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Welcome back to /comfy/ Anon :)
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This video is so comfy for some reason 

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Generally "creepy things" videos use some dark ambient background music and the narrators used to speak calmly (some of them really force it and it's unnerving imho). Also the fact that it talks about deep underseas mysteries add a touch of softness to it.

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It's a shame that shipposting seems to be frowned upon here, I think ships can certainly be /comfy/.
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I'm not sure? 1750 seems suspiciously cheap for a boat.
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It's nice to turn down the engines and enjoy the view for a while.
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Boats can be really comfy as they can turn to real nightmare depending on the weather and if you're afraid of being caught in a storm.
I enjoy watching boats in storms dealing with big waves.
I wish I can one day work on a big boat and travel the oceans.
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Wow! That 2nd vid-related is impressive showing massive power of the ocean surface. Wonder where they were? The ultramarine blue during a cascade makes me think upper latitudes?

Thanks Anon. Good luck with your dream of Maritime work. Don't let your dreams be just memes -- don't wait!
Nowadays is more difficult to get a job but the diplomas are not crazy long or expensive either. If you think you are going to enjoy it, go for it. You can also earn a good salary, if you don't mind being in the middle of the ocean for 6 or 8 months.
Working in a boat, whatever you are doing, is not easy though. Be prepared to work your ass off without nearly any rest periods.

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A story. One sentence at a time. Previous threads: 

Once upon a time there was a mighty tree waving in the wind.
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Nice work but 
>Genet knew she had to avoid being spotted - the village was surrounded by a high wo᠎uld fence, how wo᠎uld she get out? 
Please don't replace the woodfilters. Also looks like some quotation marks got messed up in there.
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I added 2 spaces before quotes( only if they are at the start of the line) soo it will be easier to read. And pdf related is with wood filter. i am kinda new to computers soo criticism is welcomed.
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Great art
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A story. One word at a time. Previous thread: >>116 

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Man, you anons sure know how to produce top-tier mediocre tales.
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Maybe we should try a sentence at a time.
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Sure. New thread: >>178
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I’m guessing you are the anon who started ‘’A story. On sentence at a time’’ thread. You anons have done a good job with to the story so far. Much better than the previous two threads. Looking forward to seeing how the story will conclude.
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A story. One word at a time. Once
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Lock the thread, BO. The story is complete.
This story sucks
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Based and agreed.
This story sus

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