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Welcome back to /comfy/ Anon :)
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Thread #8
Comfy UFOs and Wintertime Edition
Prervious >>5351
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   -"  I   I   I  I    I   I  I    I  "-.
  "   MMMMMMMMMMn)))).(((((nMMMMMMMMM    "
 "   M .-''''-. "MMM    MMM" .-'''-. M    "
I   M' .-'''''-. -MM   MM- .'.-''''-. M    I
I  M  'MMMMMMMMM .'''''. 'MMMMMMMMM'  M    I
I  M  M  M$M  MM       :  MM  M$M  M  M    I
I      M MMM  M   -"".""-   M MMM  M       I
I       """"""   MMMMMMMMM   """"""   .    I
 I     '-....-' : MMMMMMM  :  '-...-'.'   I
  " .  '-....-'    -   -     '-...-'     "
   , '.        :                     .'"
    "  '....'                  '.....' "
     "-'...;' :             :  '....'-"
       "-     ".-----....--."      -"
         "-                 .   -"
           "-     '-...- '.'   -"
             "-.; '-....-'  .-"
                 I        I
                 I '-- --'I
                 I        I
                 I '-- --'I
                 I        I
                 I '-- --'I
                 I        I
                 I '-- --'I

Bumbing for convenience and because ASCII art is cool.
Glad you're back, Anon.

Roger that.  :^)
ET - Best film in the world
I hope the aliens are friendly.
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we hope you are too!
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I am berry not comfy right now.
I feel like I don't belong anywhere. Nowhere online lines up with my ideals. I have a list of what I want in a community and nothing meets the requirements. The webring is a disaster, eberryone hates each other and is trying to kill eberry other site or spread lies. I don't fit into any IRL groups either, except for maybe one that only meets monthly. I want friends but nobody shares even the same interests with me.
It's all so tiresome.
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At least you have us. I wish the webring could somehow get sorted out too and we could all get back together.
>eberryone hates each other and is trying to kill eberry other site or spread lies
I honestly think it's just a handful, maybe only one or two, that are doing this and the go from site to site stirring up trouble and then go to whatever meta thread on the opposite site and to give a report of what they "found" and try to generate an outrage and drive a wedge. It's best not to give those anons the time of day and just go to what boards on what sites you want and encourage others good anons to do likewise.
I hope this silly youkai pic cheers you up.
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'tismed out at work a lil but managed to get through the day

now chilling in my comfy dark room and checking out strange japanese artists
What are you searching for? I am not sure why you don't fit in any community.
>It's all so tiresome.
It has always been like this for me but I don't want friends either, with my family I have enough. I am already too careless for them, people need so much attention and they don't understand we don't have the same needs.
Replies: >>7658
>It has always been like this for me but I don't want friends either, with my family I have enough. I am already too careless for them, people need so much attention and they don't understand we don't have the same needs.
I feel the same way.
Wow this board is still going strong. I haven't visited in a year or two probably. I posted about how I got an apartment and wood make my bedroom extremely comfy. I mostly succeeded. Sunrise alarm, blackout curtains, weighted blanket. I just also said I wood keep other electronics out, but I'm not doing that, lol. I'm on my phone in bed like normal.
Replies: >>7665 >>7667 >>7668
I've got the same feeling expect it's something I'm looking for. I always try to not be part of something. Don't get it wrong I'm involved in some subculture circles and have a decent social life but I reject totally embracing codes of such circles. It's ok to be part of groups without being totally like-minded. I must say that's what makes it interesting, people with different opinions and nuanced views even in a same group.

When you meet people they usually try to put you in boxes by asking : "who are you", I say them I'm nothing. Being nothing is nice because I can be whatever I want.

Friendship is not necessary a matter of having the same point of view nor interest on eberrything. Sure it helps having shared ideas but that's not the most important thing imo.
Welcome back Anon. I recall that berry post. Glad to hear you've worked it out and sounds like things are going well for you. Cheers.  :)
Good to see that you're doing well anon.
>I haven't visited in a year or two probably. 
In that case please check out the jigsaw thread anon. We can always use more help.
Welcome back anon, I remember your posts yes. Nice you finally found your room comfyness.
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Finally got around to playing in a local melee tournament. Good times and some new frens, even if I got my ass handed to me. We must remain comfy by any means necessary.
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I'm craving for a hot shower and my bed rn. Still 3 hours.
Replies: >>7709
Glad you got back in the groove Anon.

Little by little, Anon. Just stay focused as possible on the tasks at hand, entertain yourself, w/e. Soon enough you'll have rest for the weary. Cheers.  :)
I'm learning how to play Heroes of Might and Magic and keep getting the crap beaten out of myself.
Replies: >>7720
Good luck Anon!
Replies: >>7721
I woke up sick today. I hope this doesn't spoil my Thanksgiving.
Thanks. I seem to be doing better after changing factions.
Replies: >>7722 >>7723
>I woke up sick today. I hope this doesn't spoil my Thanksgiving.
I hope you get to feeling better berry quickly, Nonymous.
Replies: >>7727
Stay well anon.
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Happy Thanksgiving, /comf/ !

May your holiday be blessed!
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Happy Thanksgiving!
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I haven't been able to do much other than sleep. I think I'm gradually getting better and am hoping I can go back to work next week. At least I was able to shave today.
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I did finally get a chance to take a picture of my pumpkins that I promised in the last thread. I wish I could have done it earlier. They were all quite green colored at harvest but as you can see they're slowly becoming the standard orange tan color a month on.
Replies: >>7731 >>8241 >>9216
Haha, you too Anon.
>ywn a super-gigantic Turkeysaurus drumstick

> At least I was able to shave today.
One step at a time Anon.

Nice! Congratz Anon. Looking forward to a much bigger harvest of them next year. In the meantime, do you think they'll be ripe enough for a Christmas Feast pumpkin pie?
Replies: >>7732
>do you think they'll be ripe enough for a Christmas Feast pumpkin pie?
They probably wood be but since I've got some store bought pumpkins and because these are good keepers, I need to let them go till some time after the first of the new year. I also want to make sure the seeds are as fully developed as they can get.
Sometimes, you just need to have some good rest.
I was really busy lately and haven't took time to shave, will do it today and I can't wait.

This week-end will be under the sign of max comfyness, hope eberrybody's have a good one to.
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It's good to take care of yourself anon, but don't let yourself fall into bad habits! Keep working hard, but give yourself a little gift eberry day for the effort. I'm so, so proud of you
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At work and sleepy, looking forward to getting to my comfy home
Replies: >>7748 >>7750
You a security guard or something?
Replies: >>7750
Thanks, Anon!  :)  That's berry encouraging. And the blessing back on yourself, too.
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Not him, but I am myself a security guard.
I really know the feel here anon :)
I was so happy this morning as the night was cold to go home, take a hot shower then going to my bed.

Just want to add, I really love this little place, I don't spend lot of time anymore on the internets now but this is one of the few I visit eberrydays.
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/comfy/ beats.
Just went out to fancy dinner and sat with an old couple we didn't know. They paid for our dinner, over $100. Life is good!
Replies: >>7775 >>7799
Good times. Enjoy Anon.
I managed to save not one but TWO sprouts of may fig-leafed pumpkins and they're doing well. Also what is apparently a white flowered hyacinth bean that came up volunteer.
Replies: >>7798
Excellent! So, how to take care of them all until planting time in Spring, Anon?
Replies: >>7801
How did the arrangements end up habbening in the first place if you didn't know them?
Replies: >>7847
Did you make those, they are lovely.
They're just all together in an oversized pot under florescent lights and next to window. And there's plenty of heat in the house. The biggest issue is managing water. You have to thread the needle between too wet and too dry.
They're all producing new leaves so that means they're actively growing. I wood like to get the pumpkins on some new roots asap though. I don't fully trust the old vascular system to make it through to march/april.
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I might get snow tonight.
Replies: >>7813 >>7815 >>7844
Woohoo! Sounds like a /comfy/ night for hot chocolate & snuggled under a warm blanket!  :)
First visit to /comfy/.
I wish I was comfy, but I got a toothache.
Replies: >>7816
I don't get snow, please mail me some to my area
Can you get some kind of topical anesthetic meant for this? Even melting an aspirin on it can help till you can get to a dentist.
Replies: >>7820
I remember what I use to do when I had a broken tooth and it wood flare up is that I wood use alka seltzer and hold eberry mouth full over on the tooth to numb it.
I'm also getting some snow and drinking on some coffee while watching it fall under the street light outside of my window while listening to some comfy music. Feels bretty good.
Replies: >>7824 >>7834
High comf quotient.  :)
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Don't have the music, yet, but the coffee and December early winter combination is great.
hoping the mart starts stocking eggnog soon

I haven't seen real snow in 10 years, and by that I mean more than an inch at most.

A local Italian restaurant put on a fancy "wine-tasting" even comprised of a four-course meal, each with a paired wine. I guess it's a bretty popular event, they asked if we were fine sharing a table, and I said sure.

We ended up seated with a nice old couple from out of state. After our dinner, they ended up buying our dinner as a wedding gift. (We were married only a few months ago)
Replies: >>7848
That sounds really nice anon.
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Traveled across the country recently. Had hours with just snow on the road and fuzzy guitar in my ears. Made me want to buy a bass but I have no talent and know I don't really have the time to dedicate to learning it at the moment.
Replies: >>7858
Hey I have an old bass someone give me up some times ago. Never took time to properly learn how to play but it's a berry pleasant intsrument to play and experiment with.

