at least I was into the weird NYN content
Either people need to take less time on the internet, or if they can't do that, find themselves and get their vibrations checked
Replies: >>6323
[Hide] (812.6KB, 250x250) Reverse
[Hide] (946.4KB, 499x477) Reverse
[Hide] (557.3KB, 889x500) Reverse
I was sort of like that once but then I went through a year, not too long ago, with terrible dry conditions and and fires in my area that completely altered my perception.
I mean it was so dry that the grass dried green and there was so much smoke in the air from the fires it was like a fog and the sun was dim even at midday. It was getting into Dark Souls territory. It really was beginning to feel apocalyptic. It was really bad for my mental state and conversely rain has become extremely good for my mental state.
It's kinda hot and dry here right now and the smoke is coming in from the Canadian fires and it's making me a bit twitchy. A nice week long rain out wood help my nerves immensely.
>Just watched a video explaining in detail what Cookie☆
I'm a little afraid to ask.
Replies: >>6326
Hot as hell here too, I hope this heatwave ends soon.
Today I am home alone with my dog today. Thinking about ordering something to eat as I am not in mood to cook, overall, it could be a worse day.
Replies: >>6340
[Hide] (20.3KB, 400x450) Reverse
Bunch of people participated in a silly Touhou Fan thing, people got extremely riled up about the low quality of it and just started to make a mockery of the people who participated in it.
This may be the surface level explanation, but personally speaking, I don't think this kind of behavior is appropriate.
I also don't understand where the weird Nazrin comes from, given that the story doesn't seem to involve her at.
Replies: >>6334
[Hide] (3.4MB, 490x444) Reverse
It actually goes more in depth, with the leader of the first community project having done some nefarious things to voice actresses participating in it, and also something involving gay porn.
And something about it being too out of character, but I didn't find it berry offensive.
I personally find it awkward to talk about touhou because you can always get the people who have spent 20 years into it pointing at eberry single thing I said that isn't really how it might be, but I just found it interesting. I am tired of making some habit, line of thought or hobby my own identity, I am much more than that.
I've not been able to breath most of this day from all the smoke. The heat wasn't actually all that bad.
Replies: >>6343
I typically visit here to chill out.
[Hide] (21.6KB, 800x540) Reverse
yuros are apparently extremely hot while here it's the first time in a while we got to -0ºC temps
>all the smoke
Are you Canadian ? Or are they wildfire where you live ?
Replies: >>6346
The smoke has blown all across the US. This is the third time it's come in this year even. It's bretty rough. The singular upside to it is the beautiful sunsets. The sun looked the color of a red dwarf star a couple of days ago where I live.
I hate how so much of the internet has become a gatekept garden.
Most social media platforms are inaccessible if you aren't in them, it's quite disgusting.
Replies: >>6348 >>6352
Yes that is berry annoying, the days of open access on the internet are mostly gone unfortunately.
Replies: >>6349 >>6352
[Hide] (938.4KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
It's ridiculous how people don't trust you if you don't have any social media at all.
My friend told me that if I ever have to match with or date someone, it will be necessary to have that. I think it's just baloney.
Replies: >>6350 >>6352
Someone who wood consider no social media an issue probably isn't worth your time anyway.
[Hide] (2.7MB, 3424x4869) Reverse
It finally rained! Just a little dab but eberry drop counts. Here's hoping for more.
What I don't like is how many artists lock their stuff behind paywalls. I understand they need to make money but it makes it harder for their stuff to spread around and risks their art disappearing forever some day just because not enough people knew about it to save it.
>tfw you're both an irl hermit and also an internet hermit
[Hide] (25.2KB, 678x452) Reverse
Forced myself to take a break from Mathematics self study (Apostol, Calculus vol. 1) today. I played video games and listened all day to music, particularly Nick Drake's record, Pink Moon. It's berry soothing. I can't wait to study again tomorrow!
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1417x1700) Reverse
There is an odd air of cozyness knowing that it is impossible for me to be attached to the past, because most of the past for me wasn't that much of interest.
There seems to be a lot of discontent for the current zeitgest, but at the same times it seems like this is a good thing because that means that the future is something that is still in the air, and we can manifest whichever future we want in our lives.
I always see people putting the past on a pedestal, on imageboards, irl, hell my dad can't get his 80s tinted glasses off, but personally I don't find anything that I feel will ever be nostalgic for.
Maybe my mother, but that is less based on what is going on in the world, and more of a human experience.
Replies: >>6361
[Hide] (133.9KB, 720x408) Reverse
It rained last night and again today. It's been nice and cloudy. There's an 80% chance of rain tonight and an additional 80% chance for tomorrow. My comfy has returned.
Replies: >>6361
If you forget you & your people's past, ((( they ))) have defeated you already.
>for further insights:
Read 1984

Super comfy! Glad to hear about the gift of rains for you Anon. What a blessing right?
Replies: >>6362 >>6365
[Hide] (936.6KB, 500x281) Reverse
oh god, not this schizo trite again
what people? the schitzo insanity that revolves around meaningless quarrels? the kind of behaviour that pushes people away because they're not exactly 100% as one wish they were? the kind of lunacy that closes more doors than it opens?
i'm sick of all of this meaningless trite, you're not my people, never were. You were only "my people" because I settled down to the beliefs you pushed on me, but now that I realized the absolute stupidity that it was, and the awful selection of choices it led up to, I want nothing to know about "my people"
The only thing I wish is to be happy, that's all there is to it.
Replies: >>6363
>Irony: the post
Your people was the topic at hand friend, not me.
>two words:
Replies: >>6364
I won't indulge in your quarrel
Leave your manners behind the door, this is a library.
>What a blessing right?
Sure is.
I now have  a regular squirrel visitor to my bird feeders.
I think I'm going to continue using my Master's degree knowledge for hobbies after I graduate

 But work in something unrelated 
Replies: >>6375
[Hide] (74.8KB, 500x295) Reverse
pls rember that wen u feel hot or dry never forget ttimes wen u feeled cool

wen day is bright alway rember rainy day 
Replies: >>6375
>after I graduate
Congratz in advance Anon!

Replies: >>6380
Spoiler File
(541.1KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Thank you fren

The real degree was the comfy scenery along the way
I saw a snake in my yard for the first time ever today, but it ran away before anyone could catch it. I think it might have been a baby garter snake. I've seen snakes in other places locally  but never there and never a garter snake.
[Hide] (259KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Reposted by request.
[Hide] (4MB, 4000x3000) Reverse
[Hide] (4.6MB, 4000x3000) Reverse
I slept for 12 hours after returning home from a trip to a faraway town in the province for my cousin's wedding ceremony. The house that we (me and my mother) visited is situated in a berry remote area surrounded by endless farming fields. Didnt slept that day and got to watch the sun rise (pic rel). 

