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Here's a link to the old 8ch archive for the time being:
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wew, I don't think there's enough life in here to answer that.

nyc-winter-snowstorm-l.jpg (u)
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You're Tom, 29, single, and a full time wageslave. There's not much to talk about your life, today was a usual day for you. You're walking home late at night after a long day of wageslaving. Your coworkers fucked up everything they could then left, so you had to fix all their bullshit---just like always. The weather is also horrible, it's cold and there's a fucking winter storm out here, but at least it means you don't have to deal with the crowd of people. In fact, you're the only person walking down the road, only a few people in cars dare to go anywhere in this weather.
You reach the shop you were heading for, to buy some food for dinner, but the entrance is dark. You walk closer and you notice a small sign: "CLOSED DUE TO WEATHER."
"Shit," you sigh and start walking back home. You hope you can still find something edible in your fridge, because there's no way you will go find a different shop in this weather.
You suddenly hear a low, grumbling sound. You stop and look around, but you don't see anything. What is this? Finally, when you look up, you see a big lump of snow falling toward you! This view shocks you, and before you could react, the avalanche hits you and you pass out.

When you regain your senses, you wake up... in a forest like thing? It's certainly not winter here, it should be about 30 °C (86 °F) here, but it feels much hotter due to the high humidity. You look at yourself, it looks like you're naked, the only piece of clothing you have is a bracelet yo
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"Thanks Jack, hoping for good news."
You take the bus home, then you decide to cook something. Even with the long bus trip, you still came home way earlier than usual, not having to do countless hours of overtime makes wonders, it looks like. And not that you have any better idea anyway.
Cooking and eating the dinner takes more than an hour though, so it's not like you can go anywhere besides a 24/7 convenience store, or the nearby park at this time. Or maybe a night club.
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"I didn't know I wasted so much of my life on overtime... So much free time suddenly I don't know what to do with it. Oh right, that book. Let's see where it takes us."
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"I didn't know I wasted so much of my life on overtime... So much free time suddenly I don't know what to do with it. Oh right, that book. Let's see where it takes us," you murmur and open the book.
Um, it's a thick one, you flip through the pages, there's a lot of content about various tribes. You find the section about diltarzas, and read through it. Nobody knows their origin, they disappeared without a trace, archaeologists only found generic artifacts around the places where they were supposed to live, so every information is based on descriptions from other tribes, so it must be taken with a grain of salt. Did they even exist, or it's just a legend made up by the neighbors? But you continue reading, you also find notes about that they believed almost everyone experiences this travel at least once in their life, but generally as soon as the danger is over, they return to their original body and forget about the journey. Could it be?... The avalanche, the white rabbit, the weird dreams, the fog, and so on... are they connected somehow? Something you forgot? What happened between the time the snow avalanche hit you and you woke up in the hospital next morning?
There is a map attached that shows the supposed locations of their villages. Well, it's somewhere in the rain forests of the modern day Peru, probably not a good idea to go there.
You also search for J'Amal in the book, but you can't find anything.
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>You receive a notification to your phone. You check it, it's from an attorney you never heard before. He saw the CCTV recording of the snow avalanche hitting you and he's inquiring whether you're planning to sue the operators of the building. How the hell did he figure out your email address?!

Check if the attorney is legitimate, surely he linked his office website. Otherwise, we're alive for the most part, honestly I'd like them to pay for the damages and hospital bill.
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You check the contact info in the footer in the email... It sends you to a website, from a quick search on the internet they look legit, but you don't have a deep understanding of how these offices work, so you can't be sure. You reply him that since you're alive for the most part, you'd like them to pay for the damages and hospital bill. Hopefully the attorney's bill won't be higher than what you can get from damages...

back_to_basics.png (u)
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I believe in being the change one wishes to see, so fuck it. If we don't have enough characters to fill a football team, we'll make some. You'll just have to make do with the shitty "art".

Welcome to the world of 50 Quest! In this quest you'll be going on the adventure of a lifetime! Quite literally, because after 50 choices you'll fucking die. There are no backdoors, miracles, or deals to get around it. 50 choices, and then it's over for you. Better make sure to keep easy fixes around for whatever trouble you'll create.

Since this is the opener and you probably don't want to waste too many choices on speccing, as a freebie you get to decide all that in one go! What is your:
-general appearance (don't go overboard, my drawing skills are clearly nonexistent)

I won't put in special conditions like "first poster with a 3 in their post" or "next doubles" since I doubt the userbase currently reaches double digits. Choices will be decided on a first come, first serve basis. Don't expect any rhythm for deliveries either. Could be in a few hours, could be days. If you wanna make sure you get the next choice, you'd better check in regularly.
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You peer through a telescope that's conveniently placed right in the middle of the bridge, behind the crew's battle stations so they don't notice what you're doing.
That's about all the luck you can hope for, unfortunately. Checking ship after ship you only find one mean looking mug after the other. Makes sense, you suppose. A raid on a fortress of one of the galaxy's most powerful conglomerates would only attract the most hardened or ambitious criminals. Still, you had hoped for at least one ship of wannabe hacktivist college kids.
Before you, the Vault still looms ominously, its vantablack-tinted windows yielding no secrets even to the ship's probing telescope. They still haven't made a move, even though the pirates seem to be finally breaking through its shield - not that the holes are big enough yet for a ship to pass through. What are they waiting for? Are they about to make a jump? Is help underway?
You shake your head. It's useless to be pondering these questions. You've got your own problems going on, and those take precedence. For one, even if you found a sympathetic ship to take you in, how are you going to get off this one? Jump out the front door in their direction and hope you float at the right angle?

Wat do?

44 choices remain.
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Jump out of the front door and aim at one of the holes in the ship's shield.
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This sounds like an interesting idea I like this
See if you can use a trusty can of hairspray you (hopefully) have to direct yourself in space.
Are we dead?
Replies: >>551
Yes. We misfired the hairspray and sent ourselves hurtling into empty space where we encountered almost instant death due to our body fluids freezing in the -270°C void.

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