>Slowdive basement gig
I wish I was there.
Replies: >>7859 >>7871
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>I have an old bass
christmas party is over. Now i have to work on our practical research project this long vacation. Now I have more time to study mathematics (real analysis) and im berry interested in learning some algebra from Artin's book.
Replies: >>7865
Good progress Anon! I hope things work well in your studying endeavors. Cheers.  :)
Replies: >>7867
>I hope things work well in your studying endeavors.

Thanks :) I'm just self studying mathematics in my free time though. I wish I could pursue it in uni as an undergrad.
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I envy you. Take this as a sign to get back on it. Went to a local gig last night and live music is just so so fun. I will do bass and vocals for a cacaty little shoegaze band one day I swear ;-;
Replies: >>7878
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Merry christmas season, eberryone. I hope you're done with work early so you can enjoy christmas with family.
Replies: >>7878
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it's been a year since I last posted here. Forgot about the purge that habbened (which deleted my thread). Oh well. 
Anyways I didn't sleep and work is in the next 3 hours :)
Replies: >>7878
>I will do bass and vocals for a cacaty little shoegaze band one day I swear ;-;

Merry Christmas, Anon. Remember to stop by the 4-days of Christmas Festival this year: >>>/christmas/2984

>Anyways I didn't sleep and work is in the next 3 hours :)
May you have a supernatural amount of energy for work today, anyway! Try to go to bed normally in the future, OK?  :D
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One week till Christmas, /comfy/. Is eberryone getting ready?
This year is a struggle for comfy. The expectations for my current job since Q1 of this year are unrealistic, overwhelming, confusing, and underappreciating. A chaotic schedule is also making it nearly impossible to get into a rhythm for work/life balancing. Why I haven't quit this job when I quit a similar trashy job in this year's Q1, I do not know. It sort of feels like this job has 'just' the right amount of suck to force me into reevaluating my life's decisions and how I carry myself.

And so to the previous extent, part of what I'm doing to reclaim comfy is tidying up my living space using the KonMari method. It is not yet the life changing magic as advertised. But discarding material possessions which do not spark joy as a means to literally confront the stupid and/or out of date decisions I've made in the past is at least helping in freeing my mind from pointless distractions and making it a little more possible to find fresh topics and perspectives.
Replies: >>7888
Oh we're back!
Replies: >>7887 >>7888
The cafe experienced a shutdown this morning (local time) but /comfy/ still there :)
Replies: >>7888
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Not much to do personally this year.

>the KonMari method.
Neat! Thanks Anon, I didn't know about that.

I notice that Robi is currently applying a patch to the LynxChan server at alogs.space . Maybe the Admins here will follow suit?
It feels like it's coming up too fast. I can't get into holidays or anything anymore, not that I'm not still looking forward to spending time with my family.
Have my alcohol. Looking forward different threads in the /christmas/ event, particularly the music streams. Apprehensive about how family time will go. It can go more comfy, or maybe not.
The spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongy and bruised.

I haven't bought any gifts yet. Oh well.
Sa isip at panaginip bawat minutong lumilipas, hinahanap hanap kita, hinahanap hanap kitaaaa
Replies: >>7900 >>7901
u wot m8
duterte go away
Replies: >>7902
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Duterte Harry is based af
Checking in as a new user
Replies: >>7907 >>7909
Welcome anon, may you spend a comfy time here :)
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Welcome to the /comfy/est board in the Interwebz, Anon. Merry Christmas.  :)
I ate a pound of tuna for breakfast yesterday. I keep adding konbu to chili when I make it.  I do not own any sugar.  I often eat freezdried camping food before going to work, but make a point of aeropressing freshly ground coffee to go with it.  I'm having enchiladas for Chistmas.  Breaking out of food conformity is adds fun to the passng days. It's bretty nice to not care about suiting other people's taste.
Replies: >>7912
Sounds delish! I broke out some quality snack after reading your post, Anon.  :D
Tonight I'm taking the gf to a theater show mixed with circus.
It's been a long time I haven't been to a theater show, I'm happy.
Hope eberryone spend a nice Christmas time :)
Replies: >>7923 >>7924
Berry good. Have a nice time.
Replies: >>7926
Hope you have a nice time, Anon. Cheers.  :)
Replies: >>7926
Had a berry good time, the show was really nice, fun and poetic. Just sitting in a theater was berry pleasant in itself after all these years.
Replies: >>7932
Sounds comfy!
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This whole year has been a struggle for me... but I appreciate the fact that this board is still here. It's been a while. Will try and make these last couple days /comfy/.
[Hide] (732KB, 1249x811) Reverse
Happy New Year /comfy/ :D 

This board has made my year just that little bit better. I can't recall the exact date when I first discovered this place but I remember the mood well. Early morning in the late winter, just before sunrise, with a tea. Hopefully posting my resolution of learning bass here will make me stick to it.
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I hope all of /comfy/ is having a good day and I hope eberryone continues to have good days!
Replies: >>8021
Comgy jellyfish is comfy
What are your guys' thought on gemini protocol?

A lot of these protocols interest me, I really dig the philosophy behind them, but then I check them out and they're all just programmer blogs.
I feel awful. I'm being stalked and harassed in a thread I made. I wish the pain wood stop and that the jannies wood do their quacking jobs. I'm so paranoid that this guy's gonna follow me around, I hate this quacking feeling, I wanna cry. I'm being honest with you. I want to cry. I didn't want any of this. I only say this here because I figure you guys wood be nice to me. I don't want to put on the "tough guy" act. I just wanted to have a good time here. Guess I can't have that either.
Replies: >>8043 >>8045
Replies: >>8044 >>8045 >>8050
What the hell?
Replies: >>8045
Are they harassing you here on /comfy/ or on some other board on cafe?
We have a few humorous filters for certain words.
Replies: >>8046
He's on, well I'm not sure I want to say, if he's looking for me, then I don't want to blow my cover.
Replies: >>8047
Well you're always free to hunker down here until it's all clear.
Replies: >>8048
Seems like he's attracted to me or something? Is there no way to contact the jannies on /v/ so that I can delete the thread? Reporting does nothing.
Replies: >>8052
[Hide] (10.4KB, 185x273) Reverse
Sleepy /v/ or cake /v/?
Replies: >>8053
He's stalking me on cake /v/. I got into some dumb argument with him, and now he's consistently harassing me here. I'm bretty sure stalking and brigading are against cakechan's rules. I'm scared.
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Even though it's after Western Christmastide, I'm berry happy that I finally found my favorite version of The Holly and The Ivy and I'm listening to it right now.
Replies: >>8055
[Hide] (248.2KB, 1000x1080) Reverse
Merry Christmas Anon!

>The Holly and The Ivy
Neat. I've never heard of that before. Here's what I found:

It appears to be a children's ensemble performing it.
Replies: >>8056
That's a nice version. Thanks anon.
This is the version that I had been looking for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-y0ZB7-hH5w
It almost sounds like it's being played on a hurdy-gerdy, which is an instrument that I really like.
Replies: >>8057 >>8066
[Hide] (60.7KB, 360x360) Reverse
>It almost sounds like it's being played on a hurdy-gerdy, which is an instrument that I really like.
Berry cool. Yet another thing I didn't know about. Berry nice sounding piece Anon, thanks!  :)
I'm trying to make space and come up with the money to build some kind of drum kit and learn to play the drums. I think I'm going to get a suitcase kick drum and a snare that will fit inside it and then build up from there. I find the idea exciting since drums aren't an instrument I have any experience with.
I was thinking about maybe getting a hurdy-gurdy someday, but it's not a high priority right now. They've always seemed intriguing to me since I knew what they were. I think I first learned about them due to liking Led Zeppelin as a teenager.

Fredrik Knudsen did this video a while back ago I remember being bretty good:
im sad today
Replies: >>8068 >>8074
What are we going to do? Where are we going to go?
Replies: >>8074
[Hide] (71.4KB, 324x600) Reverse
This is quack. I saw the /k/ post on the front page and was hoping he was trolling.
Replies: >>8071 >>8074
I am absolutely sick at my stomach over this.
Replies: >>8074
Please come help us solve this together, /comfy/ :

Please stay encouraged! This will work out if we just don't quit. Cheers.  :)
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[Hide] (68.2KB, 503x496) Reverse
Ok guys, I think eberryone have learned the sad news about the closing of Anon Cafe in March.
We're working on a solution but for now it's my sleeping time so I can't do anything more. Today I have a big schedule but tonight I will take some time to look forward.

Saty /comfy/ :)
Replies: >>8090
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Thanks for all your hard work again, BO! Sleep well.
[Hide] (8.9KB, 261x193) Reverse
>last night discovered that kitty is under the weather and needs dewormer
>tv that has slowly been having picture problems suddenly died last night too so I can't play games or watch old movies
>open up cafe this afternoon and see the message
>got a shipment of soda in the mail, several are broken
>10 minutes ago the water heater that I thought I fixed two weeks ago sprang a leak and I'll have to fix it again
This has not been a comfy day at all.
Replies: >>8095 >>8096
[Hide] (182KB, 1284x1186) Reverse
[Hide] (106.9KB, 666x800) Reverse
May the Lord Himself comfort you in the midst of all this Anon.
Replies: >>8101
The struggle for comfy remains an uphill struggle
Replies: >>8101
Bless you anons. Thank you.
[Hide] (36.4KB, 480x320) Reverse
I've made a couple of fake imageboards where no-one can really post on, just to bait and track those mean spammers, but someone pointed out to me that they're actually bretty comfy and some attempted posts have been nice :)

In light of this, I'm tempted as a challenge to try and make a custom imageboard where it's almost impossible to make an uncomfy post, because there are so many wordfilters and imagefilters. Of course part of that challenge is to not block legitimate users while doing that. Maybe send any suspicious but unsure posts to a moderation queue before making them public.
Replies: >>8151
That sounds berry neat anon. I look forward to hearing more about this.
[Hide] (3MB, 2508x3541) Reverse
Seems like the migration is going well.
Replies: >>8180
[Hide] (362.3KB, 900x855) Reverse
[Hide] (7.6KB, 500x500) Reverse
I'm so glad we managed to keep the anon.cafe css. Don't want /comfy/ to die ;-;
Replies: >>8176 >>8180 >>8181
[Hide] (50.6KB, 1344x629) Reverse
[Hide] (38.3KB, 500x500) Reverse
Made me think, tegaki need some /comfy/ atmosphere to ;)
Replies: >>8179
Neat! I assume that's the BO's settings. GG.  :)
I think they did a good job.

