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Here's a link to the old 8ch archive for the time being:
You're Tom, 29, single, and a former full time wageslave. One day, while walking home late at night after a long overtime, a snow avalanche hits you, and you end up in another world. It's like some tribe from Africa, where you're a revered warrior, called J'Amal---but of course you have no idea how to fight. In a short amount of time, you travel back and forth, until you end up in a hospital the next day of the accident. You have no memories of these happenings, but weird events keep happening around you, and sometimes it feels like you're being haunted. You also lost your job, and having no real savings, you start job hunting before you run out of money, while trying to understand where those weird dreams are coming from...

Chapter 1: >>82

Chapter 2

It's white. Everything is white. You take a few steps left, and right, but everything is the same. Uniform white everywhere. "What is this?" you start thinking when you notice a black dot in the distance.
You take a few steps toward the dot, until you realize it's a girl in the distance. You hesitate for a bit, thinking of what should you do, but it's too late! The girl noticed you, and she turns to face you...
"Irziel?" It just slipped out of your mouth. What is or who is Irziel and why did you say it?
"Yes. Do you finally remember?"
"Remember?"... you start thinking. Irziel, Irziel, why does it feel so familiar? Some village, in the rain-forest, attack of the beast, the shaman, that commander called Breezug... Somehow, little by little, you start remembering things. After the snow hit you, you ended up in a different world, but you somehow forgot all of it.
"Hmm, no?", she looks back at you with teary eyes.
You're Tom, 29, single, and a full time wageslave. There's not much to talk about your life, today was a usual day for you. You're walking home late at night after a long day of wageslaving. Your coworkers fucked up everything they could then left, so you had to fix all their bullshit---just like always. The weather is also horrible, it's cold and there's a fucking winter storm out here, but at least it means you don't have to deal with the crowd of people. In fact, you're the only person walking down the road, only a few people in cars dare to go anywhere in this weather.
You reach the shop you were heading for, to buy some food for dinner, but the entrance is dark. You walk closer and you notice a small sign: "CLOSED DUE TO WEATHER."
"Shit," you sigh and start walking back home. You hope you can still find something edible in your fridge, because there's no way you will go find a different shop in this weather.
You suddenly hear a low, grumbling sound. You stop and look around, but you don't see anything. What is this? Finally, when you look up, you see a big lump of snow falling toward you! This view shocks you, and before you could react, the avalanche hits you and you pass out.

When you regain your senses, you wake up... in a forest like thing? It's certainly not winter here, it should be about 30 °C (86 °F) here, but it feels much hotter due to the high humidity. You look at yourself, it looks like you're naked, the only piece of clothing you have is a bracelet you don't recognize---it's some wooden balls with various carvings of animals. You're full of wounds and bruises, it's no surprise that every part of your body hurts. You're also thirsty and hungry, but in your current situation you're not sure whether you can stand up at all.

Technical shit: I like freeform write-in replies over choice from a premade list, if I receive multiple replies I'll try to combine them into one. About updates, I'll try to aim for once per day, hopefully I won't burn myself out.
Um, and yeah, characters in my stories tend to end up naked, I can't help it, sorry. And I'm not an artfag either.
I believe in being the change one wishes to see, so fuck it. If we don't have enough characters to fill a football team, we'll make some. You'll just have to make do with the shitty "art".

Welcome to the world of 50 Quest! In this quest you'll be going on the adventure of a lifetime! Quite literally, because after 50 choices you'll fucking die. There are no backdoors, miracles, or deals to get around it. 50 choices, and then it's over for you. Better make sure to keep easy fixes around for whatever trouble you'll create.

Since this is the opener and you probably don't want to waste too many choices on speccing, as a freebie you get to decide all that in one go! What is your:
-general appearance (don't go overboard, my drawing skills are clearly nonexistent)

I won't put in special conditions like "first poster with a 3 in their post" or "next doubles" since I doubt the userbase currently reaches double digits. Choices will be decided on a first come, first serve basis. Don't expect any rhythm for deliveries either. Could be in a few hours, could be days. If you wanna make sure you get the next choice, you'd better check in regularly.

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