I studied math for a bit during the trip (brought my notes on my Intro to Real Analysis with me).
Replies: >>6432
>Didnt slept that day and got to watch the sun rise (pic rel). 
Nice, thanks for the pics Anon! I always find that moment of the day particularly spiritual.
[Hide] (728.5KB, 1152x720) Reverse
sedentary lifestyle: the board
Replies: >>6487
More like sedentary lifestyle: the season.
I can't risk moving too much or I'll die of heat stroke.
[Hide] (770.9KB, 500x365) Reverse
Replies: >>6528 >>6535
So some .gifs will post and not others. Why?
Replies: >>6531
As for some MP3, MP4... I think it's a problem regarding the encoding of the file itself. I have seen that on other chans based on Lynx to.

Rainy day, comfy day.
Oops, someone spilled their glass of mustard gas.
Replies: >>6591
There was a time a few years ago that those subtly looped .gifs were all the rage. I don't remember what they were called.
Replies: >>6592
[Hide] (484.9KB, 400x400) Reverse
Me neither. Personally, it reminds me of when Twilight and Pirates of the Caribbean where more popular.
I slept four hours last night and I feel fine. But when I sleep nine hours I always feel awful.
I hate having a summer cold. Even though it isn't a bad one it's just miserable with the heat and humidity.
[Hide] (393.4KB, 1554x742) Reverse
>>5351 (OP) 
/kind/ right now
Replies: >>6665 >>6669
Not kind at all.
These soyjack spammers really are cancer.
Replies: >>6667 >>6676
[Hide] (37.8KB, 1554x742) Reverse
[Hide] (19.8KB, 396x139) Reverse
Yeah, i think they broke /kind/
Replies: >>6669
I despise them so much.
It's back but it's been contaminated by the cancer brought by those goobers.
Apologies for the rudeness but those raiders do not deserve any kindness.
Replies: >>6670 >>6676
Glad knowing things get better.
Stay safe /kind/
Update to the /kind/ situation: all the spam has been deleted.
Replies: >>6675
[Hide] (454.5KB, 498x403) Reverse
Good job /kind/
Replies: >>6691
[Hide] (174.6KB, 852x636) Reverse
These insufferable idiots have the nerve to complain about s-yj-ks not being allowed when they pull caca like that. If I were a board owner who banned  them, it wood just make me dead set on disallowing them from being posted. I didn't even really care about s-yj-k.p-rty one way or the other before they started their spam raids on other boards.
Replies: >>6694
LOL just noticing /comfy/ and /late/ are in top position ahead of /k/ despite their Russo Ukrainian conflict thread(s).

I know we're not here for a race or things like that but it's quite satisfying (the failed money hungry artist posts spam may have helped a bit though).
Replies: >>6682
>(the failed money hungry artist posts spam may have helped a bit though).
What habbened t that thread anyway? I keep trying to encourage him, both here and on /late/, by posting art help and tutorials, but he seems to be way too caught up in the idea that there is some magic algorithm or set of instruction to pull numbers.
All the artist that I know or follow, big and small, just to what they like and seem to have a lot of enjoyment and success out of it.
Replies: >>6689
Some anons just don't fit the comfy.
It's sad because it's a nice thread idea discussing about drawing but trust me, this anon wood just bring more harm to the board than anything.
Replies: >>6696
This. Thanks kindmin, glad to see you were already prepared for those glowneighbors. I tried to help you out with a few reports to alert you to ((( their ))) slide attack against your site.
Spoiler File
(308.6KB, 1000x973) Reverse
Replies: >>6695

I censored that  because I was getting autobanned before I realized it was probably the name of the website that was responsible for it. I figured there must be some image detection feature that was banning those images due to spam until it dawned on me what was really going on.

Unfortunately, I forgot to appeal the ban for the second VPN connection I tried posting with. That's not going to be good for the next person who goes to use it.
[Hide] (111.6KB, 851x843) Reverse
>this anon wood just bring more harm
never change BO
Night is fresh and there are young hedgehogs roaming in the grass around there. I like their little face watching me under the spikes while I pass nearby.
Replies: >>6713
Are you into /nightwalks/, anon?
Replies: >>6714
Yes, mostly for work.
Just realizing I should also have posted that on /late/ !
Replies: >>6715
Don't worry, it's 4:30 am here and I did the same

The posting, that is, I'll save the nightwalks for another night
Today was a comfy day, just spent some time at home taking care of my balcony garden and jarred a few herbal teas while listening music.

Hope eberryone' s good :)
Replies: >>6758
Berry comfy! :)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 498x362) Reverse
rainy day = comfy day
[Hide] (146.8KB, 630x968) Reverse
[Hide] (44.9KB, 338x507) Reverse
[Hide] (67.8KB, 450x600) Reverse
[Hide] (90.9KB, 540x720) Reverse
[Hide] (259.7KB, 1080x1080) Reverse
Replies: >>6799
What are those trees ? They are gorgeous.
Replies: >>6804
[Hide] (602.4KB, 658x1351) Reverse
So, our friend /kind/ is gone...

Replies: >>6801
[Hide] (906.9KB, 721x540) Reverse
Socotra Desert Rose Adenium socotranum or Adenium obesum subsp. socotranum depending on the botanist.
Replies: >>6807
Thank you :)

Oh, is it some of those rare ancient artifacts describing the primordial Gondolas gods from the Nörske ?
Replies: >>6813 >>6821 >>6830
I should also probably mention that the "common" version of Adenium obesum is bretty accessible to find. You can get them all over in garden centers and in succulent displays at stores if you really just like the flowers. I'm not sure if they can get as tall as the Socotra island types though. The ones in cultivation tend to be of uncertain lineage or breeding. It wood still make a nice little succulent dish garden.
It's dogbane family so it is toxic so just rember to keep away from pets and children and possibly wear gloves if you think you are going you come in contact with the sap.
Replies: >>6814
I really like the shape of the trunk so I will look if I can grow one at home.
Replies: >>6815
[Hide] (1MB, 2519x3359) Reverse
[Hide] (287.9KB, 600x600) Reverse
[Hide] (106KB, 709x974) Reverse
Depending on where you live you may have to keep one in a container and bring it in during the cold but they take well to container growing and they certainly will form their big swollen trunks while in captivity.
Replies: >>6818
A little one wood be really cute in my home. Will look after one specimen soon. Thanks for introducing me to this tree :)
Gondola is eternal.
Replies: >>6830
>Oh, is it some of those rare ancient artifacts describing the primordial Gondolas gods from the Nörske ?
It sure seems like it.
Yup, he's  just gone through some changes. I'd like to know what habbened to his arms.
>Ylilauta Seal
>Represents the primal form of the wandering observers
>Enhances Gondola Incantations
>Scales with Endurance and Faith
A berry slightly fallish feel today. First time this year.
I hope you guys are doing okay. At the start of this year I posted here on how I was so excited starting my first real job. I hate it here already.
But I'll find a better one.
I hope.
Replies: >>6897 >>6900 >>6909
I'm sorry to hear that anon. Don't worry things will get better.
[Hide] (4.5MB, 4000x3000) Reverse
[Hide] (5.6MB, 3000x4000) Reverse
Gonna be alright anon, hope you'll find something better. Keep it up :)