The BO worked very hard to keep it intact for us!  :)
I must say I'm not a fan of OPs and replies looking the same in the theme, I just turn off custom CSS and switch to Solarized (Light) which is much comfier.
Replies: >>8187 >>8189
In the original CSS the OPs are not totally the same (it using the same color with a bit of transparency).
I will try to work on that :)

But yes there are plenty of other nice looking themes in the settings to accommodate anons. I must say the default Win95 is really pleasant.
Replies: >>8189
[Hide] (135.8KB, 672x502) Reverse
[Hide] (133.9KB, 809x505) Reverse
I've tried some things with transparency and border radius.
I remember having modified the og theme when I took the ownership of /comfy because there was some elements that were not visible on some OPs with full transparency (like >>1) but with an adapted font color it seems good.
Replies: >>8193 >>8229
>because there was some elements that were not visible on some OPs with full transparency
You might have a glance at our CSS over on alogs/robowaifu/ , BO. Thanks primarily to the talents of our resident CSS guru(s), we implemented a partial blur/transparent effect compromise that I rather like. At the least maybe there would be something there of some interest ATM? Regardless, it looks great here already! Good job.
Last edited by chobitsu
Replies: >>8202
[Hide] (113.2KB, 640x480) Reverse
Greetings from /retro/! Glad to see we're not going it alone in this new era. Big thanks to everyone who helped in the migration and Chobitsu especially for enabling such a seamless experience. Here's to the future anons!
Replies: >>8202 >>8211 >>8228
[Hide] (137.9KB, 2048x1025) Reverse
Howdy Neighbor, thanks for stopping by. Care for some sweet tea? Fresh brewed!  :^)

>Big thanks to everyone who helped in the migration and Chobitsu especially for enabling such a seamless experience.
Ehh, it's a team effort and every Anon does their part. We all owe a debt of gratitude for Trashmin for kindly offering us all a place of refuge here on his site. It was generous of him, and he's worked his tail off making it practically seamless for all the rest of us! Cheers Anon.  :)
backdrop-filter: blur(3px);Borrowed from /robowaifu/ :)
Thanks for the suggestion it looks gud to me.
Despite I wasn't a huge poster on /retro/ I like this board and I'm happy to see it migrated here.
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[Hide] (121.2KB, 1200x832) Reverse
Falling back into my old routine of checking up on /comfy/ in the morning with a tea. The tekagi is a really nice addition, even if I can't draw.
[Hide] (122KB, 500x500) Reverse
Hey I like to do that with my morning coffee to and the tegaki may is a fun tool.

Today I was in a need to go in the wild so I grabbed the gf and we drove to the little mountains we've got there for a hike. It was really windy, rainy and a bit cold (too warm for winter though) but we enjoyed the walk a lot. There was nobody but us in the foggy hills and forests and the feeling was very comfy.
That's a nice render.
Replies: >>8216
[Hide] (7.1MB, 4252x5844) Reverse
comfy snug~
[Hide] (5.8MB, 480x480, 03:52)
Here's to a great board that hopefully continues to survive.
Replies: >>8225
Thanks, I'll have something fancier come March as a tribute to the cafe.
Very comfy! Thanks Anon, and agreed.  :)
I recognize those islands! Are we getting a sequel to "Invitation"?
Replies: >>8231
You could style the OP differently from the replies using CSS selectors, otherwise choose colors for the background and posts such that they are close to each other.
Actually yes but not for a while yet! I'm holding out for the Moray source release in the hopes it will have a decent patch modelling system, if not though I guess I'll have to figure out a solution with Blender or try to make something myself.
Replies: >>8232
>Moray source
Don't hold your breath lol, it's much faster to just download 3D Studio MAX on an old Windows VM and get going. I know it supports bicubic patches and I'm pretty sure I've seen people use it with POV-Ray.
All 4 of my little pumpkins are completely tan now.
Replies: >>8242
Nice! What do plan for them, Anon?
Replies: >>8244
Pies most likely although I've wanted to try and make pumpkin flan. 
Seed saving wise I'm going take a pic of each and include it in the bottle since I'm keep the seed from each pumpkin separate. Seminole pumpkins are a landrace and not a strict variety and I grew two separate lineages. So I want to keep a balance of traits so that I can stabilize it into a single line since it's more convenient that way.
Replies: >>8245
Wow neat! Sounds like you really know your stuff with horticultural breeding, Anon. So how does this 'lineage of traits' stuff work exactly?
Replies: >>8248
[Hide] (571.1KB, 2130x1671) Reverse
[Hide] (25.7KB, 501x225) Reverse
[Hide] (163.9KB, 598x637) Reverse
>So how does this 'lineage of traits' stuff work exactly?
Basically landraces are locally occurring type varieties that are maintained and semi-intentionally "bred" by what amounts to subconscious artificial selection.
Which is an overly wordy way of saying all the local growers save seed from the plants they like so you end up with a tendency toward certain traits. So the local community on the left side or the river/canyon/mountain/etc. might prefer pumpkins with small round fruit whereas ones on the right side might prefer ones with larger fruit that are bilobial or necked so you get a population drift between the two.
Another thing is that landraces tend to not be as regular than strictly maintained and bred cultivated varieties so they'll produce a gradient of fruit (or other) traits. For contrast and comparison, Country Gentleman corn will produce the same white, unrowed kernals from every ear on every plant so that makes it a fully stabilized variety. On the other hand something like Nal-tel corn, a landrace, will produce a blend of different color ears ears from different plants but you'll see the same general traits ( ear shape, the possible spectrum of colors, plant size) repeated over and over in the local population. It's actually a little difficult to find a good example pic of nal-tel because of its variation and it makes me feel like I'm not properly doing it service.

Any way what I'm intending to do is to make my own little personal population of Seminole pumpkins to produce the usual small fruit but also occasionally throw the odd larger necked pumpkin as well so I've got to make sure to not select only for one trait or the other while also not just blending both traits together either. It's actually simple really because God and the pumpkins are doing all of the work but I've got to be conscious of what seed from which fruit I save from so that I don't unconsciously favor certain traits over others. Mostly that's an issue for the first few generations before the traits are well mixed.
Replies: >>8249
[Hide] (159.5KB, 2100x717) Reverse
Wow, thanks for the lesson Anon! I'm actually fascinated Biochemistry/Molecular Biology as a study of God's design, engineering, architecture/systems engineering at the nano scale. However at the more macro scale of breeding I'm a bit of a retard it seems.  :P

Anyway, glad you're studying such things, and I wish you all the best in your pumkin specializations!

BTW, do you know about the cold-storage seed place in the Arctic?

I first found out about it through GitHub lol.  :D
Replies: >>8263 >>8270
Replies: >>8261
The sound of the video by itself is relaxing. Interesting video.

Good night /comfy/, I'm happy we've found a new home :)
Replies: >>8269
Best wife in FE? I want to marry, but don't know which wife I want
Replies: >>8266
Oh yeah I've heard of it. I'm glad such a place exists too.
What's FE?
Replies: >>8277
>Good night /comfy/, I'm happy we've found a new home :)
Good night anon. Hope you had a good rest!  :)
[Hide] (2.4MB, 480x270) Reverse
>I first found out about it through GitHub lol.  :D
Care to explain ?
First time I've heard of this it was while studying conspiracy theories (you know the they want to destroy humanity so Bill Gates invested in a seed bunker for the elite survivors narrative).

I work in an agrobiological genetic research laboratory (not as a scientist but more as a low-level technician) and they store old and rare seeds in freezers to. I'm responsible for their smooth operation and supervision.
Replies: >>8272 >>8312
>Care to explain ?
Sure. Links-related:

Clearly not as important as the genetic storage and more akin to a publicity stunt IMHO. But interesting archive tech, regardless. If I make it big, I plan to use it to archive our robowaifu software as well.
Replies: >>8273
Oh yes I see, I think I've heard about it some times ago. Very interesting. I like how they use some special microfilms to store datas and instructions on how to retrieve them.

