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Welcome back to /comfy/ Anon :)
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Lets create and share /comfy/ banners.
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Replies: >>13
Oops, guess the last one wasn't actually a banner heh.
Replies: >>15 >>25
>last one wasn't actually a banner heh.
Replies: >>25
Feel free to submit your creations anon.
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Here's one that I made a couple of years ago along with a variation I made for /retro/.
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I remember that! Here's the original pic.
Replies: >>619
I'll have to make some new banners now.
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Replies: >>1174 >>1177 >>1269
I vote the third one as closest to our motif here on /comfy/.
Replies: >>1269
>that reflection tho
clever. :^)
Replies: >>1362
Really nice banner set from a really nice photography anon. Thank you.
Maybe a little bit influenced by >>1174 I picked up the 3rd.
Replies: >>1362
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It's the font itself that does the trick. It's called 'Sunset'.
Glad to help.
Replies: >>1364
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Nice. I tried to do something :)
Replies: >>1406 >>2673
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Replies: >>2665 >>2673 >>2697
That one is super comfy!
I like that you actually made a banner out of my little text example.
This is certainly berry comfy.
Replies: >>2674
Hope you don't mind I added some moving water effect to it but it was too tempting.
nice, the best one from this thread imo
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Too subtle?
Replies: >>4686 >>4688
I can't see it unless I really embiggen the images.

As an aside, I was surprised to learn that the painting evokes feelings of loneliness in a lot of people. To me the diner always came across like an inviting beacon in the darkness of night.
Replies: >>4687 >>4689
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What if I brightened the font?
>As an aside, I was surprised to learn that the painting evokes feelings of loneliness in a lot of people. To me the diner always came across like an inviting beacon in the darkness of night.
I think it's because the street and other buildings are so empty looking. 
I think it's really comfy too myself, although maybe comfy with a hint of tension. Like you're in the one safe oasis and it's dark and potentially dangerous outside.
Replies: >>4688 >>4692
>Too subtle?
Not for anyone who knows the picture. OTOH where's the bigass Anteater!? :^)

The second one is readable. If you really want to go all-out, then redo it with neon lighting that matches the images color-scheme well.
Replies: >>4689 >>4690
>neon lighting
Not him but I don't think it will match with the picture but hey, lets see.

Still not sure which one to chose but I like the subtlety of the first ones.
My favorites : the 2 and 4 because of the font used matches better.

>the painting evokes feelings of loneliness in a lot of people
Loneliness can be peek comfy. Loneliness is our last kingdom.
Replies: >>4690
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I did a neon version and an argon version. What do you think?
>My favorites : the 2 and 4 because of the font used matches better.
The font is called yond. I think it's nice and it's a shame I don't get to use it more.
Replies: >>4692 >>4694 >>4696
>What if I brightened the font?
The first one's definitely readable for me now.
I think 7 is my favorite here.
I like the first one best. It's the most readable as well.
Replies: >>4695
I actually might prefer that to 7.
I'm for the 5. The classic font is better when highlighted and the blue one is not comf for me altough it has some nice aesthetic.
Is there anymore tweaking that I need to do?
Replies: >>4703
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Seems good for me, if it's good for you.
I wll add the #5 later.
Thanks for your contribution.
Replies: >>4711
Happy to help the board anon.
Good work banner-anon.
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Replies: >>6533 >>8415
Clever. I like this one.
I've made this one when we were on the Cafe.
I've found some nice trashcan icons and now I'm thinking about a nice idea on how to use it to make a /comfy/ banner. If you have suggestions, share them :)
Replies: >>8417
>If you have suggestions, share them :)
The Win9X trashcan icon seems the obvious candidate?
Replies: >>8418
Yes I already got it but I'm looking on how to use it in a /comfy/ banner with a little staging like the one with the coffee smoke.
Replies: >>8420
Yeah it's a tough arts problem. The color scheme of the icon doesn't really match the standard /comfy/ theme, for instance.

Good luck Anon!  :)
Replies: >>8422
Thanks, I think once I find the right idea, it will be fun.
Replies: >>8428
I'm sure you'll figure things out, Anon. You have lots of talent, after all!  :)
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Here's a banner for /comfy/
Replies: >>8446 >>8447
Nice work. I like it, Anon!  :)
Replies: >>8450
Very nice, I'll add it when back to the 'puter
Replies: >>8450 >>8451
Glad you like it!
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Actually, here's a different version. Something about the last one made my eyes itch.
Replies: >>8452
What did you change?
Replies: >>8453
Not him, the font isn't the same. Personaly I like both.
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If we are open to some new banners then I thought I'd make a contribution. Art is not my own (but I wish it was).
Replies: >>8456
What do you use to make animated banners?
Replies: >>8457
Was considering using Adobe Premiere to make them fancy, but these are just simple ezgif creations
Replies: >>8458
They're comfy
Back to operations, added !
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I don't even know if this even needs the uri to be honest. If you think it does I can try to put it in a a subtle way.
Replies: >>8601 >>8608 >>8613
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What do you think ?
Replies: >>8608
That was a wonderful fun puzzle. Super-comf, Anon!  :)

I'd suggest something more-subtle, Anon. Maybe a nice, pixel-arts-compatible font, small-sized in scale, in a light blue-gray+black-outline, located down in the lower-left edge beside the person?
Replies: >>8611
Not the original banner artist, I just added the uri with paint but I was thinking about some pixel font. I will work on it later as I don't have many times lately to use my computer.
Replies: >>8613
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Something more along this line maybe?
I tried putting it over on the little awning to the left but any font I tried ended up being unreadable or close to it.
>thinking about some pixel font.
That might work.
Replies: >>8615 >>8619
The idea is good but unfortunately the uri is almost unreadable.
>That might work.
I'm thinking the Spleen font would do a great job. Hope I can found some time tonight to try something.
Replies: >>8616 >>8618
>unfortunately the uri is almost unreadable.
Yeah I was afraid of that.
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[Hide] (57.6KB, 300x100) Reverse
A couple more attempts but I really want to see your version because I'm at about the limit of what my graphic editors can do right now. I can already tell that second one is just way too small.
Replies: >>8619 >>8623
The first one is far way better than >>8613 in readability
For now I added the first one, honestly it's a good one. Maybe someone will try to do better. Lets see :)
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