Just spent the week-end listening stoner and psychedelic rock live in a volcano. Berry comfy music festival, not a lot of people and berry kind in general. Bonus point for the little river down in the valley for the morning coffee and the ablutions and when I was in a need for peace moment alone in the nature.
Replies: >>6909
[Hide] (474.1KB, 3264x2448) Reverse
A mixed bag today /comfy/. Hit the first major roadblock in a programming project I'm working on which had me feeling frustrated. Kept myself relaxed by going for a walk in the woods near my home with my camcorder and getting some cool footage.
[Hide] (290.6KB, 837x1200) Reverse
[Hide] (196KB, 705x1600) Reverse
I know how that can be. I just ended up leaving a place I work because I couldn't take it. It's not even a time-intensive job or anything, but it's one that stressed me out.
Looks like a nice place to take a hike around.
Replies: >>6939
[Hide] (503.4KB, 1920x1200) Reverse
Anticipating comfy evenings in the near future. Moving to someplace colder. This board will keep me warm.

I've been listening to Autechre lately. Post comfy tunes :)
Replies: >>6941
>Looks like a nice place to take a hike around.
Definitively, I plan to go back there to hike and camp some days.
That pic reminds me, how do you go about taking pictures or video to look like 1970s movies or photos? You know that really faded out or orange beige look like you wood see in some lower budget movies?
Replies: >>6945 >>6951
[Hide] (51.5KB, 612x472) Reverse
[Hide] (500.8KB, 1231x476) Reverse
Not the Anon you're responding to, but perhaps they increased the temperature coloring? Your question sparked my curiosity.
Replies: >>6951
[Hide] (58.6KB, 864x604) Reverse
Still thinking about a girl I had something about two years ago.
It's not intense or maddening, but she does prop up here and there since I'm mostly a solitary man. Seems like I just create a fuzz wherever I go and this leads to me to not connecting with anyone, I guess it was a miracle that what I had with her habbened.
Replies: >>6952
[Hide] (50.9KB, 768x512) Reverse
Film does most of the job. Get yourself a Super 8 camcorder and make a home video. As for photography, I have a strong suspicion that the original picture I posted used Lomo Redscale film to get that warm effect. Here's another :3
Replies: >>6964
[Hide] (2.7MB, 2208x3528) Reverse
I was in the same situation. I met a girl in our twenties and we were berry much in love. But because I was a mess (mainly due to depression and drugs), inevitably things fell apart. I spent many years afterwards haunted by the memory of the burning love I had for her and found it berry hard to conceive of a new relationship, even just to sleep with someone else.
Now (about ten years have passed since then) I manage to go out with girls but I find it hard to fall in love, at least not as intensely as I did with my ex. In some ways it's better, things seem more stable this way, less destructive, but I sometimes miss passionate, unconditional love. Even its inherent pain.

It can took some time to recover for a break up with some beloved one. Don't desesperate, use this time wisely, take care of you, use the pain as a fuel and try to move forward one step at a time.
Replies: >>6971
>used Lomo Redscale film to get that warm effect.
Yeah I should have realized that from the file name.
>Film does most of the job. Get yourself a Super 8 camcorder and make a home video.
What about like the really wrongly color graded effect  or saturated like 
I'm curious how to make things that look like they came from different eras of film or photography. I should probably ask about these things on /p/ but I'm afraid they're way over my level of knowledge.
Replies: >>7048
[Hide] (942.8KB, 834x1086) Reverse
It's just the morning what sucks a lot. Lately I have been trying a lot of things with AI, but the most stupid thing I did was to pretend it is a replacement for a real connection with other people. I have always lived a mostly solitary life, and haven't pursued a relationship ever. Or friends. Things are strange to say the least.
white russian is a berry comfy drink
the dude abides
[Hide] (57.3KB, 445x585) Reverse
I cut my working hours and feel much less stressed out now.
Replies: >>6977
Good for you anon.
Replies: >>6984
I wasn't even working that many hours or anything, but it's made a big difference. I just don't think it's tenable in the long run financially.
I haven't visited in quite some time. I've recently tried taking more care of myself, I'd like to turn my life around.
Replies: >>6987
>I've recently tried taking more care of myself, I'd like to turn my life around.
Good for you Anon.
Just keep moving forward.
Gonna start going jogging more frequently ever since my breathing patterns have gotten more quacked up.
Surely that will fix things with time.
I just spent over a half hour running a cheap synth through a fancy reverb unit.  You could not only fart through the thing and still sound good, but it's also really easy to use and can even be used to mangle sounds to a certain degree. I'm glad I managed to record my crappy playing for future reference. Someday I can try and replicate what I was doing.
Replies: >>6993
[Hide] (84.5KB, 1200x1200) Reverse
Reminds me some autistic moments I enjoy spending on Audacity. I generate a tone or use a funny noise sample (a fart, yes) and I can easilly spend hours using effects on it to see what kind of interesting sounds it can produce. It have no purpose, just the pleasure to experiment some noises. Sometimes I end up with some nice ambiant tracks, dark drones or agressive noise storms. I like it.
Replies: >>6994
Now that you mention it, I've decided to try Paulstretching the entire session just to see what it sounds like. Some of what I got earlier was nicely atmospheric, and it seems like I could get some interesting results.
Sorry that I am only just getting back to this. If you're going analog then exposing the film in weird ways can get you some strange effects. My expertise is more in tape camcorders than film though. From messing with footage from that era of tech I can tell you a lot can be achieved in post.
Replies: >>7055 >>7058
Mind limiting your images to something comfy Anon, thanks? Nuclear bombs are anything but. Besides, /k/ is just around the corner.
Replies: >>7186
[Hide] (66.7KB, 1024x487) Reverse
Sure enough do repost that on /k/. I missed it and I'd like to see your example.
Have you ever tried anything with old vidicon based cameras? Wood it be worth it to search one up or wood a good old 1980s camcorder do about as well?
Replies: >>7186
Finally, summer will soon be over.
[Hide] (17.7KB, 400x399) Reverse
Years go by, and I still ask myself.
Man, why haven't i killed myself yet?!?!?
Replies: >>7062
kiss me is definitively not comfy anon. Not that death itself may be uncomfy but just... Don't.
Maybe this year will be your year, who knows ?
Replies: >>7063
I think my year was 2021, this one is not too bad but it still sucks ass.
I want to believe things will get better, but I have lived like this for my whole life. I just wonder when will this end.
Replies: >>7065
Maybe some future year will be better anon, don't give up on life, please.
We all have to deal with cacaty moments, I myself already thought about unliving many times but never did it. Does my life better now ? Hey I still have to deal with lows moments but overall, I'm glad to be there.
Please, stay with us anon :(
Replies: >>7073
Looking back, mentioning those things was in poor taste from my end.
I'm better now, I'll try to keep myself together next time, sorry.
Replies: >>7074 >>7077
[Hide] (96.5KB, 980x816) Reverse
np anon, sometimes you just need to vent out about things that hurt. Life can't be always nice, but we have to deal with it.
Hope my words may have helped a bit.