Maybe in a near future we may be able store our datas on synthetic DNA ?
Replies: >>8275
Neat! That's a very cool concept Anon. And of course, the basic premise is fundamentally-sound, seemingly. I don't think any biochemist working today would deny that DNA (especially that of homo sapiens sapiens) is unfathomably-sophisticated software/software-analog.
Fire Emblem Awakening.
Replies: >>8289
[Hide] (66.7KB, 500x500) Reverse
Good morning Anon, have a nice day !
Replies: >>8288
Good morning. Have a nice day, Tegaki-san!  :)
Thanks. So what waifu do you think is best there?
Replies: >>8330
Do you guys store general seeds or has there been a consistent theme (fruits, vegetables)?
Replies: >>8320
I don't have the necessary level of clearance to say exactly what type of seed is stored, but it's mainly cereals, maybe some vegetables and fruits to.
I've heard that there are seeds from very old plant varieties (medieval or even prehistoric) but I can't tell for sure.
Replies: >>8321
I see, thank you anon! 
Changing topic, how do you manage your work and personal life?
Replies: >>8331
I don't know, that's why I'm asking you
>how do you manage your work and personal life?
Eh I guess like most people do ? Expect I'm a night worker and do long shifts. Paradoxically, this gives me a lot of free time, which I use for rest and leisure : Listening to music, going for walks, doing a bit of sport, going to museums or concerts and spending time with the gf or the family.

But in February, I'll stop working nights because I'm planning to change job. But for the moment, I don't have any specific plans (I'm thinking of trying the funeral home or industrial safety and environmental jobs).
Replies: >>8383
I've been on a strict diet and working out heavily lately. I can even see my abs pretty well if I flex! so happy! but today... they brought RICE CRISPY TREATS IN FOR EVERYONE AT WORK!!!
okay okay, just a few yummies. I promise not to relapse into bad habit. for you, present and future friends and lover!
Replies: >>8340 >>8346 >>8349
Lol. Glad you've been making some /fit/ gains, Anon. Keep up the good work! Cheers.  :)
[Hide] (1.9MB, 500x375) Reverse
Getting back into shape shouldn't stop you from indulging once in a while. It's all about balance. Although I'm not a great sportsman myself, I do look after myself and pay attention to what I eat, but from time to time I enjoy a nice pizza full of cheese or a sweet treat. The main thing is to stay active and not to rely only on dirty food.

Keep it up anon !
[Hide] (221KB, 850x595) Reverse
>>7642 (OP) 
hi /comfy/ :)
awesome to hear anon. i started my cut the week after christmas so i know how you feel haha. there's a guy that brings in donuts to my work every tuesday...
but like the other anon said there's nothing wrong with a treat here or there! i always treat myself to a restaurant on saturdays as my cheat day. keep it up and WAGMI.
[Hide] (25.3KB, 500x500) Reverse
[Hide] (326.7KB, 796x548) Reverse
Woke up from uneasy dreams with a terrible headache and fever. Going to try to crawl my way to the store for some soup and then get /comfy/ as possible.
Replies: >>8375 >>8376 >>8378
Get better soon anon!
Replies: >>8380
Please get feeling better soon, Anon!
>'soup' pic
Replies: >>8380
Hope you'll get better anon, have you managed to get the soup ? If so, enjoy it !
Replies: >>8380
[Hide] (99.7KB, 1200x1200) Reverse
[Hide] (102B, 255x128) Reverse
[Hide] (30.9KB, 500x500) Reverse

Thanks anons. I ended up getting some goulash with cheap vegetable soup as back-up if it was too gross. I don't think I prepared it properly ;-; Still sick as a dog.

If I wake up ill again tomorrow what should I cook instead?
Replies: >>8385 >>8388 >>8389
I see, thanks! 

I don’t often here a lot of people wanting to work at a funeral home, what enticed you regarding it?
Replies: >>8389
>If I wake up ill again tomorrow what should I cook instead?
I love eggs. They're very easy to cook in a variety of ways (including soups), and they're extremely nutritious. I also find rice to be a great choice for 'simple and filling'. Get better soon.
Replies: >>8407
I like fisherman's soup better
I think it's a necessary job for the community, and having already worked in the field, I think I have the right personality. I like the idea of accompanying the dead on their final journey and helping those left behind to mourn.

>what should I cook instead?
Semolina that I lightly sauté with vegetables and browned mushrooms. It's my staple dish when I don't feel like cooking. It's quick, tasty, comforting and nourishing.
Ideal for hungry hungarian :)
Replies: >>8393
That's a very noble endeavor, I hope it goes well anon, keep me updated if you get it!
[Hide] (78.7KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Good night /comfy/...
Replies: >>8400
Night, Anon. Hope you're sleeping well...
Replies: >>8401
Just woke up, a bit earlier than what I liked but it's fine. Just drunk my coffee and waiting for my last working night while listening music.
Replies: >>8402
>and waiting for my last working night while listening music.
Is your schedule changing now?
Replies: >>8424
We have new/old neighbors. Please stop by and say hi to them, /comfy/ !  :)
Hey, how are you?
Replies: >>8407
[Hide] (168.5KB, 422x325) Reverse
Still ill. Took this anons advice and got some rice and eggs but feel a bit too sick to do anything just yet. I did force myself on a small walk although I looked like death. People gave me a wide berth but dogs were friendly.
Replies: >>8408
[Hide] (101.4KB, 800x598) Reverse
Sometimes a short walk will do you good if you're strong enough.

>dogs were friendly
Dogs are frens, they feel anon is not feeling well and give him some kindness :)
I remember when I was ill, my dog would come and comfort me by my bed.
Replies: >>8433
Yes, after many years I come back to dayworking.
It's going to take me a little time to get used to it again, but as I like to get up early, it should be fine. I like the feeling, but I need to get back to reality for a while to concentrate on my projects.
Replies: >>8426
>Yes, after many years I come back to dayworking.
Well I pray you have a good, stress-free adjustment to the major shift in your schedule, Anon.  :)
Replies: >>8477
Seems we're back, that was fast :)
[Hide] (39KB, 480x640) Reverse
>Dogs are frens
That makes me think of a time when I was in high school and waiting for the bus. I was standing by myself and listening to music, and a couple of Labs I'd never interacted with before came up to me. One of them gave me a ball to throw for them.
Replies: >>8435
what's up guys, I'm glad to see this board live on
Replies: >>8435
[Hide] (271.7KB, 901x1200) Reverse
Nice. I had a beautiful little black lab puppy about 12wks stray come trotting down the road one day with something in his mouth.

He trotted all the way over to me, and plopped his butt down right in front of me. He had a US$20 bill in his mouth!

Some good friends took him and raised him as their own gud doggo.  :))

Hello there anon, good to see you. Just getting the day started, you? Yes it's been a ride, but Trashmin has made a nice place for several boards, including us.
Replies: >>8438 >>8444
A system update ended up killing Pipewire on my computer, so now I'm trying to migrate files over to another hard drive mentally prepare myself for a new OS install. I think I'm going to experiment with a slightly different distro.
>He trotted all the way over to me, and plopped his butt down right in front of me. He had a US$20 bill in his mouth!
That's pretty strange. I'm glad someone decided to raise him.
Replies: >>8439 >>8441
>I think I'm going to experiment with a slightly different distro.
What are you running at the moment anon?
Replies: >>8440
The Cinnamon edition of Linux Mint. I'm probably just going to switch to Ubuntu Studio instead of just installing the Ubuntu Studio stuff on top of Mint like I did before. I don't think I'm necessarily going to like it better, but it seems like it should be a bit better of an experience out of the box than what I've had with Mint. Right now my sound still works in most instances, but certain audio-related programs don't work due to packages breaking. That means I can't do something like mess with guitarix while watching a YouTube video.

The good thing is that since they're both offshoots of Ubuntu the experience shouldn't be all that different from what I'm used to.
Replies: >>8594
>mentally prepare myself for a new OS install
Can't you fix it? I haven't seen the need to reinstall even once since I switched to my current distro some 17 years ago.
Replies: >>8442
>Can't you fix it? I haven't seen the need to reinstall even once since I switched to my current distro some 17 years ago.
I looked it up not that long ago, and what I read seemed to indicate that it would just be easier to do a reinstall than trying to fix the problem. In my case that's probably correct, since I'm not very technically inclined when it comes to Linux.
Hope you had a good day anon, and that's a funny story about the money-bringing puppy. I'm just here because fourchan cloudflare/captcha checks are getting so awful that I'm going back to altboards. Too bad about anon.cafe. Did the admin just not want to deal with managing it anymore?
Replies: >>8445
>Did the admin just not want to deal with managing it anymore?
Not him, but I don't know that there was ever a reason given.
[Hide] (5.2MB, 640x288, 02:51)
Just stopping in to report that the best damn country singer of the 90s/00s, Toby Keith, has passed away from stomach cancer.
Replies: >>8459
Thanks, Anon. May the Lord bless his family.

That's a really good song choice (and a nice endcoding too). Thank you.
[Hide] (680.9KB, 900x750, 00:09)
I don't know what it this but looks cute.
Replies: >>8466
Old internet is dead. I don't even bother anymore but when I do I just end up wasting time on the same old sites which aren't even fun to begin with. I tried to quit and go out instead and for a while I think I became a normalfag and even sorta enjoyed it for a while. But then I got disillusioned with it all and realized that it's not for me, so now I am back here again but everything is dead.

List of dead imageboards.
Replies: >>8471
Cute! Bunns are well-suited to running the cupcake factories!  :)
[Hide] (121.2KB, 846x985) Reverse
Yes, old internet is now long gone. However we still have places like this one to gather and enjoy.
Going outside is a good idea, sounds pretty normal but trust me you'll enjoy it instead of rambling about a bygone time even more on a comfy forum.

You're welcome anytime anon, but please try not to spread negativity here :)

t. BO
Replies: >>8473
[Hide] (59.2KB, 653x367) Reverse
fwiw, that's a copypasted repost from another site.
Replies: >>8474
Yes, thanks to https://xj9k.neocities.org/posts/f37c34dd00b994a1172ade7c110ff700/ I've seen it was posted on another chan with some minor differences. That's not really what I would call a spam and the substance of the subject, although presented with a touch of negativity, remains relevant.
[Hide] (15.4KB, 201x247) Reverse
I meditated tonight, and now I feel like garbage for some reason.
Replies: >>8691
My first day. Despite a week to readjust, I only slept 2 hours last night. I might as well say that it's already starting to take its toll. I'll sleep well tonight xD
Replies: >>8478
Hopefully you're resting well today, Anon. You're gonna make it!  :)
Replies: >>8479
End of the shift comes soon now. I just can't wait to get back home, take a shower and going to bed.
[Hide] (565.7KB, 360x640) Reverse
Saturday at work under a harsh rain feels really comfy.

Have anice week-end anon.
Replies: >>8484
Very comfy pic!

>Have anice week-end anon.
Thanks Anon, you too.  :)
[Hide] (44.9KB, 640x360) Reverse
[Hide] (35.4KB, 500x500) Reverse
Was feeling a little lonely so I went to a cafe today. The group on the table beside me were talking about stoned ape theory for a solid two hours. By the 30 minute mark most of the friends were trying to move conversation elsewhere but the chief bonobo wouldn't take it. You could hear the fatigue in the others' voices.

All of the mushroom talk makes me want to get back on a mycology kick.
Replies: >>8502 >>8512 >>8513
That's a cute gondola, anon
Replies: >>8516

I like it
Replies: >>8516
[Hide] (13.3KB, 300x100) Reverse
Made a banner out of this shroomdola
Replies: >>8514 >>8516
Shroomdola banner FTW.  :D
Replies: >>8516
[Hide] (103.8KB, 736x902) Reverse

Glad you guys like the tegaki. I draw gondolas because they are simple, but there is a beauty in that :) I would like to see someone with talent make a better version. Maybe this board needs a mascot.
I just now got my Christmas tree undecorated lol.
Replies: >>8518
Haha. Well, they always tell me 'better late than never'!  :)
Replies: >>8519
Only 10 & a half months till I can put it back up!
Replies: >>8521
That's true Christmas spirit champ.
Oh it looks like >>>/film/ just arrived.
Good morning /comfy/
Replies: >>8529
Evening, Anon.  :)

Having a good one so far?
Replies: >>8530
I obviously didn't get enough sleep, but I'm in a good mood. It didn't take me as long as I'd hoped to wake up, but I'm enjoying getting up again well before dawn and enjoying the daylight.
I've taken advantage of these last few days of rest to go for some nice walks and discover some beautiful parts of the country, including a climb up a narrow gorge from waterfall to waterfall.

How's your morning going ?
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1024x1024) Reverse
Woke up feeling a little ill again. To lift my mood I have been messing around with AI, mostly so I can generate anime girls having tea together. There's nothing more comfy.
Replies: >>8554
[Hide] (80.7KB, 744x656) Reverse
How are you feeling /comfy/?
Me? Not good, a bit bad.
Sometimes I wish I had more friends, but then when the time to talk to people appears we're like water and oil.
I hate it. I hate this world, I hate this life. I wish things were different, but none of what I tried worked. I wish I had someone to talk to when really down, but it is not easy. Some can be extremely cruel once they know about you.
Replies: >>8549
[Hide] (85.1KB, 693x390) Reverse
I understand your problem anon. Struggled with similar issues for years and would get real misanthropic as a result. But then one day, by luck, I found my people. It takes some longer than others but I promise you without a doubt in my mind that they are out there.

In the meantime chill on this board, and make it a routine. Think of it as a waiting room or a lobby. We are always here to lend a hand :D
Replies: >>8551
Ok, so here I am, visiting this place for the first time, it's 1:25AM here, I'm om my bed, my wife is sleeping and the only light on the room is from the TV playing Leaving Hope - NIN, I'm in a deep bawl over what internet became, and just going anywhere I find on the internet, hopping in sites from sites exploring the unknow white trying to scape the boring net, that's it, here is my passage registered, will I come back? Who knows, but I, Anon, was here.
Replies: >>8551
[Hide] (309.2KB, 1500x1500) Reverse
>. Struggled with similar issues for years and would get real misanthropic as a result. But then one day, by luck, I found my people. It takes some longer than others but I promise you without a doubt in my mind that they are out there.
I see, I thought I found my people but sadly things happen and it was no longer a place I felt comfortable with, so now I'm kinda bumbling about on the internet.
Maybe that happens, I can't be sure about it, but surely with time this will slowly fade
Thanks for the kind words.
'non you got a wife, if there is anything I can say is that you're already miles above most people I think.
I think it is not a good idea to look at it on the empty side of the glass. Most things in life are temporary, and thus what someone thought was comfortable once is no longer that. 
Insert Abe Simpson pointing here.
But you can still find joys and pleasures from things that still give you that. I'm sure giving focus to that would be best.
Replies: >>8573
[Hide] (1.6MB, 2048x1365) Reverse
It's a beautiful scene. Their dresses remind me of traditional Eastern European costumes.

Very tired, I wait for my canelés to cook and then eat them in bed while watching good old Simpsons series.

Good night /comfy/
Replies: >>8569
We have new/old neighbors! Please go say hi, /comfy/.  :)

[Hide] (1.6MB, 2678x3002) Reverse
They are meant to be Chechen and Dagestani outfits, but they are similar to how we do it in Hungary. Glad you like anon :)
>'non you got a wife, if there is anything I can say is that you're already miles above most people I think.
Yeah. I don't think I ever had a conversation with a woman that wasn't strictly work/some other official thing related and lasted more than 10 seconds. I guess I'll just be a wizard for the rest of my life.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 320x240) Reverse
good morning /comfy/
hope you have a bright day
Replies: >>8575
Thanks, Anon! That's appreciated and hope the same for you. Cheers.  :)
Hello. Your css colors are difficult to read in places.
Replies: >>8577 >>8583
Can you please capp an exact example of what you mean, Anon? TIA.
Replies: >>8583
[Hide] (17.5KB, 307x339) Reverse
man, tuuuubes
this is my life now
Please give a hint where should it need to be adjusted.
First hours at work, still nobody there in the comfyness of the night. Listenning some good black metal while waiting for the day to begin.

It must end soon.
Replies: >>8585
Please enjoy your day Anon.  :)
[Hide] (439.7KB, 1337x840) Reverse
Sometimes I wodnder if I'll regret spending most of my life (from the end of high school to now, almost 10 years) in my room, sometimes I feel like I'm not living right.
Replies: >>8590
Are you doing stuff that you find fulfilling anon? Do you feel you're missing out on certain things?
[Hide] (24.8KB, 250x284) Reverse
After using Ubuntu Studio a bit, I think I'm just going to end up dualbooting with Mint and Wangblows 10. I turned my computer on today, and my window buttons were missing. I had to run "kwin --replace" to get them back. I also had an instance of my resolution becoming messed up after my computer going to sleep, which doesn't sit well with me. I was also expecting the way audio applications are handled to have a bit more of a plug-and-play approach.

I wish I could find an OS I'm fully satisfied with.
Replies: >>8596 >>8599
You should give PCLinuxOS a try. Mint isn't very good, but that's mostly Ubuntu's fault.
Replies: >>8597 >>8600
Not him but I was looking for an easy to use rolling release distro. I'm happy with Mint but the rolling release model seems more suited for my needs.
Replies: >>8600 >>8604
The only OS that I ever really truly loved was Windows 3.1.
Replies: >>8600
Spoiler File
(2.3MB, 400x323) Reverse
>You should give PCLinuxOS a try.
I'll have to take a look, but from what I've seen it only supports Plasma, MATE, and Xfce. I've tried all three of those now and definitely prefer Cinnamon. I thought Plasma would be more reliable, but I've unfortunately been let down in the short time I've used it. Cinnamon's definitely far from perfect though. I have a problem with desktop items constantly getting moved off the grid and getting squashed on top of each other.
>Mint isn't very good, but that's mostly Ubuntu's fault.
The problem is that Ubuntu tends to be seen as the standard of compatibility for Linux-based programs (or at least was in the past).  I don't know anything about software development, but I think it would be nice if things were more focused more generically on Debian than Ubuntu. In my uninformed opinion, I get the impression that Ubuntu is just coasting along on its past reputation as the standard Linux distro for the average person.
Have you had bad experiences with rolling-release distros? I don't think they'd be something that would appeal to me.
I think Windows XP was the peak for me. Everything after that I only grudgingly moved on to. I've adapted to Linux much better than I thought I would, but the audio situation is the one big thing that's a deal breaker. I don't care how versatile it is if I'm expected to fiddle around with inputs and outputs just to mindlessly screw around with a guitar while watching YouTube videos. I hate the way Windows has gone, but I think I'm going to have to go back to dual booting.
Replies: >>8602 >>8603 >>8609
Anon, you can install any DE on any distro. Just install cinnamon on a better distro.
Cinnamon is slower and heavier than, say, XFCE, though.
Replies: >>8603 >>8612
>Have you had bad experiences with rolling-release distros? I don't think they'd be something that would appeal to me.
I tried Arch, Artix and Void. Despite Void is comfy and minimalist I always had troubles to setting up those distros as I wanted (wi-fi, bluetooth...). I mean I'm accustomed to Linux Mint style : you install, you customize and it's working out of the box.
Xfce is just nice
Replies: >>8617
>Not him but I was looking for an easy to use rolling release distro.

Presumably you already understand that 'rolling release == bleeding-edge, unstable-af, prone-to-sudden-demise-at-the-drop-of-a-hat ?

Regardless, this is currently the best Arch-based distro for mids, AFAICT (t's what I use as my daily driver).