Take care of you.
[Hide] (399.7KB, 1800x997) Reverse
Keep that ship sailing Anon! You're living proof that even the storms of your worst days haven't been enough to sink you.
[Hide] (328.3KB, 600x392, 00:01)
Replies: >>7083
Hello Anon. A cute dancers.
Replies: >>7120
The pollen and the remainder of the heat have gotten my sleep all messed up.
Replies: >>7121 >>7122
[Hide] (2MB, 400x225) Reverse
Didn't mean to quote.
Replies: >>7122
Drink cooled water, especially before bedtime.
>Didn't mean to quote.
Lol no worries. I'll quote for you Anon!  :)
Good morning eberrybody
Replies: >>7128
Good morning Anon.
[Hide] (411.7KB, 1280x960) Reverse
Things get nice lately, despite the hot weather*.
Hope eberrybody is fine.

* Remember to stay hydrated :)
Something about this time of year makes me irritable.
Replies: >>7187
I,m gonna pick a bunch of garden stuff today. Mostly peppers.  I will pull up some  beets too. I've been trying various iterations of simmering them in konbu stock with other veggies. Its bretty good.
Replies: >>7143
That sounds really tasty.
Good morning /comfy/, have a good sunday :)
Finally, a long rainy night.
Replies: >>7170
I saw a full rainbow earlier. It was bretty neat to see, since I can't remember the last time I've seen one.
Replies: >>7170
[Hide] (399.8KB, 806x1365) Reverse
Sounds /comfy/ tbh.
Good news from my "garden". Really it's no more than a small pumpkin patch. Today I noticed my first female flowers and one will be opening in the morning. With any luck I'll get a few before frost next month.
Replies: >>7176 >>7301 >>7527
Nice, it's always a good feeling seeing the miracle of nature in your garden. This year was nice for mine : some accidental tomatoes (from my compost I guess), mints and lots of flowers.

>currenttly the moring is still dark and really foggy.
Replies: >>7178
I woodn't have much hope in them given how late I got them planted and then subsequently got then set out late as well but this is a half wild pumpkin that has fruits no bigger than a softball so I think I've got a good shot.
>some accidental tomatoes
Those are always good. You can count on tomatoes a lot of time when you can't count on anything else.
Replies: >>7301 >>7527
I recall planting bulbs as in garlic/onions and having them sprout only to give up and fail for no obvious reason on them... I get the need to rotate and all, but what could have stunted them in the first place?

This was container gardening only if that helps.
Replies: >>7180 >>7183
[Hide] (273.3KB, 800x1200) Reverse
Another thing. I don't want to jinx it but it looks like after many years of trying I've finally gotten a few chinese lanterns to sprout. They're berry small now but hopefully I'll be able to shepherd them and by next year his time I'll have berries.

You didn't have any weeds around them did you? Onions don't tolerate competition at all. Come to think of it most of them don't tolerate the least bit of shade either.
I planted two shallots that were starting to sprout in my fridge. Just to see, I don't even know how it harvests afterwards. They're in a container with a mixture of flowers for the bees and they seem to be doing well there.

So far, I've only harvested poppies, lavender and mints for my winter herbal teas. As I'm using containers on a balcony, I'm focusing on herbs rather than vegetables.
[Hide] (741.5KB, 2560x1706) Reverse
Sorry anon, I work in the field. Just selected an image I had sitting on my computer without much thought.

I have only used CCD-based camcorders so far, but I really want something vidicon for those sweet light trails. My dream camcorder, the JVC GR-C1, uses a Saticon tube.
Why ?
Replies: >>7190
I'm not quite sure. Going back to school clearly isn't an issue for me anymore. I think it has to do with the cooler temperatures, more overcast weather  (it at least seems that way to me), and seeing the leaves changing color and dropping off. I don't like the fall colors, and I'm not sure if  I don't like  them because they remind me of fall or I don't like fall partially because it reminds me of the leaves changing color. I definitely find winter more inconvenient and intolerable as far as temperatures go, but there's something about fall that gets me moody and prone to depression in a way that I don't think winter does. I always dread the coming of September, and I've noticed I start feeling this way even in August.
Replies: >>7191 >>7195
Sounds like maybe you're really prone to seasonal depression and are particularly sensitive to lowering light levels.
>I don't like the fall colors, and I'm not sure if  I don't like  them because they remind me of fall or I don't like fall partially because it reminds me of the leaves changing color.
Don't look in the jigsaw thread right now then. Maybe I should intersperse some non seasonal pics in there from time to time.
Replies: >>7192
>Sounds like maybe you're really prone to seasonal depression and are particularly sensitive to lowering light levels.
Yeah, I've always assumed it was SAD. You could definitely be right about the light thing. I'm not fond of winter either, but at least the snow seems brighter and less dreary to me.
>Don't look in the jigsaw thread right now then. Maybe I should intersperse some non seasonal pics in there from time to time.
Just do whatever you guys are comfortable with. It mainly just bothers me in real life anyway.
>I don't like the fall colors
It should not be tolerated XD
Kidding, I understand how it can affect someone negatively.
There are some ways to mitigate seasonal depression, maybe try eat more fruits and vegetables, take some food supplements, improve your sleep schedule... But I guess you're already knowing these stuffs.

Be brave anon.

I'm ill today and I have to go to night working. I tell my boss I wood not be productive because I'm like a bag of tiredness and pain, he said it's OK. I wood like to rest at home but I know there is nobody to replace me tonight...
Replies: >>7208
[Hide] (169.5KB, 2000x2000) Reverse
Recently moved into a bretty cacaty apartment with improperly sealed windows and broken radiators, but this little guy is keeping me comfy. I love my heater. I might name them.
Replies: >>7199
Your landlord's not your friend, Anon. If you can strongarm them into fixing things by using the (also not your friend) local authorities, then I'd suggest you do so. Winter's going to be berry cold. Don't wait, do it now before it gets severe.
Replies: >>7200
I don't really have the time to go back and forth with them. If I spend my day focusing on how bad this place is I might just an hero. No amount of nips and tucks will make it better. I plan to leave early next year anyway. Just gonna hunker down and stay comfy. That's how I stay happy.
Replies: >>7201
Fair enough, I hope you carry through exactly with your plan. In the meantime, a) buy two more heaters -- you'll need them, and b) do eberrything you can to caulk up the cracks, etc., on your own. The Hawk is going to bite hard this Winter, Anon.