If you want muh_le_stable, muh_le_secure, the OpenBSD is your best bet.

Good luck, Anons.  :)
Replies: >>8606 >>8612
Or I could just use God's chosen OS.
Replies: >>8607
Spoiler File
(402.9KB, 1800x1800) Reverse
Hehe, OK fair-enough, Anon. There's that.  :^)
>it would be nice if things were more focused more generically on Debian
For sure, Debian makes a great desktop if you like things to remain unchanged for a couple of years (or more if you wait for EOL before upgrading), it's a very set and forget experience.
>I get the impression that Ubuntu is just coasting along on its past reputation as the standard Linux distro for the average person.
Yeah, Ubuntu has always felt kind of broken to me.
>I don't care how versatile it is if I'm expected to fiddle around with inputs and outputs just to mindlessly screw around with a guitar while watching YouTube videos.
I believe Pipewire is supposed to simplify the audio server situation, you should be able to have ALSA, Pulse and JACK applications existing in harmony from what I've heard.
Replies: >>8612
>Anon, you can install any DE on any distro. Just install cinnamon on a better distro.
Does that still work without breaking things? I read before that a lot of distros are made with certain DEs in mind, and installing a different one will run the risk of causing problems. Where does compositing fit in? I don't like the way Plasma does window previews.

I did install Nemo on here and am using it as my main file manager (I got in the habit of using Dolphin to open up a specific group of folders when I open it and using Nemo for everything), which I've read isn't smart, but the experience still isn't quite the same as using Nemo in Mint.
>Cinnamon is slower and heavier than, say, XFCE, though.
I don't think I'd notice much of a difference due to my desktop's system specs.
Hasn't Manjaro been going downhill?
>I believe Pipewire is supposed to simplify the audio server situation, you should be able to have ALSA, Pulse and JACK applications existing in harmony from what I've heard.
Pipewire + Wireplumber is supposed to simplify things, but there's still configuration involved.
Replies: >>8614
>Does that still work without breaking things?
It's unlikely to be a problem, the only thing is it probably won't be preconfigured like the default included with the distro.
>I read before that a lot of distros are made with certain DEs in mind, and installing a different one will run the risk of causing problems.
The specialized desktop distributions generally take an existing distro, install a DE, customize it, maybe write some utility programs and bundle all that into an ISO. An alternative is to do this yourself by starting with a minimal base install of something like Debian, Arch, Void and so on. Some distros (such as Debian) let you choose to add a DE during installation as well.
>Where does compositing fit in?
A compositor is either built into the window manager (like in Kwin or Xfwm) or a separate program (for instance picom) that you run alongside the WM.
>I don't like the way Plasma does window previews.
You might be able to tweak it, KDE programs tend to have lots of options.
>which I've read isn't smart
Only in the sense that programs from different DEs won't integrate as well.
>Hasn't Manjaro been going downhill?
They've made some fuckups like letting their HTTPS certificates expire so there's concerns about how well it's managed as a project.
>Pipewire + Wireplumber is supposed to simplify things, but there's still configuration involved.
That figures I suppose. :^)
Replies: >>8621
[Hide] (35.3KB, 449x271) Reverse
>Xfce is just nice
I mean, they even have "a [cute] mouse, obviously, for all kinds of reasons like world domination and monsters and such." as mascot :)
>You might be able to tweak it, KDE programs tend to have lots of options.
I already tried that and couldn't change it from what I saw. Oh well. I plan on redoing my OS setup in the next couple of days anyway.
>They've made some fuckups like letting their HTTPS certificates expire so there's concerns about how well it's managed as a project.
I've seen criticizing it fairly recently for the user experience. The feeling I got was that people were starting to feel like the distro's starting to drop the ball.
>That figures I suppose. :^)
The problem is that I'm not a technical person by Linux standards. I only really got into computers in the first place because I was obsessed with video games as a kid and always preferred PC games. That plus the Internet led me down the neckbeard rabbit hole, but I'm still not that knowledgeable about most of this stuff and am driven more by finickiness than raw passion for computers.

Thanks for the info, by the way.
Replies: >>8622
>I was obsessed with video games as a kid and always preferred PC games. That plus the Internet led me down the neckbeard rabbit hole
Huh, that reminds me of my experience. I was a typical PC gamer who could tinker when necessary but didn't have much reason to dig further, until anons started talking about the spyware crap that was going to be included in Windows 10. That led down the privacy rabbit hole and realizing how all the big services and programs were milking their users information. It was pretty disturbing honestly and soon after I switched to Linux. Kind of crazy to think how much I've learned since then. It's very much a learn-as-you-go type situation, what you don't know today you might find out tomorrow.
>Thanks for the info, by the way.
No problem, any time anon!
[Hide] (140.8KB, 480x360) Reverse
It feels like I got my Mint install mostly back to how I had it in most ways. I'm glad it didn't take me long to have a comfortable computer setup again for ordinary use, even if it is pretty wonky. I'm glad I had my programs backed up. I was blindsided by the fact that Ubuntu Studio wasn't compatible with the list file I had. 

Now all I have to do is get my Windows partition set up for audio work, although that's kind of a pain in the neck compared to Linux. With Linux installations you don't need to worry about things like audio interface drivers. The real headache will be setting up my DAW stuff the specific way I had it when I was on Windows before.
[Hide] (2.8MB, 3484x3484) Reverse
I use arch btw :^)
Replies: >>8643
I've tried PCLinuxOS and I definitively don't like it. I think I will stick with Linux Mint Xfce edition. I use it from so many years and spent so many time customizing to feel home I don't think I really wanyt to quit.
Replies: >>8647
>I think I will stick with Linux Mint Xfce edition.
The wee little mouse is based. And any Linux is better than wangblows tbh.
Replies: >>8650
Except Ubuntu. They're trying very hard to become windows.
Replies: >>8651
As long as it works properly, I got no issues with Ubuntu.
I had a seedling polka dot plant come up over the winter.
Replies: >>8675
Neat. Do you know of any others nearby in the area, or is it a bit of a mystery ATP?

Replies: >>8686
>or is it a bit of a mystery
Oh no nothing like that. I have a big plant that I've had for 6 or 7 years now. I occasionally have gotten a few seedlings here and there but they've always died shortly after developing true leaves. This is the first time I've had a seedling survive for this long. I was just very pleased.
Replies: >>8697
You should meditate on that. This sort of thing typically happens because of a thought that presents itself in the session, but which affects you subliminally.  Stay curious about the feeling, try not to be reactive, etc.  You can turn this to the occasion of an epiphany.
Replies: >>8699
> I was just very pleased.
Great! Well, here's to hoping it not only survives, but thrives Anon! Cheers.  :)
Replies: >>8737
It sucked, but I haven't had another experience like that since then. In the past few weeks I've been meditating at least once every day for sessions of 20-45-minutes. I've been feeling a lot better since I started. I think part of it is the background music I've been using. Maybe I'll end up reverting to my old ways, but meditation doesn't feel like something I need to force myself to do anymore.
Replies: >>8733
For some reason JSchan boards won't open if I load them from my ISP but they work with my phone data? Weird.
Replies: >>8717
Hmm.. maybe try an alternate DNS provider, Anon? If you're using Brave, I know you can adjust that directly in the browser settings. Otherwise, you have to go into your OS's network settings to change it.

Good luck, Anon!  :)
Replies: >>8719
It is working again now, weird.
Have a good day anon!
Replies: >>8739
I hurt my feet walking yesterday and I only did 8 or 9 miles. I guess I'm old now.  I can't help but feel like sitting all day at work is slowly killing me.  It was nice to get out though.  I saw a cute garter snake while I was walking.  It was a nice surprise.
Replies: >>8733 >>8741
Glad to hear it.  Are you doing a particular method?
>only did 8 or 9 miles.
That's generally been as far as I can go without a lot of soreness, even in my 20s.  Sitting is definitely a killer, though.  If I were smart I'd stand at the desk instead of sitting on the floor.
Replies: >>8734 >>8741
Until about 6 years ago I walked 80 to 100 miles at work every week and that was mostly moving product with a pallet jack.  I  often went on all long walks in parks and such on weekends too.  Maybe I have just gotten  accustomed to sedentary life.  My desk has a thing for lifting my computer to standing height at work, but I'm too tall for it, and it forces me to reach and look down to it.  Most things feel small like that though. I imagine products need to be that way mostly to accommodate women.  Oh well.  
>sitting on the floor 
I feel like that might be better than a chair in some ways.  You could vary your position quite a bit.  Maybe try kneeling if you feel masochistic.
Replies: >>8738 >>8740
[Hide] (321.9KB, 2048x1365) Reverse
[Hide] (55.2KB, 670x524) Reverse
[Hide] (613.6KB, 1024x1024) Reverse
This recent conversation reminds me that there is such a thing as a wild poinsettia and that it supposedly grows in my area but I've never been able to find it.
Replies: >>8744
[Hide] (371.6KB, 2091x2091) Reverse
Why not try out one of those knee chairs, Anon? They are actually comfy once you get used to it, and they have the added benefit of encouraging good posture with your back. Check it out!  :)
Replies: >>8743
Neat! Do you think you gathered further insights now into what may have gone wrong, Anon? Cheers.  :)
I started sitting on the floor about eight years ago, because sitting in a chair was giving me back problems.  Crosslegged is nice, but you still have to get up and move periodically, which I'm sure is the detail I'm neglecting lately.
>I saw a cute garter snake while I was walking.  It was a nice surprise.
I'd like to see more reptiles outside. I never really see them where I live. Only on other people's property. I did see a skink where I live a few years ago, which was interesting because it happened not that long after I made a comment to someone wishing I would see a lizard after never having seen one in the wild before. What's stranger is that it wasn't even out in the woods or anything. It was walking along on pavement in plain sight, where you could see it from inside the house.
>Glad to hear it.  Are you doing a particular method?
I really just clear my mind with my eyes closed and try keep my thoughts from bouncing around all over the place. Sometimes I just focus on bodily sensations, like if I feel like I'm waving or rocking inside for lack of a better way of putting it.  One technique I use is to feel like I'm staring into the blackness of my mind's eye. Contrary to how it sounds, concentrating on emptiness is far from depressing in my experience. I've noticed a feeling of peace and fulfillment. I get the feeling that this would be our natural state if we could clean all the garbage out of our minds that has a tendency to accumulate there throughout our lives..