Good luck.
[Hide] (135.5KB, 828x600) Reverse
hello /comfy/. all this gardening talk makes me want to finish at least one harvest moon game
Replies: >>7204 >>7227
Sounds /comfy/. Good luck Anon.  :)
I guess I'd just be better off in a warmer, sunnier climate.
>I'm ill today and I have to go to night working. I tell my boss I wood not be productive because I'm like a bag of tiredness and pain, he said it's OK. I wood like to rest at home but I know there is nobody to replace me tonight...
Having to go into work when you're sick really sucks. Like you said, it's hard to get anything done when you're tired and in pain and just want to go home.
Replies: >>7212 >>7227
It was a berry difficult night, but I managed. Today I'm better, but I have to wash my sheets because I've been sweating a lot because of the fever. I've been having the strangest fever dreams... Yesterday I spent the day at home but I couldn't get anything done, I spent the day lying comfortably dazed.
Replies: >>7222 >>7227
[Hide] (8KB, 198x179) Reverse
Came down with something today too like eberryone else on this thread. Staying in bed with a pot of minestrone soup. Stay /comfy/.
Replies: >>7221 >>7227
Get better soon, Anon!  :)
I just ate lefse for the first time in decades. Now I'm stuffed.
Fevers are the worst. Going to work with a cold isn't necessarily all that bad,  but fevers really make it hard to do anything.
Is all of /comfy/ sick? I hope all you anons get better soon.
Reminds me that I need to play Shepherd's Crossing some time.
Replies: >>7235 >>7237
[Hide] (65KB, 456x531) Reverse
You guys ever had someone who had an unhealthy obsession with you?
I just wood like to know why some people act like they can break your trust and then act like the victim when you don't want to see them again.
Also, I can't sleep. Hilariously enough, because I also have an unhealthy obsession with someone, but because I know it's better for her for me to not intervene, I try to be as distant as possible as I can.
Replies: >>7237
[Hide] (338.3KB, 1514x1136) Reverse
>anons get better soon
Since friday, no bettering. I'm usually not sick more than 2 days so today I will see the doctor.
Also I crave for a Piedmontese salad.

Take care of you /comfy/
Replies: >>7236
Garden update. I've had at least two pumpkins bloom last week and it looks like they're pollinated. Days are getting cooler and soon it'll be frost season so I'll need some row covers to pull them through I think. But if I can make it to the end of October I believe that they'll mature enough.

Is that a savory salad? From the thumb it looked almost something like a watergate salad.
>so today I will see the doctor
I hope he can give you something to help.
Replies: >>7243 >>7527
Can anyone recommend any supplements for people who otherwise get sick regularly?

My roommate is sick because I gave him cheese and bread using hands that had touched the packaging that my dad had touched earlier. I ate the same cheese and bread. I'm not sick.

He takes multivitamins and they absolutely do not work. The level of hygiene required to keep this guy well... I fear for when he's old. I want to help.

Research limerence, love sickness and love addiction. Unlike a woman you're capable to study and improve yourself. Even if you're not one of those absolute addicts, it tells you why you make decisions while your view of the world is distorted and has become not objective any more. I chose the cold turkey drop rather than being an orbiter at least in my case. She did not respect how in love I evidently became, it's bretty typical. Also the attachment mechanisms wiki article if you feel like it. Apex mindset, and dread game theory if you want behavioral case studies. October Man Theory/Sequence if you want to study how relationship dynamics feed off of the back of negative reinforcement.

Kids need to learn the actual what habbens in relationships and not "how not to be a rapist - t. all men" while celebrating buggery month.
Replies: >>7238 >>7239 >>7242
>Can anyone recommend any supplements for people who otherwise get sick regularly?
Vitamin C and zinc are always good. Vitamin K & D complex can help too. Other than that if he's already sick, echinacea-goldenseal, assuming he doesn't have severe composite family allergies.
>Unlike a woman you're capable to study and improve yourself
That's a berry stupid thing to say, considering that the stalker that I got is a man who broke my trust by being a secretive snake and taking without ever giving.
But fine, let's pretend women are not capable of doing or being anything but babymaking machines
Replies: >>7244
Wood it be wrong to recommend drinking green tea? I've previously been addicted to drinking it but whenever I got sick I'd drink the stuff and it wood just work. Different things for different people I guess. On another note, your second reply sounds a bit weird to me. Are you trying to give advice or shrimply preach something that isn't exactly helpful to anon?
Replies: >>7244
>the salad
Hey, maybe the name differs depending where you live.
Basically it's potatoes, ham, tomatoes and pickles in a mayonnaise. I added more pickles because... I LOVE pickles !

>I hope he can give you something to help.
He gave me treatment against fever and told me I just need to rest for few days. Most importantly he gave me a "sick leave" for work so I can take care of me a little.
>I so can TOO take the advice
Great. While I wood not rule it out, I typically woodn't try to help women because I'm an asshole is all

I couldn't advise on how to put off a woman's obsessive followings because I dunno, I guess the same tactic in reverse, but to put a man off just be like eberry other girl he's ever likely to meet. Be the opposite of an angel in his company. Get loud, physically heavy-handed about eberrything and I mean even subtle stuff like closing a window, steal stupid caca like stationery then gaslight about how it was your property all along. You can basically be as cruel as you want too, if you like so long the man is clever; it correlates to having impulse control and so he's unlikely to put a dent in your skull if that is the case. Bear in mind women get off on degradation and on picturing the man crying in the corner while they quack some other fella, so maybe don't let things get THAT far as weaker men are still dangerous men.

Better yet if you actually care about the guy, tell him he needs to do the things that I told YOU to do and that he has a problem that warps his reality and that it's treatable. He should listen regardless of whether you're being sympathetic or being accusatory. I can't comment either way on being a slippery snake behaviorally. Basically confront directly if he's not a sub-human.

I can do it, not sure it'll help much more than fresh air will. I meant to give him something that will be preventative.

Study behavioral dynamics. It's my savior gospel. You're not damned without it but you're better off with it. If it should help tear down the old church and build another one, then good, but that wood be a side-effect of it. Don't worship it. It's main job is to help you. And remember to make lots of babies =)
Replies: >>7248
schizo above me
> I typically woodn't try to help women because I'm an asshole is all
A) There are no women on the Internets, and
B) you're not being an asshole, merely sensible.  :^)

Women have proven themselves (in general) countless times to be faithless humans, with little agency above a child. It's only reasonable after say, the 100 billionth time this has habbened, to not be gullible any longer, and treat them exactly as the irresponsible children that they are.
[Hide] (735.5KB, 636x844) Reverse
I went to turn on my NES, and I got blue screens and scrambled-looking games. I had it sitting in a container, so dust shouldn't be to blame. This sucks. I hope the pin thing doesn't need to be replaced or straightened out, but it looks like I'm still going to have to open the system up.
Replies: >>7253
I've got the same problem with my SNES and I don't even know where to start.
Replies: >>7254
I know the NES has a reputation for the connector doohickey going bad. I wonder if the same thing habbens to the SNES. It seems like it doesn't quite have the same reputation for problems that the NES has.
hello comfy. im preparing mentally myself for the bike ride tomorrow. and hoping playing some ETS2 with some buddies tonight.
Replies: >>7273
Is it a race or a difficult ride ? Have fun anyway.
Replies: >>7307
[Hide] (180.9KB, 1245x1010) Reverse
Getting the strong urge to get good at Melee and enter local tournaments. The scene seems berry comfy.
[Hide] (3.2MB, 791x586, 01:34)
Haven't been here in a while but it's finally starting to be comfy season where I am so I've been spending more time in the little corners of the internet I used to lurk around. Brings back so many memories...
Now the illness had fade away. Despite having to spend my sunday night at work and being a bit tired, I'm in a good mood. I'm feeling romantic as quack and I enjoy it.

Hope you'll all have a good sunday night :)
Replies: >>7286
Glad you're having a good night, Anon. Cheers!  :)
[Hide] (3.8MB, 360x360, 03:32)
This album is wonderful, one of my fav from the shoegaze genre.
Some days off work, I feel so comfy rn.
Listen music, cooking and spending some well deserved time with the gf.
Update: My little pumpkins have set at least 2 fruits and they're growing quickly to good size. For the kind of pumpkin that they are anyway. I'll be getting at least one more bloom this week, this time of a different, slightly larger, strain of the same landrace of pumpkin. It was my intention to combine the two over a few seasons so that I wood have access to both kinds of fruits from the same patch.

I've also started having (male) flowers from my figleaf pumpkin. Not much chance of it setting fruit this late but I enjoy watching it grow anyway. It'll fill up my yard with pumpkin vines for October. I need to take a cutting of that one and bring it inside under bright light before it gets chilled some time next month.
Replies: >>7302 >>7306 >>7527
Nice. Congratz, Anon.
Hope eberryone have a good day :)
Replies: >>7306
Bigger type female is blooming this morning. I'm starting to push the season but days have still been hot and will likely continue until towards the end of October. I need to get some row cover. If I can combine it with that and possibly a light tarp I should be able to get pumpkins to mature.
I've still got some bug. Otherwise bretty good.
Replies: >>7309 >>7370 >>7527
thanks. it was a tough one
>If I can combine it with that and possibly a light tarp I should be able to get pumpkins to mature.
Sounds a plan, good luck Anon!
Replies: >>7315
[Hide] (229.2KB, 776x600) Reverse
not feeling too /comfy/ anons, right side of my face/body has been paining bretty bad. other than that I've been playing some mystery dungeon on my phone. it's a comfy game but bretty boring in the beginning (sorry if i posted an image from the second one its all I have on my computer rn)
Replies: >>7311
Hope you'll get better anon, take care of you :(
I'll try to take some pictures when I harvest them and share them with /comfy/.
[Hide] (186.6KB, 995x525) Reverse
Making friends in this new place I've moved to. Was worried my 'tism wood scare people away. But I've found people who are pleasant to be around, even if they aren't quite on my wavelength. Keep bouncing :D
Replies: >>7325
That's good news then, Anon. May your new place become berry, berry comfy for you! Cheers.  :)
I miss my anon friend who liked architecture, sports cars, and dark fantasy. I hope you're OK wherever you are.
[Hide] (72.3KB, 640x360) Reverse
Is anyone here big into tea? It's been keeping me comfy while the seasons change. What are you favorite types?
Replies: >>7341 >>7342
I use to be but I haven't had the time in several  years.
>What are you favorite types?
I'm not sure if these count as "tea" proper but I always use to enjoy herbal and fruit teas like mint or chamomile or combinations of raspberry and roselle (usually just referred to generically as hibiscus.)
>that steeper tho
[Hide] (686.9KB, 2250x3000) Reverse
I found mystery insects on an autumn clematis.  They look like some sort of mantis and are about a cm long.  They eat flies and small bees.  They come in yellow, white, tan, and pink. All of them are adorable.
Replies: >>7355 >>7356 >>7362
They looks so cute and dangerous on the same hand. If you can identify it I'm curious to know it name.
Replies: >>7359 >>7362
Interesting. I'd try to ascertain what they are if I were you Anon. They may be harmful to you & yours. Good research'g! :)
Replies: >>7359
I can't find anything. "Flower camouflage praying mantis" isn't  leading to anything on these little  guys.
Replies: >>7360
Hey anon, seems I found it :)

>Phymatinae are predatory bugs that hunt by ambush, thanks to their modified front legs. They generally hide in flowers.
Replies: >>7367
Oh hey that's an ambush bug. They're related to assassin bugs.
They are cute. They look like little bug toads. Be aware that they can bite HARD though since they only prey on insects they don't have anesthetic saliva like many insects do.
Replies: >>7367
Thanks for the info.
Replies: >>7370
My first two pumpkins have stopped growing which means they are actually maturing at this point which means that I should at least have those two "locked in". Hopefully.
I didn't mean to make it sound like they are aggressive because they're not. They'll sit on your hand or on your finger with no problem. But if you get them caught underneath your shirt or something that constricts or pinches them they'll let you know about it immediately.
Replies: >>7527
[Hide] (73.8KB, 1280x720) Reverse
Do you have any sleep aids anons? When I am struggling to get some rest I usually put on the shipping forecast. Drifting off while imagining little fishing boats bobbing along the North Sea is peak comfy.
I use the "Brain Hacking" sound generators from this site sometimes:
Lately I've been using the isochronic tones.
>the shipping forecast.
Lol, I'd never heard of it. Thanks Anon. BTW, is there an archive of them somewhere you can listen to? All I discovered was the live broadcast (which come up in about 40mins from this post AFAICT.)
Replies: >>7376
I usually just look up compilations on youtube. This channel is my go-to and is just a goldmine in general.
Replies: >>7379
>tfw no more Doggerland
Replies: >>7379
Thanks Anon!  :)