If I notice negative feelings or beliefs at all, I try to let them wash over me. I've noticed that if I focus on them instead of just ignoring them, they tend to dissipate. The uncomfortable meditation experience I wrote about was an exception. People put way too much stock in the idea of forcing themselves to be positive, when I think that's more counterproductive than anything. I believe it's best to face your feelings in a head-on manner rather than pretend they aren't there and that everything's peachy keen.

Here's the music track I've been using, by the way.
Replies: >>8743
I think I might test one out at home.  That's really quite  different. 

>walking along on pavement
I see skinks inside at work sometimes.  I guess they come in for the temperature or to eat the smaller roaches or something.  Sadly, one got caught in a glue trap a few months ago and I couldn't remove it. I killed it as kindly as I could.
Replies: >>8775
It looks like it would be easy to spot if you came across it.  I live too far north to see them at home, but I don,t recall having seen one while traveling. What sort of habbiat does it tend to grow in?
We have new/old neighbors

Please stop in and say hi, /comfy/ !  :)
[Hide] (233.2KB, 1122x913) Reverse
I went fishing during my lunch break today and caught these three largemouth bass in the decorative pond at work.  The two lying on the ground are around 15-16" long and are about as large as I could expect to catch from there.  I caught them all on a Cover Scat. They have probably become my favorite soft plastic baits and, as a bonus, the name is fun.   It was  a comfy way to spend 30 minutes.
Replies: >>8761
> based fishing knower
Nice! Looks like a nice catch, Anon. Really quite productive haul for 30 minutes tbh. Kinda cool that you have a job such that you can engage in fishing during your break.
Replies: >>8770
[Hide] (680.1KB, 320x240) Reverse
gonna seek refuge in religion. does anyone know what happened to the christian imageboards that used to be around?
Replies: >>8764
[Hide] (69.6KB, 609x705) Reverse
Honestly? At this point I'm concerned that seeking 'refuge' in Christian social media (in any form) is a viable construct. As a devout Christian already, I can tell you that :
A.  It's a pretty ripe harvest field (obviously).
B.  It's a complete sh*testorm to a young-believer/seeker 's faith walk. The >tl;dr is that it's filled with untold numbers of loud-mouthed haters/disingenuous atheists doing everything they can for their father Satan to destroy Christian faith of believers. And this isn't even talking about others promoting things like Islam & a million other diversions from the Truth.

Honestly? Until you become solid in your faith, I'd just stick with a smol, Bible-believing church congregation. Let them get to know you (& vice-versa). Then, once you're well-established in the faith, you can venture into Christian-oriented IBs or other forms of social media.

That's my council to you in this matter, Anon. Cheers.  :)
Replies: >>8766 >>8775
[Hide] (293.1KB, 432x350) Reverse
>Until you become solid in your faith, I'd just stick with a smol, Bible-believing church congregation
Well I tried going to a church's youth group but to be devastatingly frank I felt like a complete outsider here.
Either people are much younger than me or most people are around 50+
>Then, once you're well-established in the faith, you can venture into Christian-oriented IBs or other forms of social media.
Somehow I wish things were different but I'm not the one that knows these places so I can't say much.
It's just that being a celibate for so long and having come to terms that chasing the dragon of intimacy these last years has left me quite damaged I really think I should just take my devotion to Jesus and stop it with that.
Replies: >>8767
>Well I tried going to a church's youth group but to be devastatingly frank I felt like a complete outsider here.
>Either people are much younger than me or most people are around 50+
I see. Hmm, well you might try looking for a somewhat larger church. They'll usually have something called 'College & Career' for wizard-aged individuals. Really there are many, many Churches if you're in Burgerland, so there should be several opportunities for you Anon. Keep searching is my suggestion about 'fitting in'. You'll find something.

>It's just that being a celibate for so long and having come to terms that chasing the dragon of intimacy these last years has left me quite damaged I really think I should just take my devotion to Jesus and stop it with that.
This may be true. OTOH, the New Testament verse in the Christian Bible says clearly that we are to associated together in communal gatherings [1]. You certainly could potentially benefit by rubbing shoulders with legit Christians.

I'll pray for you to find God's will in these matters, Anon. I'd suggest you do the same. Cheers.  :)


Let us not neglect meeting together, as some have made a habit, but let us encourage one another, and all the more as you see the Day approaching.
https://biblehub.com/hebrews/10-25.htm  (BSB)
[Hide] (85.5KB, 728x595) Reverse
There was a light thunderstorm today,  but I tried it again with similar results.  I enjoy being out in the rain, but it was a bit chilly.  All in all, it was a very nice time.
Replies: >>8778
>I see skinks inside at work sometimes.  I guess they come in for the temperature or to eat the smaller roaches or something.  Sadly, one got caught in a glue trap a few months ago and I couldn't remove it. I killed it as kindly as I could.
It sucks to have to kill things like that. The one I saw ran away under some building siding and I never saw it again. I would have rather it had come inside and ate some bugs.

I also forgot to mention turtles. I have seen them fairly often over the years, although it's most often snapping turtles.
So everyone who disagrees with you is taking orders from Satan? That's pretty metal, but I'm not sure atheists themselves would have me.
Replies: >>8778
[Hide] (2.4MB, 848x576, 00:19)
>So everyone who disagrees with you is taking orders from Satan?
Lol. If you say so, Anon. If you're an active hater of Jesus Christ and Christianity -- a Jew, say -- then you are by definition, an antichrist. Satan rules over all antichrists. Simple as. Same goes for these so-called """atheists""" as well ofc. God doesn't believe in them.  :^)

Another nice haul, Anon. GG!  :D
[Hide] (64.9KB, 800x800) Reverse
Can't sleep. My last heater just died on me so I went out and got another to see out this current cold snap. What should I call this one?
Replies: >>8814
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1152x2048) Reverse
Sunday is warm and sunny, I gleaned some mosses to plant in my vivarium jar :)
Replies: >>8796
Neat! How do you properly prepare a place for such things, Anon?
I've already got a big glass pot with sphagnum moss. Once the environment is right (constant humidity and substrate) they are very resilient organisms that adapt very easily. I'm going to add some volume and new colors with these little ones. I'll post a photo this evening when I've tinkered with everything. For the moment, the new mosses, like me, are impatiently waiting to come home.
Replies: >>8800
[Hide] (5.3MB, 3000x4000) Reverse
Replies: >>8802 >>8814
Nice Haworthia anon.
Replies: >>8815
Peter. Peter the heater.

Good luck establishing your new moss.  What is the two  plants on the left?
Replies: >>8815
These plants are my girlfriend's, she left them with me to look after because she had to move back in with her father. I have absolutely no idea what those plants are (and tbh never took care to identify them). They bring me joy and I like them anyway :)
The one up, is a cutting from a plant belonging to a friend of hers.
I'll ask her next time, but I'm not even sure she knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
My wi-fi connection died last night, so now I'm stuck using a USB one until my new card gets here. I'm glad I had the stick laying around at least.
I'm feeling pretty bad and dumb.
Replies: >>8829
Why anon ?
I got the same feeling yesterday because I'm a bit ill and in a moment I want to change something in my career but don't really know what.
Hope you'll feel better soon.
[Hide] (209.4KB, 1118x821) Reverse
Sorry for more fish posting.  Fishing on my lunch break has been a good way to clear my mind and have a nice time.  I feel like doing  something relaxing outside for a little bit  is really improving my day.  I need to find other comfy stuff to do in short periods of time outdoors.   I am considering bringing some camping stuff to work with me and making tea and instant ramen or something as a mini picnic.  I am also considering binging a kite to work and I am toying with the idea of trying out ikebana inspired arrangements with some of the local vegetation as it gets warmer.
Replies: >>8835
Sounds really comfy anon, there is nothing better than roaming in the wild doing simple stuffs.
I remember as a child doing some simple fishing with improvised tools and it was berry funny.
Nice catch btw :)
Our friends from /late/ are here now.
Replies: >>8847
[Hide] (47.2KB, 300x100) Reverse
Oh are they unlocked and running now?
I had an idea for a banner a couple weeks back but I couldn't decide if it would be a better choice for /late/ or for /retro/?
Replies: >>8849
I recognize that photo, I bet /retro/ would appreciate it as a banner.
[Hide] (3.9MB, 1200x1200, 03:25)
RIP anon.cafe
Replies: >>8854 >>8855 >>8862
Thank you,  I'll say goodbye soon
Though it's the end of the world, don't blame yourself now
And if it's true, I will surround you and give life to a world
That's our own
[Hide] (123.3KB, 1080x1528) Reverse
I'll pour myself some bourbon later. Maybe then I can put words down to properly convey my thoughts. But maybe not.
[Hide] (39.7KB, 720x709) Reverse
Pretty comfy right now. Just wish I could figure out my neck pain. Going to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor soon, so that might help.
[Hide] (57.9KB, 1293x719) Reverse
OK guys, this time it's over.
Many thanks for this nice internet corner that was the Cafe.