I like listening to weather radio sometimes.   Its bretty nice.  A guy I lived with years ago listened to some Catholic tv station's mass when he was trying to sleep.
Replies: >>7387
I'm not christian but really late in the night there is this catholic radio station which broadcasts Latin masses with liturgical chants. I enjoy to listen to them for sleeping sometimes.
I had a possum friend visit the other night when it was rainy and cold.
Replies: >>7392
just wanted to keep you /comfy/pany.  :)
Hope eberryone have a comfy week-end :)
Replies: >>7413
Thanks Anon, you too!  :)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1920x1281) Reverse

Round and round the rainbow beckons
harken to the call? we reckon!
reptillian humanoids, star spangled

big man say so; no more here, tho
billy's got it ear to ear, so
no where journey what I's thinking
calling out: my heart is sinking

then again, where's wayward wesley?
hell's a poppin, hot and messy
planar origami got'em
pale and thin and at the bottom

sort of for a second saw it
can't describe just what to call it
damn sure half the country's on it
rubber bones and fractal vomit

star dust, puzzle dust, dummy dust
first one's free
puzzle dust, star dust, dummy dust
taste and see
star dust, puzzle dust, dummy dust
come with me
puzzle dust, star dust, dummy dust


out on the road ways razzle dazzle
sparkling keys to gemstone castles
"maybe sunday?" said bojangles
asked around- he's got the angles

he was outrage: dubs and pretense
jocular jesting magnanimous nonsense
has all of the answers but doesn't make much sense
with binary art prints and nag champa incense

gazing at dandelions just how she'd reasoned
a lot or a little was hardly a treason
he waited sedated for six thousand seasons
no one was writing, the bumblebees freezing

guess nobody warned them, perhaps, of the gravity
the gravy of angels gave my brain a cavity
looking for heaven between the calamity
i know that i failed you, & know you're still mad at me

star dust, puzzle dust, dummy dust
first one's free
puzzle dust, star dust, dummy dust
taste and see
star dust, puzzle dust, dummy dust
come with me
puzzle dust, star dust, dummy dust

nobody nowhere never meant nothing to
nobody nowhere never meant nothing to
nobody nowhere never meant nothing to
to me, to me!
nobody nowhere never meant nothing to
nobody nowhere never meant nothing to
nobody nowhere never meant nothing to
to me, to me!
Replies: >>7424
This pic wood make a good puzzle.
[Hide] (119.7KB, 1123x700) Reverse
This week hasn't been the best /comfy/, but nevertheless we continue. Pay attention to what you're eating! Take care of yourself! Stick around! I'll miss you if you go.
Replies: >>7440 >>7441
[Hide] (12.8KB, 338x338) Reverse
Not the best part of my life lately to, but things going on. Thanks fo your kind words, same for you.
Replies: >>7441
It's been nice and warm this October so pumpkins are going to make it.
Sorry you anons are having a hard time. I hope things go better soon. I've been sick for a week myself.
Replies: >>7442 >>7443 >>7527
Autumn was way to warm and dry here. It's just starting to be colder and rainy as a good autumn should be. Enjoy your pumpkins :)
Replies: >>7449
>It's been nice and warm this October so pumpkins are going to make it.
That's good news Anon. Glad to hear of the improbable success!  :)
Replies: >>7450
>It's just starting to be colder and rainy as a good autumn should be.
I'm getting really close to getting the long underwear out.
Replies: >>7450
I'm not sure how many I'll have. At least 3 and possibly more that's hidden currently. I could kick myself. If I had just braved the heat for one afternoon a month earlier I wood be looking at 20 or 30 pumpkins right now.
I'm a little chilly myself during the nights this past week.
Replies: >>7452
Little fig-leafed pumpkin cutting finally rooted after 2 or 3 weeks.
Replies: >>7452 >>7472
Congratulations Anon.
I'm here!
at work, but there's something going on that prevents me from working much at all. normally it's physical labor, but today my job is to roam about and watch other people work. not too shabby.
Replies: >>7465
Nice! Enjoy your relaxed day today, Anon.  :)
[Hide] (98.9KB, 960x960) Reverse
I saw the BIGGEST bat last night.
Replies: >>7472 >>7473
What are you going to use it for once it's ripe?
What kind do you think it was?
Replies: >>7474
kek'd. Fruit bat? I hear they get bretty big sometimes.
[Hide] (76.6KB, 512x600) Reverse
>What are you going to use it for once it's ripe?
Well it's just the vine. But when (next year LOL) I get some pumpkins I'll have to look up some recipes. It's an odd pumpkin. The flesh has no carotenoids so it's pure white and it has jet black seed.
The only things I know to make from it is a jam called dulce de alcayote and as a substitute for shark in shark fin soup.
>What kind do you think it was?
I don't know but it's a lot bigger than the kind we usually have around here.

I see your ancient Norse gondolas and raise you Neanderthal loss.
>inscription(?) found in one of the last known Neanderthal habitations in Europe
I found a fat little tree toad in the road tonight and rescued it. It was all colored like lichen. I placed it into a furrow in an old boxelder and it snuggled right in.
Replies: >>7477
GG Anon, thanks! BTW, if you don't recognize an amphibious species you should consider donning sturdy protective gloves before handling them.
Replies: >>7480
None of the toads, whether arboreal or terrestrial, around here are overly toxic so all's required is to thoroughly wash afterwards.
Now some of the newts are a different story. Especially the little orange ones with red spots. I'm always cautious to not have a cut or a scrape if I have to pick those up barehanded.
I'm roasting some walnuts, it smells good in the house :)
Replies: >>7483 >>7486
Sounds super-/comfy/ lad! GG  :)
What kind of walnuts?
Replies: >>7493
I discovered this site last night and thought someone might like it:
It's really easy to use and has a .mid export function, so it looks like you could actually make some solid music with it.
Replies: >>7489 >>7493
Neat. Berry cool Anon, thanks!  :)
[Hide] (622.4KB, 1386x2332) Reverse
[Hide] (165.3KB, 1280x853) Reverse
I guess Juglans regia, it's the common species you can found for consuption here.
I don't like them raw I use to roast them, it's far better.

This one is fun to : https://sonantlive.bitsnbites.eu/
Replies: >>7498
[Hide] (430.1KB, 400x400) Reverse
I see. That might seem like a silly question but when you live in a region where black walnuts and the rare white walnuts grow naturally and abundantly it's not automatically automatically clear.
Have you ever tried the red colored variety of those? They look berry festive.
Replies: >>7501
tbh never tried anything else besides the common local walnuts because I can find them easily in the wild and supermarkets.
I think I've never seen other kinds of walnuts (black, red, white...) but if I can, I will try them.
Replies: >>7505
[Hide] (600.1KB, 1600x900) Reverse
[Hide] (859.6KB, 1500x969) Reverse
[Hide] (94.2KB, 960x768) Reverse
[Hide] (196.7KB, 800x800) Reverse
Red walnuts are just a variety of common/English/Carpathian walnuts. Black walnut and white walnuts are their own particular things. Black walnuts have a much harder shell and their nuts are really strongly flavored. They're probably bretty expensive in areas where they don't grow wild. The shells are so hard that as a kid I never understood how anyone was suppose to use nutcrackers. You really have to use a hammer to break them.
White walnuts also known as butternuts are bretty rare in my area due to a disease. They have a hard shell like black walnuts but it's a but thinner and they have a milder taste.
[Hide] (287.1KB, 1024x683) Reverse
On new meds and feeling a lot better this week. Socialized with my coworkers and even though I 'tismed out a bit I think they found it endearing. I also wasn't awoken by screaming outside at 6am for the first Monday in about a month. I hope the guy who does that is also doing better.

 Keep going /comfy/ :D you're doing so well!
Replies: >>7516
Thanks for the encouragement, Anon!  :)
Pumpkin update:
It was in the low 30s last night and I had to tarp the pumpkins. The vines inside the tarp made it but the ones outside got burnt.
Tonight it's going to be in the 20 so I harvested my little pumpkins just to be safe. They should be mature by now.
Looks like pumpkin time has come to an end this year.
Photos will follow as soon as I can find the charger for my camera.
Replies: >>7530
Congratulations, Anon! Looking forward to pics of your pumpkins, and the meals you make of them. Cheers.  :)
Holy cow Jupiter is bright this week. I thought at first I was seeing a supernova.
Replies: >>7542
Neat. I used to be an ardent amateur Astronomer for a while. The heavens are amazing and profound. Keep looking up!  :)
After a berry short night I went for a walk in the countryside and along the river this morning. It was rainy and windy. Now I'm in my pyjamas, eating a bowl of cereals while watching some old Mythbusters episodes.

Hope anon have a nice sunday, here things are really comfy :)
Replies: >>7550
Thanks Anon, you too!
[Hide] (89.9KB, 736x736) Reverse
This city's heart's still beating!
The Sun will rise, I swear it!
I know the weight you're feeling!
You're strong enough to bear it!
Replies: >>7556
thanks i could use that encouraging word
I'm playing map games to test my geographical knowledge. Africa and Oceania are bretty hard for me to remember.
[Hide] (133.8KB, 575x960) Reverse
[Hide] (65.3KB, 460x640) Reverse
[Hide] (53.7KB, 525x700) Reverse
[Hide] (62.2KB, 450x600) Reverse
[Hide] (52.8KB, 401x560) Reverse
>Poast moar.
[Hide] (53.1KB, 450x338) Reverse
[Hide] (57.9KB, 600x398) Reverse
[Hide] (85.9KB, 397x599) Reverse
[Hide] (76.5KB, 650x433) Reverse
[Hide] (181.7KB, 736x1103) Reverse
[Hide] (40.1KB, 351x500) Reverse
[Hide] (92KB, 552x560) Reverse
[Hide] (150.2KB, 735x698) Reverse
[Hide] (332.9KB, 768x848) Reverse
[Hide] (243KB, 754x802) Reverse
Lovely. Thanks kindly, Anon!  :)
Replies: >>7575
[Hide] (1MB, 1200x1200) Reverse
The screaming guy was back this morning. Took it as a sign to take the day off work and spend a comfy day watching the EVE Online documentary that just dropped. Do any anons have some comfy easy listening recommendations for my dark Northern European apartment?
Replies: >>7571 >>7572
>Do any anons have some comfy easy listening recommendations for my dark Northern European apartment?
I like Mr. Sheeepy's 'Peaceful Solitude' mix
The Glow Pt. 2 or any other The Microphones album really

Phil's music is just so calming :3
Replies: >>7573
[Hide] (36.9KB, 600x600) Reverse
[Hide] (3.2MB, 2400x1599) Reverse
Great idea anon. I'm going to cook up some dinner and listen to Mount Eerie (album) :3 

Also if you haven't listened to the Other Songs and Destroyed Versions of The Glow Pt. 2 you're missing out on some interesting stuff. Also, in case you missed it, this addition to The Moon is godly.

Replies: >>7574
>this addition to The Moon is godly
The Moon is one of my favorite songs from The Glow Pt. 2 so I'll have to check it out! Thanks for the recommendation, Anon
[Hide] (479.3KB, 808x632) Reverse
[Hide] (1.8MB, 794x1191) Reverse
[Hide] (756KB, 1418x1772) Reverse
[Hide] (152KB, 500x750) Reverse
Some of them sort of remind me of Korean patterns.
Replies: >>7576
Berry bretty stuff, Anon. Thanks.  :)
Phoneposting because bad weather have broke the internet. Can't sleep this night so I've watched some long time no see movies I keep on a hard drive. I'm drinking my coffee while the rain fall outside. I'm happy.
Replies: >>7595 >>7640
>rain outside
>warm & dry inside
Good recipe for comfy-ness tbh.
[Hide] (103.6KB, 900x900) Reverse
Recently been struck with a bretty compelling idea for a novel. I've had many ambitious false starts when it comes to writing but I'm liking my chances this time around. Has anyone here got a creative project on the go?
Replies: >>7615 >>7616
>Has anyone here got a creative project on the go?
Robowaifus, but that's a big, multi-man, multi-year set of projects of course.
I've been messing around with music on and off for a long time. Right now I'm learning how trackers work.
[Hide] (216.9KB, 1000x750) Reverse
[Hide] (177.4KB, 800x605) Reverse
You are now aware that there are vining mushrooms. I hope this brings you happiness.
Replies: >>7629
That's really weird. It seems like the kind of thing that wood be made up, like something out of a sci-fi movie set on another planet.
Replies: >>7630
Fungii can take some weird forms tbh.
[Hide] (305.9KB, 1985x1054) Reverse


Leaked from 4chan.
These videos are from the 1970's. There's lots of UFO activity captured on them. Maybe that is why NASA kept them secret from the pubic for so long.
Remember that NASA means Never A Straight Answer!!!
Be sure to thank the Leakers at 4chan.org/pol/ and look for more there eberry day!!!

Replies: >>7633
I know this is spam, but I guess we can leave it ITT for the lulz? I'll dispose of it properly if you'd prefer, BO.
Replies: >>7641
Internet still broken. They say it will take 15 days to bring it back so they lent me some sort of 4G tiny box you can use to connect your device with wifi. And most of all, by pluging it to the USB port of my tower desktop without wifi, it... IT WORKS. I wasn't aware you can use a USB port like some sort of networking port.

Posting again from the tower feels comfy guys.
Replies: >>7641
Let it there, I was thinking exactly the same XD
As soon as I've seen 4chan + /pol/ + leaked + UFOs I knew this needed to belongs here.

Sorry for late answer, see >>7640
And as we have reached 400 replies and springtime can't last forever...

New thread >>7642
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