See you space cowboy.
[Hide] (2.2MB, 576x720, 00:09)
I got out of Jury duty.  Today was a good day.
[Hide] (438.7KB, 2048x1366) Reverse
Damn. Rip anon.cafe. Is there something we can do as a community to memorialize? I'm really sad to see it go ;-; I want to do something in its honor.
That would be nice. 
I remember years and years ago seeing a flash about the original 2channel going offline and the users rallying to save it.
Replies: >>8888
1 anon made >>>/retro/4153 so if anons make more pictures maybe we could do a collage?
[Hide] (72.6KB, 800x600) Reverse
I made this a month or 2 ago.
This is a call for the creative folks out there :)
Maybe if I have a good idea I will contribute something.
Good idea tho :)
I like this one.
It's beautiful. I  glad your the you that took the time to make it.
So, I should clarify: I didn't make the gondola or the landscape, I just added the anon.cafe logo and put in a crack.
There should be a imageboard graveyard.
[Hide] (63.9KB, 636x431) Reverse
Taking care of my brother-in-law's house until Tuesday for the week after the next one
Quite comfy I tell you, just gotta take care of the dogs. Though I wish I grabbed my Xbox controller because the way I'm laying on the couch is a bit awkward
Replies: >>8905
I just got done babysitting a house and dog.  Lazing aroundin somebody else's house by yourself is pretty great.
Replies: >>8925
BO, there was a sliding attempt, I set your TPH trigger to block thread creation instead of just asking for captcha. Please check if everything is ok.
Replies: >>8926 >>8979
Yeah it's indeed great
It's nice to not have to attend people and other kinds of things.
Nowadays the only issue is that on hard rains the yard gets flooded but thankfully the foundations are high enough for that to not happen
Yeah, just looking at the logs and seems there was some spamming retardation. Thanks for taking care of it while I was sleeping.
Just deleted another soyjack post rn, hope the counter measure will prevent them to flood the place.
Replies: >>8979
I started trowing large rooks into the pond at work.  I am attempting to establish a  narrow section of rocky bottom to provide some habitat variation for crustaceans, etc. and hopeful create an area that will not support the growth of filamentous algae. It's kind of fun.  I might have chucked 300-400 pounds or so in so far. 


All good since earlier?
Replies: >>8987
[Hide] (28KB, 670x402) Reverse
This is cute idea. Makes me think of just the other day when I saw an otter in the river by my home. Very rare! Makes me wonder how I can encourage more otters in that space. Any ideas?
Replies: >>8988 >>8990
I don't know myself but I bet /otterchat/ could tell you a thing or two about it. I've never actually seen an otter in the wild myself.
I'm not very knowledgeable about otters, but I believe they roam around looking  for productive hunting areas.  I would assume their presence is mostly tied to the local fish, crayfish, etc. abundance.
[Hide] (1.5MB, 2039x2894) Reverse
[Hide] (1.2MB, 2039x2894) Reverse
[Hide] (1.4MB, 2039x2894) Reverse
[Hide] (1.6MB, 2039x2894) Reverse
[Hide] (1.5MB, 2039x2894) Reverse
Have a good day /comfy/
Replies: >>9026
[Hide] (1.9MB, 2039x2894) Reverse
[Hide] (1.5MB, 2039x2894) Reverse
Replies: >>9026
That was a good little story. Thanks for sharing.
Hi anon, have a nice day :)
[Hide] (24.7KB, 300x250) Reverse
Heh. Yeh.
My computer was down for the past few days. I'm glad to be back.
Replies: >>9077
I'm glad your 'puter got better.    Stay comfy.
Replies: >>9078 >>9089
Me too. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be though. I got to do a bunch of reading and completed a Junji Ito book I'd never finished.
Replies: >>9089
[Hide] (931.2KB, 1234x1236) Reverse
Welcome back anon.
Sometimes it's nice being outline for a moment to take care of IRL things like finishing a good book :)
[Hide] (255KB, 340x320) Reverse
Does anyone else feel like imageboards are getting filled with normal people nowadays?
Like, they're not the crazy shit that I've seen all the years, people just seem milquetoast and non-interesting.
Maybe it's just me, but I can't be sure about it.
Replies: >>9116
I think it's mostly the same people. We've just chilled out over the years and now like a more comfy experience. I mean, when was the last time you did crazy shit?
Why did I pick software developer as my career
I should have picked something with higher demand and also less competitive. I hate this.
Replies: >>9126
What would you rather do?
Replies: >>9127
I was really bummed with myself when I wrote that post.
I wanna code, but it is just difficult as hell to get a job in that, the market is in a tight spot.
If I had to choose something else I guess it might be working as a cook in a kitchen, but I can't be sure about that.
Replies: >>9128
[Hide] (567.3KB, 1600x1200) Reverse
Don't need a formal degree to pursue that now do you lad?
Replies: >>9129
No, but I don't know if working in a kitchen would bring me happiness.
Replies: >>9132
Happiness is like an egg. An egg looks round at first, then it looks like an oval,  but that's not right either.  Really, eggs are some sort of asymmetric tapered thing. Quite simply, eggs are egg-shaped.  Just like the shape of an egg is hard to describe without using "egg-shaped", the shape of "happiness" is hard to describe without think about being happy.  I've got no real advice, so feel better champ.
Replies: >>9133
Oh it's fine, don't sweat it. I'm just bummed about my contract ending. I'll go back to sending a bunch of CVs and work in some projects on the side.
Hopefully those three months are worth something.
I hope all of /comfy/ had a very nice Easter weekend.
Replies: >>9152
THANKS! You too, Anon. Went to very nice church. A number of miracles are happening around it during the past few weeks.
Replies: >>9164
That sounds great anon!
Good morning, /comfy/!
Replies: >>9176
Good afternoon.
Today is a nice early spring day. Just finished housechores and I'm going for a walk along a little winding river in a wooden gorge.

Have a nice day /comfy/
Eclipse soon fellow /comfy/ians!
Replies: >>9217 >>9219
What's the variety?
Replies: >>9222
Hope some /comfy/ Anon or other gets to see it.
Replies: >>9219
I wish alt-chans were more active like they used to be. I love the small community atmosphere but I can't help but feel marose. I remember /kind/ on 8chan and /comfy/ on /r9k/ back in the day, and I'm sad to see that the internet has reduced these nice places to near ghost towns. I miss it and I'll post more often from now on.

I'm not in the zone for full coverage, but I will get 90 something percent. I'm looking forward to it.
Replies: >>9225
The Eclipse has begun moving across the US
Stared at the the sun. I honestly expected it to get a lot darker outside than it did. We had ~ 95% coverage. Night time lights came on in parking lots and stuff.
[Hide] (1.6KB, 75x75) Reverse
>the sun right now
Gentleanons, the eclipse has left the building.
[Hide] (67.3KB, 465x620) Reverse
Good for any Anons who got to see the 2024 Eclipse. One of the most-fun things to do is go stand under a leafy tree during an eclipse.

[Hide] (6.7KB, 512x384) Reverse
I don't think I can cake a puzzle with this one lol.
Replies: >>9234
Well that 25 piece puzzle the other anon made a few days ago might work.
Replies: >>9235 >>9237
I'm still haunted by the shame.
That's an idea. I could make it with rotating pieces, rectangular pieces, or both.
I hope today's gonna be a comfy day
Replies: >>9247
It's comfy already for me. It's raning and I'm smoking and listening to asmr and ambient music. Hope you have a comfy one.
[Hide] (11.2KB, 768x528) Reverse
I went to clean my left ear today, and I stupidly rubbed it and pushed the wax further down. Now I can't hear anything at all out of that ear.
Replies: >>9281
Anon, be careful with that, go see a doctor if it gets worse.
Maybe try some ear lotion that can help to dissolve the wax.
Did you feel some sort of lost of balance ? It happens to me when my ears gets clogged in addition to hearing less.
Replies: >>9277 >>9294
>Anon, be careful with that, go see a doctor if it gets worse.
I've had to see doctors about it since I was a kid, and last time they told me to start using Debrox drops. They did say the buildup was so bad that they understood why I went in. They had to scrape around my eardrum, and it was really painful. My ear was bleeding and everything. They could tell how much it hurt and told me I could just flush out the rest and home if I wanted.

I'm just going to keep using Debrox drops every day until it hopefully gets better. I used to use plain hydrogen peroxide, but all that did was soften the wax up.
Replies: >>9281
I was having some compacted wax issues, so I got an eye dropper and filled it with olive oil, and started putting a couple drops in my ears once in a while. That helped me.
Replies: >>9285 >>9289 >>9300
NTA. Thanks for this good tip, Anon!  :)
Thanks for the advice. I'll have to look into it.
>Did you feel some sort of lost of balance ? It happens to me when my ears gets clogged in addition to hearing less.
I forgot to answer this. That is something that usually happens to me. It also seems to throw me off no matter what I'm doing. I feel generally impaired, and it's also harder to concentrate.
Mine appears like dry wax but only because of a skin condition causing flaky skin on some parts of my face. A prescription med fixes it (temporarily).
[Hide] (335.9KB, 626x431) Reverse
>board about being comfy
>it's one of the fastest in the webring
Replies: >>9303
[Hide] (1019.4KB, 960x640) Reverse
Lol. But being comfy is a highly-in-demand occupation, Anon!  :D
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